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Scene Of The Week - May 25, 2014 - POLL

25 May 2014

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BONES, "The Recluse in the Recliner", May 19, 2014, Actors: Emily Deschanel and more
The Scene: Bones is arrested
Klutzy girl:
Brennan becomes hysterical after the agents arrest Booth and refuse to let her see him. Emily knocked that scene out of the park, and she did a good job showing how terrified Brennan was at the situation.

FARGO, "Buridan's Ass", May 20, 2014, Actors: Colin Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton and more
The Scene: The ending blizzard scene
The entire ending blizzard scene which ends up with Gus shooting Molly, and Malvo killing "Mr. Numbers". Also picked by Sharon Seymour and Macie Potts

GAME OF THRONES, "Mockingbird", May 18, 2014, Actors: Pedro Pascal, Aidan Gillen and more, The Scenes: Oberyn visits Tyrion & Lord Baelish kills Lysa
Justyna Kubica:
I completely missed the moment when Oberyn won me over. He's such a fascinating character. And when I started to think about it I realized that most of his scenes are pretty great ones. And the conversation between him and Tyrion this week might be the best one so far. The entire story about his visit to Casterly Rock a long time ago was such a sad moment. The look on Tyrion's face said it all. It's terrifying to learn what kind of person Cersei was even as a young girl. The contrast between the siblings grows stronger every week. And just as Cersei's disturbing past is revealed we get another reason to root for Oberyn. "That's no monster. That's just a baby." got me the most. Such a fantastic work by both Pedro Pascal and Peter Dinklage. Amazing season for these two! At the end of the scene Oberyn agrees to fight in Tyrion's name, to help him and to finally avenge his beloved sister's brutal death. It's a noble act, sadly, I expect it to be his last. I don't think I'm ready to watch it, so I'm kinda glad we have to wait a little longer. Considering the history of the people I actually like on the show and the Mountain's strength I'm afraid he won't survive the fight. I just hope it won't be for nothing. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville and Sandi wich
Darth Locke: Lord Baelish pushes Lysa out the moon door!

HANNIBAL, "Mizumono", May 23, 2014, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and more
The Scene: The final confrontation between Will and Hannibal
Darth Locke:
Really one of the BEST season finale's I've ever seen. The cinematography was fantastic in this episode, let alone the acting and execution. I chose this scene, because it's both devastating and heartbreaking. As a novel and film fan, I understood why Hannibal did what he did in this scene and I could see the pain of his own past put on display with these actions, even though I surely feel bad for Will as well. Also picked by Macie Potts
DarkUFO: End scene in the kitchen with Hannibal stabbing Will and killing Abigail.
Sharon Seymour: Same. The ending was brutal and beautiful.

IN THE FLESH, "Episode 3", May 18, 2014, Actors: Luke Newberry, Emily Bevan
The Scene: Kieren turns up at Amy's house
Sandi wich:
Kieren turns up at Amy's house after saving Haley and Freddie. Oh Kieren nothing good will come of this, it's obvious you don't believe what Simon has said about him not having led Amy on and here you are kissing him while she is oblivious to it in the next room! Simon is just as dangerous as the MP, Maxine, in my opinion; they both seem to be after the same goal and both are willing to play dirty by lying and twisting others emotions to get it. They are both destroying the peaceful village bit by bit....and I'm loving where this season is going!

MODERN FAMILY, "The Wedding (Part 2)", May 21, 2014, Actors: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill
The Scene: Jay walks Mitch down the aisle
Klutzy girl:
I never expected that to happen, but the moment was sweet, and I loved it so much. Also picked by Macie Potts

ORPHAN BLACK, "To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings", May 24, 2014, Actors: Tatiana Maslany, Patrick J. Adams, The Scenes: Helena meets a stranger in a bar & Helena sings in the car
Darth Locke:
Helena bar scene - she offers a kind stranger a White Russian and he offers her pork grinds...
Jamie Coudeville: Helena sings in the car.

