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POLL : What did you think of Continuum - Minute Of Silence?

26 May 2014

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  1. for the whole episode i though john doe was kiera's son

  2. I thought the same thing. Perhaps it is yet to be revealed (he's in next weeks episode as well).

  3. This series is so thought provoking and well executed, yet could it be to "High - Brow" for the "Target Demo"? Episode theories (No Spoilers)!
    - Could John Doe be the "Special Guest" of the Free Lancers that they were concealing from Kiera earlier this season?
    - Kurtis' random attack on Kiera...........WTH was that about? Then he gets beat - up by a cripple John Doe who after the fight wasn't crippled anymore!
    - why steal (Dead) Kiera's chip? Does it still work? Can it be activated or reverse engineered?
    This was a excellent episode and follow - up to Betty's death (I still miss Betty). With 3 episodes left I'm looking forward to next Sunday and Continuum too! 4 A LIBER8ED TIMELINE, I am still Nobody!!!

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who thought this!

  5. It will be very interesting to find out who this mystery man is. He's obviously from the future, but we don't know which future he's from given the changes in the timeline.

    I'm also looking forward to finding out what that mystery tech was from a few episodes ago. They've downplayed that since it's discovery and you just know they'll slap us around the face with it soon.

    I'm very much a fan of these 13 episode seasons. Keeps the writing/story fresh, and allows for killer episodes with very little filler.

    Hoping to hear of a season four renewal soon.

  6. Alec is obviously hoping to reverse engineer the tech in an effort to improve his wrist band project. It's an act of desperation in my opinion as he realises he's in over his head.

    Curtis seems to have very unusual motives when it comes to Kiera. The changes in the timeline resulted in one Kiera discovering him snooping about the lab and her death, and he evidently weilds the same amount of ill will to this one. He obviously has his own adgenda, one I'm hoping we will find out soon.

    With regards to your comment about it being too 'high brow," I do see your point. A lot of Sci-Fi runs this same course (Dollhouse, Fringe, Firefly et al) however with it being on a cable network and very well received in Canada I am sure it will continue.

  7. I only started to think this halfway the episode, but it could still be possible, only he is 20-30 years older then Kiera knew him.

  8. Does anyone know how well it's doing in Canada on Showcase (where it really it matters)?

  9. It never even occurred to me, until y'all mentioned it. Holy cow. And given how many different generations of Sadlers there are in Continuum, it's a real possiblity.

  10. I'm curious too. About this time last year the creators were talking about a ~7year plan for the show and ratings were really good (in Canada). Wondering if we are still on that path...

  11. I remember last season it was renewed very early. It's taking longer this season and they keep posting articles about why people should be watching it, it all has me a little worried :/

    I really love the show though, this season is it's best imo

  12. These are all the ratings I could find. If you want to know Canadian ratings just follow @BillBriouxTV on twitter. 171K, 207K, 166K, 140K, 185K, 129K.

  13. Thanks so much for this :)


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