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Game of Thrones - Season 4 - Gwendoline Christie Interview

10 Apr 2014

Full spoilers follow for Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3 and very slight spoilers for the beginning of Season 4.

IGN: So I watched the first three episodes of this season. They told me it was okay to kind of talk -- not that anything too groundbreaking happens with your character.
Gwendoline Christie: Yeah, yes... What do you mean!? [Laughs] I'm so hurt right now!

IGN: [Laughs] I mean, in terms of bear fights... No, don't get me wrong, I loved your interplay with Cersei, for one thing. We'll talk about that in a minute. But to start off, you've really been repositioned this season from the trek that you had with Jaime to now you're in the Royal Court; you get to take baths and stuff and also interact with other characters now! It's not just you and Jaime and bad guys. What is that like for you? Is it scary, in a way?
Christie: I think it's scary for the character Brienne, because she's a fairly insular person. Her skills don't lie in verbal communication, and certainly not the interplay one can expect at King's Landing, which is a world of secrets, treachery and words. It's intellectual fencing. She is a woman of physicality and a woman of action. So she doesn't know how to navigate that world at all. She certainly doesn't know how to navigate someone like Cersei -- or Lena [Headey]. You can see from that first scene that when she enters the room it's her choice, but it's under duress. She's obeying a code of conduct, of respectability and manners. She's rehearsed that, and she goes in and is expecting the worst, and is ultimately, truly surprised when Lena is so embracing of her.


  1. Cersei and Brienne meeting? Yes please!

  2. And cercei is embracing of her? Wow! I guess since she's wished to be a man so that her awful dad could take her seriously makes sense then.

  3. Brienne and Cercsei togetehr? that will be fun awkward fun to watch!

  4. LoL,they never let Brienne out of the woods!

    No Brienne,don't let Cersei intimidate you!

  5. Hmm... Interesting maybe...
    I guess I do not see the need for Cersei and Brienne scenes.
    Mostly I view it as an added scene that takes up the already limited screen time that has massive cuts to the book material.

    Sure it will be fun, but not sure I see a benefit to the story.... Yet.


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