REVOLUTION, "Declaration of Independence", May 21, 2014, Actors: Billy Burke, David Lyons and more
The Scene: Monroe brings the President to Miles
Virginia Fontana:
I absolutely loved everything that happened with Bass this week, and it was a huge relief to see him get positive forward development after the last few episodes had him somewhat relapsing into his old ways. Finally, definitively, Monroe chose to do the right thing and proved that Miles' trust in him was worthwhile. Everyone else's reactions were terrific, from Miles making no big deal out of Monroe's accomplishment, to Rachel's sincere and rare words of thanks, and that intriguing little look from Charlie. Excellent! Also picked by Sharon Seymour and Jamie Coudeville

SUPERNATURAL, "Do You Believe in Miracles?", May 20, 2014, Actors: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
The Scene: Dean dies in Sam's arms
Justyna Kubica:
I'm gonna be honest with you. I haven't actually watched the finale or most of this season but I did see this one scene. I read what happened and needed to watch this moment between the brothers, a broken bond finally resurfacing after such a long time, even if just for a brief, heartbreaking scene. And it was... So tragic. No matter how many times Sam or Dean die, it always hurts just like the first time. Maybe even more now, knowing the Dean I knew and cared about didn't really come back at the end. The story of those two hunters on the road seems so far away. In the moments like this one I realize how much I miss the beginning. But I loved and always will those scenes when we see how deeply the brothers care about each other. And it was so good to hear Sam admitting he lied before. "I'm proud of us" was probably both the best and the worst part. Truly meaningful words, a good way to say goodbye. And also remind me of one other character I lost this season, the one that's never coming back. Don't know where the story's going from here. But it was a very special moment, beautifully portrayed by two incredibly talented actors. Kudos for making us care about the show and the characters so much. Wonderful work.
Klutzy girl: Dean dies in Sam's arms, but not before telling him that "I'm proud of us". They've both died before, but this hurt just as much as it did the first time this happened. And Sam's reaction was heartbreaking.

THE AMERICANS, "Echo", May 21, 2014, Actors: Lee Tergesen, Owen Campbell
The Scene: Jared kills Larrick
Larrick is killed by Jared. And he's also dying and reveals that he killed his parents.

THE MENTALIST, "Blue Bird", May 18, 2014, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, The Scenes: Jane confesses his love to Lisbon & The last scene
Justyna Kubica:
I have to admit I never actually considered the two as a couple. Until this season when their fans got more active and the subject became more visible than ever. I might need a moment to get used to the change but it was a lovely ending and I'm glad that Jane and Lisbon are both finally getting a chance to be happy. It's been a long time. It was a strong, very well done season when I think about it. The action, the mystery, emotions and in the end - love. It's good to see we're gonna get a proper ending next season, especially since I was quite certain we won't. It was probably the nicest surprise of this year's cancellation week. I'm very excited to see what's gonna change, I was a fan of how things went after Red John case was closed so I think we can expect only good things now as well. Kudos to the cast & crew. And a special shout-out to Simon Baker and Robin Tunney for their great performances in the finale!
Virginia Fontana: Jane confesses his love to Lisbon. It was incredibly hard to choose between this scene and the final one of the episode. However, the defining factor has to be the stunning performance of Simon Baker in making Jane so astonishingly open, vulnerable, and emotional after years of sad and conflicted repression. And Robin Tunney was exceptional as always here too, showing how Lisbon can't help responding with tears of wonder even though she's still trying, and failing, to convince herself it's too late. The comic gold of Jane shouting "That woman in 12B, I love her! You take care of her!" as he was dragged off of the plane was just the cherry on top.

Justyna JJ Kubica
21. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Fringe, Person Of Interest, Arrow, Psych, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Sherlock, Agents Of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow etc.) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy&SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.


  1. Honorable mentions:

    Warehouse 13: Pete and Myka kiss and reveal their feelings for each other; Pete's defining moment is all of them; the end

    Modern Family - Cam and Mitch marry; Claire's best person speech

  2. The Hannibal and Fargo scenes were simply brilliant television.

  3. Justyna Kubica25 May 2014 at 14:02

    Honorable mentions:

    Warehouse 13 - Pete's memories
    The 100 - Jasper and Monty detonate the bomb & Octavia and Bellamy share a moment

  4. THE MENTALIST all the way!!! I read so many comments, even from only casual viewers, that they loved the final so it looks like the cast and crew did an incredible job. We, the fans already knew that, but to get positiv feedback from "outside" always feels good.
    Can´t wait to see where they will go with it in season 7 ( I refuse to call it the last season because it´s ain´t over till it´s over!!!)
    And please give Simon Baker his well deserved Award for his outstanding acting as Patrick Jane!!! ♥

  5. Belizo JĂșnior25 May 2014 at 14:13

    I liked a lot the scenes last night on orphan black. Helena and Jesse dancing and Helena and sarah bonding.

