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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 31st March 2014

1 Apr 2014

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  1. Justyna Kubica1 April 2014 at 22:18

    Glad that TTP didn't adjust down :)

  2. I was so hoping TTP would adjust up. But that's good for TTP. It's still doomed though.

  3. I am wondering out of those 13.13 million, how many of them feel like I feel.

  4. The polls answer that question. There is always a possibility of an error but that is usually in situations where the numbers compared are close to each other. In case of HYMYM on this site alone we have a healthy sample number to work with: 2,574 people voted, of those around 65% thought the finale was bad, the rest gave it a passing grade or thought it excellent. The numbers are the same on other major sites and social networks. These kind of numbers in elections would deem a certain victory for the side who got such a majority in the polls. I'd be inclined to believe the case could be applied here. So majority thought it sucked and hardcore T/R shippers combined with all those guys and gals who are still desperately single or harboring an unhealthy obsession for some ex, thought it was great.

  5. Don't be a douche just because people have different opinions to yours.

  6. Im hope that The CW will renew SC or TTP !!

  7. Well, sorry, but these are the people that seemed to love the finale by looking around the web. And I'm even more sorry if you recognize yourself amongst them. Funny thing is I used to (and I saw other people saying this) like Ted and Robin, but back when it made sense. Barney and Robin also didn't make much sense to me, or had much chemistry, but hey, when you dedicate two seasons to showing why this pair should be together I expect that you stick with it. Anyways, it was a horrible finale in a horrible season. Good night.

  8. Please go there and read my response on why I liked the finale.

  9. Phew! I totally thought TTP would adjust down. Relieved. That being said, to even stand a chance at renewal, it would still have to get 0.5's for each of the remaining four episodes while The 100 drops a couple more tenths at least. All of The CW's pilots sucking would also help, but I'm not counting on that.

  10. αнмαď ∞2 April 2014 at 12:48

    Awesome for TTP, Bates Motel and Dallas.
    Steady and strong for The Blacklist. Way to go. :)

  11. I think it's 50-50 but the 50% who don't like, they probably hate in a big majority and are more vocables ;) By the way, i'm happy to see one of my fav series end on a very good note for the ratings.


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