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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 30th April 2014

1 May 2014

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  1. Yeah, I knew Revolution would adjust down.

    CSI Backdoor pilot was flat. I wonder which procedural spinoff has the advantage.

  2. Wait, this new episode of CSI was the backdoor pilot for the cyber-CSI? Wow. That was poorly advertised. I'm a TV freak and I never knew before this very second :P Either I coincidentally missed all the hints or promotion really sucked XD

  3. Damn Revolution, I had so much hope -_-

  4. I think you missed them, TV sites have been talking about the backdoor pilot for a few weeks now.

  5. Oh. Damn, haha... :P

  6. Damn Revolution :(

  7. Stacie❤❤❤2 May 2014 at 00:17

    Dang it Revolution at least it was steady.


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