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Hannibal - Episode 2.11 - Ko No Mono - Production Photo

11 Apr 2014


  1. Don't you hurt our Will!

  2. yes please! :)

  3. If Mason hurts Will Hannibal will let Mason extra pay for this.

  4. It's never easy to tell what's happening in promotional photos, since Will always imagines himself in place of the victims and the killers. This could be nothing, lol. They could absolutely get away with releasing any promo photo they want.

  5. Have you read the book or seen the film version of "Hannibal"? Mason has a lot of things coming!! XD

  6. I'm still thinking Will's dogs are in for a "treat"...

  7. I never thought before about the possibility that Mason's face and Will's dogs (and not just some dogs) could be combined. But now it makes a lot of sence.


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