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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 2nd April 2014

3 Apr 2014

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The missing ratings are due to the fact that their ratings are out of the Top 100. They will be entered into the Ratings Database when they get released by the Networks later.

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  1. Travis Crincoli3 April 2014 at 22:30

    how is arrow going down on the ratings scale. the show is great!

  2. Damn, I was hoping Arrow and The 100 adjusted up :(

  3. Why are Arrow and The 100 never adjusted up?

  4. Wow. Last night's episode of Arrow was probably the best of the season so far… I'm so sad for Arrow :(

  5. i felt like the 100 will be adjusted up but sadly not ,this is gonna be a horse race btw the 100 and tomorrow people for renewal

  6. i really wish that Mixology would've done better the show is good last night episode was great i laugh a lot!... Is the Americans in danger? damn those ratings are low

  7. It looks like all the 8:00 PM shows were down compared to the previous week not just Arrow. Wednesday (8:00) just doesn't seem to be a good night lately.

  8. Are the Americans always that low?


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