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Grey's Anatomy - Episode 10.24 - Fear (of the Unknown) (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos

28 Apr 2014

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  1. This looks like it's going to be good. Hospital is still on a Hellmouth, though.

  2. TVLine have just posted an additional picture with Stephanie. Looks like there's a chemical or biohazard component to the terrorist attack... could it result in the 3rd departure (Yang, fired intern + ? intern)?

  3. I actually think the chemical attack biohazard component is really to put April in danger now that she is pregnant.

  4. Yang does not die. According to Ausiello of TV Line, it is a non-deadly exit.

  5. Does anyone know what those red flags are for? Do they indicate a dangerous area?

  6. looks like some kind of decontamination or quarantine zone.

  7. According to Sarah Drew's interview it's not the case, but wouldn't it be ridiculously over the top if later down the line, they found the baby had birth defects from it? And then enter the abortion debate.

  8. oh shonda please don't go there....


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