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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 27th April 2014

29 Apr 2014

Remember you can view ALL Ratings and Charts for all shows/seasons in our Interactive TV Ratings Database.

The missing ratings are due to the fact that their ratings are out of the Top 100. They will be entered into the Ratings Database when they get released by the Networks later.

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  1. Wasn't expecting GOT to beat its premiere numbers so early in the season, kind of crazy. Wonder if it can reach 7m and 4.0 demo

  2. I just see the cable numbers, not the final broadcast.

  3. Oh thanks, sorry. Didn't read that :-)

  4. Ooh, pity that Salem fell to <= 0.3

  5. It's good to see OUAT adjusted up and Mad Men rebounding a little bit.

  6. Ok revenge is still bad but not as bad as it was thought to be.
    Ahh I'm relieved. It was shown to be in -5 earlier.

  7. Sad that Salem got 0.3

  8. Glad that Once Upon a Time recovered in ratings a little, from the previous two episodes. It was a great episode.


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