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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 23rd April 2014

24 Apr 2014

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  1. Arrow and The 100 episodes were both so amazing this week. Really hope The 100 gets a second season order!

  2. With that 0.6 it will, Reign did with a 0.5, so there is no reason to believe The 100 will be cancelled

  3. It's got a shot, better odds than The Tomorrow People, Beauty and the Beast, or Carrie Diaries. Guess it depends on how well thenough pilots did

  4. still not getting that. TTP did better on the same spot and except for this week, where the episode was pre empted, it had 0.5 ratings on the monday spot, like 100 on the much better wednesday spot. Is 100 so much cheeper to produced that everybody is thinking that is has a shot of season 2 with this bad ratings for a wednesday? I don't know if it is good or bad because I actually wanne wait if it's get a second season or not because I already have BB and TTP who probably get canceld. Couldn't handle more "babys", so this is not a hatepost just a question because I really don't get it.
    It is so different to how it get decided in Germany.

  5. TTP did not have 0.5 rating on Monday spot. The ratings were beginning to crash when it was on Wednesday, it was 0.4 already on fourth/fifth episode.

    i don't know about the ratings, odds and production costs, but The 100 is way better than TTP or BB for me. Because it is completely different than typical CW shows, I hope it will stick around. :)

  6. actually it had and in the beginning they had 0.7-0.8 ratings on wednesday. Just went down in the ending.
    100 went down week by week. Just this time had a 0.6 and good week.
    I don't watch it yet. Just hearing the acting would be bad and more bad news then good news of 100 but I can't say anything to it.
    For me, I love TTP because it has a lot potential. It had a weak start but now it is getting better and better

  7. seriously? I think The 100 is one of the best this year. I was disappointed by almost every show that started this season... But The 100 is really good. first two episode are ok, but they keep getting better every week. Acting too - has a lot of good characters, I was just pissed about one death (don't want to spoil), because that character had a lot of potential, but it happens. I suggest you try it, because for me it's way better than TTP. Maybe because I just hate all of the self-proclaimed-queen-Julie-Plec shows...


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