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Being Human - Episode 4.13 - There Goes the Neighborhood Part III - Promotional Photos

1 Apr 2014

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Thanks to for the photos.


  1. OOOH GOOOOD!! it looks like Aidan is not a vampire anymore... right??

  2. hmmmm, from some of these pics I wonder if Sally and Aidan, heck everyone will fulfill the title of the show and "Become Human"

  3. Wow this is going to be intense and shocking. Aidan appears to be getting unusually giddy over a simple meal, does this mean he becomes human? Wow. Sally too perhaps as she and Aidan are seen holding each other? Majorly excited about that! I've been a Saidan shipper from season 1! Lord I can't wait but also don't want it to be over. :(

  4. Jamaal Williams2 April 2014 at 02:04

    Sally touching Aiden?? wow finally can't wait to see what happens...but it looks like Sally is using magic in the finale so this could be a temp universe? IDK

  5. I hope not. It doesn't seem like anything can be temporary anymore since in the finale but it IS Being human.

  6. That Picture!

  7. If this is another alternate reality thing i'm gonna be really mad. i'm staying completely in the dark til Monday. I have not listened to rumors, or speculation from fans. These pics aren't that spoilery to me. So i'm good with peeking.

    This is what i want. Romona dead in the first 5 min. I want Sally to do it. Nora tells Josh about the baby and if it's a boy they should name it Aidan, if girl, Sally. I want great one liners!! i'm talking memorable! i want comedy and sadness and happiness. I want some great flashbacks of their times together, with some touching music in the background. (i love when the show does that). I want Sally and Aidan to say I love you to each other. And saving the best for last, i want...Saidan to live Happily ever after!! That picture. i can't stop smiling.

  8. Justin Baptista2 April 2014 at 12:21

    What if Sally uses her magic to turn Aidan human? It said in the synopsis that Sally changes Aidan's life forever.

  9. It is suggested in the images that Aidan might be becoming human again and that would certainly take magic, and some pretty heavy magic at that.


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