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TBS 2014/15 - First Look New Show Promos

15 May 2014

Angie Tribeca
Produced by Warner Horizon, Conaco and Carousel TV. From executive producer/writer/director Steve Carell and executive producers Nancy Carell, Campbell Smith and Thom Hinkle.

Produced by Warner Horizon and KoMut Entertainment. From executive producers David Kohan and Max Mutchnick.

Your Family Or Mine
Produced by Sony Pictures TV Fanfare Productions, Keshet International and Teddy Productions. From executive producers Greg Malins, Jamie Tarses, Rubi Duanias, Yaniv Polishuk, Avi Nir, Ran Telem and Tamira Yardeni.


  1. That laughing dog killed me. Sooo funny. Will definitely check Angie Tribeca out.

  2. Those were cute...
    - Buzzy's was the least funny and endearing one, but it still had it's moments.
    - Angie Tribeca looks pretty brilliant. I think mocking the average crime procedural is an excellent concept for a comedy.
    - Your Family Or Mine I believe has the chops to be a great traditional family sit com. And the cast is pretty good!

  3. Laugh track = not funny. The Carells and Rashida, on the other hand = sold!

  4. Angie Tribeca looks great! I wait years for a police comedy then get B99 and now this!

  5. Angie Tribeca looks really slapsticky fun and with the Carrell's behind it, this is a must check out for me. the other 2 - kinda meh

  6. Besides the guy who plays the lead role played on Royal Pains lol

  7. After Celeste &Jesse Forever I can't avoid to make the connection between Angie Tribecca and Brooklyn 99.
    Buzzy's looks awful. Very over-acted.
    Your family or Mine looks very unfunny.


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