  6. Cheers for complying this Justyna, I know you're really busy this month too! I've not seen W13 yet, but I have a feeling I'm not gonna like it too much from what I have heard about it :s

  7. The Mentalist!!! It's been a week since it aired but i still can't get over it, perfect scenes, perfect episode <33

  8. Mad Men: Peggy and Don dance to Frank Sinatra's My Way.

  9. madbengalsfan8525 May 2014 at 14:31

    Bones: That ending gutted me, and Emily nailed it.

  10. Justyna Kubica25 May 2014 at 14:32

    I thought it was okay. Nothing spectacular or anything but I generally liked it, even though some things felt a bit rushed or chaotic. But I definitely enjoyed seeing a flashback of Pete's memories at the end. Great editing.

    And thank you. I really am. So busy. Can't wait for this month (and the first week of June) to end!

  11. Other:

    The 100 - People point guns at each other as the infection spreads.
    The 100 - Jasper, Monty, Raven & Finn blow up the bridge.
    The 100 - Murphy kills Connor

    The 100 should definitely be on the list, im surprised it isnt!

    I'd put in Penny Dreadful as well but I saw the last episode a few weeks ago and said it in the comments for last week :P

  12. It's the shippy bit I'm not looking forward to really, I think these last few episodes would have been far better if they just hadn't of gone there imo.

  13. Supernatural: Deans eyes turn black.

  14. I thought the guy Murphy killed was called Miller? Or am I confusing names here? (that's very well possible because I can't remember all the background characters' names)

  15. Game of Thrones (Overyn visiting Tyrion), Hannibal and Fargo were the scenes for me. :)

  16. The Mentalist. It was everything so amazing, cute. I have feels

  17. I couldn't remember his name either but on the 'best scene' poll for the last episode it says his name is Connor, but it could be wrong I suppose :/

  18. Freakin' US Only25 May 2014 at 15:57

    Supernatural: Dean wakes up as a demon.
    The 100: So many scenes I liked

  19. Every moment Helena was on screen in Orphan Black.

  20. The last scene of the Mentalist was so perfect. I'm surprised people didn't vote for it.

  21. Ah, right. It must be Connor then.

  22. Tyrion and Obyren: beautifully acted. If Peter Dinklage can rock a speech he can be just as good not saying a word and letting the body language and facial expressions do it for him. I have to admit I'm in love.

  23. Mad Men - Don & Peggy dancing.
    Fargo - The blizzard / ending.
    Modern Family - Jay watching Mitch down the aisle

  24. The Mentalist-The plane scene. Jane's confession to Lisbon was so important in the development of their relationship. To me this was some of Baker's best acting in the entire series.

  25. To me it was all bout Game of Thrones and that amazing Hannibal finale, that's quality TV, right there.
    As for the other two scenes on the top, I knew they were gonna be there because of the shipping but seriously, I love The Mentalist but that particular kiss wasn't really good, Jane standing up with his damaged ankle looked kinda dumb. And even if you don't mind that it was not a great scene, not in acting, not in writing, not in anything.
    And once again, I'm not saying this because I don't like The Mentalist or because I don't like Jisbon but I need to say something about the fact that people don't cosider the quality of TV, it becomes a broadcasted fanfiction that's all about couples and nothing about the real story of the show, I am gonna say though I'm looking foreward to a Mentalist with Jisbon as a couple, kinda like Bones, that would be interesting.

  26. Yeah I'm surprised that wasn't one of the options, It would definitely be one of my choices.

  27. Svetlana Apaeva25 May 2014 at 17:55

    Revolution was amazing! There were more awesome moments! Love!!!

  28. Hannibal of course!

    "Really one of the BEST season finale's I've ever seen. The cinematography was fantastic in this episode, let alone the acting and execution. I chose this scene, because it's both devastating and heartbreaking."

    I totally agree with Darth Locke. Poeple who are not watching this show are really missing something huge.

  29. It's been voted for now.

  30. Both GOT scenes and Orphan Black scene with Helena singing.

  31. Hannibal without a doubt.
    Also loved seeing Munch walk back into SVU :D

  32. The mentalist: the romance wasn't rushed. It evolved from a long time of friendship & partnership. The confession of love was followed by a slow, gentle but passionate kiss. It was beautiful.

  33. This would have been a perfect series finale.


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