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Orphan Black - Episode 2.05 - Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est - Promo

11 May 2014


  1. Art/Helena, oh yes! This should be a fun pairing. Oh Paul is back, haven't really missed him.

  2. Oh that guy, I was starting to think he'd been written out of the show...
    Art And Helena's Excellent Adventure :)

  3. Rachel you Bitch!!
    On the bright side, Helena is back to full swing. Loving that!

  4. Oh Boy ! Helena and Art. This is going to be excellent.

  5. I'm in the minority. I've missed Paul. Art and Helena, yes!

  6. You aren't alone, there!

  7. Missed you Paul!!

  8. - Rachel is playing hardball.
    - Paul just keeps leaning further and further to the wrong side of things.
    - I hope we get some flashbacks or at least some detailed background info on how Helena became so damn deadly.

    - Looks like the Art/Helena meet 'n' greet is going well. :)
    - We're also getting the first Helena/Felix meeting in this episode so that'll be fun too.

  9. i can post comments but cannotreply to other's comment-anyone else having this weird problem?

  10. Seems to be fixed now.


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