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Mixology - Heating up for Renewal at ABC

19 Apr 2014

Thanks to Tarotmaniac for the heads up.
It has been a three-way race for renewal among three bubble ABC comedies: sophomore The Neighbors and freshmen Trophy Wife and Mixology, There seems to be some movement within the pack, with the youngest, midseason entry Mixology, gaining momentum. I hear the network and the studio already have put in place a leadership plan for next season, with creators Jon Lucas and Scott Moore set to take over the reins as showrunners from Ira Ungerleider, who will be leaving after running the series for its original 13-episode order. What’s more, in a sign of confidence to Lucas & Moore and their show, I hear ABC Studios is in negotiations with the duo for an overall deal. At the same time last year, ABC Studios inked an overall deal with Dan Fogelman, with his freshman comedy The Neighbors going on to clinch the only comedy renewal for ABC Studios a few weeks later. Mixology – set in a bar over the course of one night — quickly built a core fan base and has supporters at ABC, including network topper Paul Lee. Its ratings have been lackluster at best, but so have been the numbers for Trophy Wife and The Neighbors. Relaunching a heavily serialized comedy in the fall four months after a brief midseason run would be a challenge, though I hear the story might be reset for Season 2.


  1. No. Just no. They have The Neighbors AND Trophy Wife! Why would one renew a show that has barely produced 10 episodes when they have the other 2 that have 44 and 22, respectively??? I just don't get it.

  2. At least I hope The Neighbors can land on ABC Family.

  3. I like the show but if a renewal means new characters then I'd rather have Trophy Wife renewed over this. This smells like Another Bad Choice.

  4. ABC just want to see the world burn.

    Is Andrew Santino on contract for a season 2? I don't know why, but i feel ABC is trying to renew a show just to spite CBS because Santino is in the How I Met Your Dad-pilot (yes re-casting happens all the time, but good casting don't).

  5. This show is awesome, but isn't it an anthology type show? If so I don't mind either way.

  6. I'm happy for this, and if they are restarting season 2's story than maybe they can keep the same cast but then different roles ala AHS.

  7. Just cancel them all, damn it -_-
    They don't deserve to be renewed with such bad ratings.

  8. I'd renew Trophy Wife or The Neighbors before renewing Mixiology, the show only does kind of decent after Modern Family, when it airs after repeats it crashes. Trophy Wife and The Neighbors pull similar numbers and they both have more episodes produced.
    Seriously, ABC is truly proving to be the dumb network.

  9. I will be very very surprised if this actually happens. I think TN has a much better shot to be honest.

  10. It depends on what fails19 April 2014 at 12:35

    ABC and their bias for its comedies. They always need to keep one owned by them even if it is a pity renewal.

    Prediction: although Neighbors is closer to syndication, ABC won't commit to a 'Til Death-esque burn-off like Sony and FOX did. So, Mixology gets a 13-episode second season. Trophy Wife is loved by critics but gets the axe.

    Well, ias long as Paul Lee stays there, we can expect everything.

  11. What's wrong with ABC, if they put Trophy Wife on Wednesdays it would do much better, and I would like it be renewed over Mixology, maybe that should be on Tuesdays. Trophy Wife is so good, very much an ABC Comedy Wednesday Show, I hope they rework their schedule properly for next season.

  12. It depends on what fails19 April 2014 at 13:06

    ABC messed up with Trophy Wife from the start.

    It was a lot more compatible with Modern Family than SFN, in fact, TW is mostly a rip-off from MF, this terrible title and the 9:30 PM schedule (all 9:30 comedies have been marginal performers at best, 2.5 Men being the only one that beat its 9 PM lead-in).

    Now it is too late, ABC mishandled it and has no alternatives but axing the show.

  13. Wow networks are really desperate these days!

  14. Hasn't this show done worse than Super Fun Night? Wonder why it would be getting a renewal then.

  15. It's doing marginally worse (SFN was at 80% at the end and Mixology is at 75%), but what really makes a difference is that Mixology is ABC owned and SFN is not. ABC is by far the most biased network when it comes to picking up their own shows. I still don't really believe they will renew it though. The Neighbors or even Trophy Wife is much better suited for it considering its episode order and relative ratings

  16. I don't get why would he renew Mixology, which basically has the same rating as TN when MF is not airig originals (considering a Friday factor for TN) and the fact that TN has 44 episodes and Mixology has 13. I really doubt this will happen

  17. For the record, I don't care for either show (or comedies at all, for that matter). But I've heart various times that ABC is very biased when it comes to their own network so it might make sense that they'd prefer Mixology over SFN. Aren't The Neighbors and Trophy Wife also owned by ABC?

  18. Yes, they are, that is why I was saying they would make more sense to renew and that is why the article mentions a 3-way race between the three of them to see which one gets renewed.

    ABC is indeed the most biased network. For some reason, CBS has that reputation among some circles but ABC is by far worse. Not only they barely have a drama that is not owned by them (this year they only had Mind Games and the cheap production The Assets), but when it comes to comedies, they always favour their own. Some examples include cancelling How to Live with Your Parents last year and renewing The Neighbors, cancelling Back in the Game this fall and giving Trophy Wife a full season order and picking Happy Endings in its first season instead of Better with You. Ironically though, their biggest comedy hits always seem to come from other studios.

