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POLL : What did you think of Crisis - You Do Not Know War?

26 May 2014

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1 comment:

  1. I liked the fact that Ms. Lee-Yao was a spy, good way to start the episode. I just don't understand what Gibson's thought process on this 'parent mission' was. If the FBI didn't assume it was him or the President decided not listen to them, two countries would be at war just so he could get back at Wagner? I know we've already gone to the extreme by kidnapping children and using their parents, but this one seems way out there.

    Also, big mistake by Gibson to kill Jin(?) himself. Rookie mistakkeee. The moment though Ian discovered the doorway, I felt it coming. I also think he should be the next to die but because he seems like he's going to be apart of the surviving 3 (Kyle, Beth-Ann and him), it may not be likely. I would be very happy though if it is not the case.

    I hope that in the next episode everyone is made aware of the fact Jin is dead. Because looking at the preview for next week, it doesn't seem like they do/care. But we'll I just have to wait and seee.


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