  19. I'd prefer to see Suburgatory (which ratings are higher + it will have 57 episodes) and Trophy Wife over Mixology. Semms like The Goldbergs is safe, love that show too.

  20. Holly crap, i was ready to see the bear eating this, i really like the show i've laugh a lot with this last episodes. This are quite surprising news. Still not getting my hopes up tho.

  21. And they renewed their contract with Paul Lee, WHY?!!!

  22. ABC: OUAT, Resurrection, Revenge, DWTS, Castle, SHIELD, Goldbergs, Middle, Modern Family, GA, Scandal, Nashville, Shark Tank and LMS all have a great shot at coming back. Between Mixology, Neighbors and Trophy Wife, Mixology has the best shot. Between SFN and Suburgatory, Sub has the best shot. Several ABC 2014 pilots that have early buzz are How To Get Away With Murder, American Crime, Secrets & Lies, Sea Of Fire, Agent Carter, Agatha, untitled Kevin Hart Comedy, Irreversible, and especially new comedy Cristela. Word is Cristela blew expectations and tested better than other 20th TV comedy pilots like Last Man Standing, New Girl and Crazy Ones.

    CBS: Any show that was not on the early renewals list in March is in trouble. Intelligence and Hostages are not coming back, and while CBS is ready to let Mentalist go, Warner Bros TV is not ready to call it quits and is fighting hard for another season. Between Crazy Ones, Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher, one of these will get a renewal. For the 2014 pilots, new comedies HIMYD, More Time With Family and The Odd Couple are getting good buzz while the NCIS and CSI spinoffs are also getting buzz.

    NBC: Parenthood will likely get a final 13 episode season. With Believe and Crisis both certain to be cancelled, Revolution can POSSIBLY get a 13 episode season, even though NBC wants to let it go. NBC will examine its new dramas first before they see if Dracula and Hannibal can be renewed and be backup shows. AAB looks very good to return, with GUF also having a good shot. Community is still heavily on the bubble. For the 2014 pilots for dramas, Constantine and Mysteries Of Laura both look solid. State Of Affairs and Odyssey are also tracking very well. Tin Man has cooled off a bit, with Coercion and Salvation also being mentioned. For the comedies, Mission Control and Marry Me are getting solid buzz. Ellen More Or Less, Old Souls, Bad Judge, The Pro, Feed Me and Lifesaver are also in the mix.

    FOX: Almost Human held enough ground to be considered another 13 episode season along with Surviving Jack. For the 2014 pilots for dramas, Gotham, Empire and Red Band Society are all getting good buzz. For the comedies, Fatrick and Cabot College appear to be the most promising.

    CW: The 100 and HOD appear to have the best odds of continuing possibly with short orders. BATB, Star Crossed and TTP have very little chance, while TCD is as good as gone. The reason BATB has very little chance instead of certain to be cancelled is because it is a solid international seller with 44 episodes in the bank, helping its cause for renewal. For the 2014 pilots, The Flash is getting early reviews and is already in the schedule. The Messengers and iZombie are still going strong, while SPN spinoff does not seem to be a sure thing as the TVD's spinoff Originals was last season.

    This is ALL from Deadline.

  23. I rather they renew Trophy Wife The Neighbors Super Night Fun Suburgatory and Last Man Standing Mixology is a okay show nut ther see these show then this one

  24. I want Sarah Bolger in OUAT not in Mixology, but I that's just my personal opinion.

  25. Sarah Bolger has only appeared in the pilot.

  26. Aryam Manzueta Avila20 April 2014 at 00:56

    Paul Lee just had too do something this stupid after having his contract renewed.

  27. Daniel Moskowitz24 April 2014 at 19:08

    They should renew this show since it is by far the best of them. Yes its only had 13 episodes but it is the funniest of them. I dont see why people are hating on it. It has an excellent cast of characters with all different personalties for people to relate too. I find it very hard for there not to be a character on that show that someone can relate too. Plus the friend ship between Bruce,Cal, and Tom is hilarious. And you cant tell me you dont find your self root for Tom to get the girl and for Liv to get her Prince Charming and for Bruce to CRUSH it OUT. NOW the question is did they back themselves into a corner with the concept of the show. Cause now we have grown to like and relate to these characters. We are rooting for our favorite characters to get it right. But what will they do for a second season? have another one night where all these people who will clearly end up together in one form or another go out again ? A new cast of characters will most likely burn and crash the show. So how do you keep this show going with out losing all that they have built? That is the million dollar question. I say if they can fix this problem it should stay. If they reboot the story or change characters then i say can it. ABC you have created an awesome group of characters but now the question is what will you do with them...please dont disappoint me

  28. Pérola Cardozo Alves27 April 2014 at 18:44

    I can see those guys getting together in Liv and Ron's wedding, with all those changes had happened in their lives, and new problems into paradise, maybe even some new characters.
    I'm happy I'm not alone. I love Mixology, its goofy and doesn't take itself seriously, and those character are so cute, and I don't even care if all these is "realistic" I just like to laugh with them.


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