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Arrow - Season 2 - Easter Egg Preview

12 Apr 2014


  1. Oooh, Green Lantern reference! Somehow making an appearance?

  2. They've referenced Ferris Air before. The plane Edward Fyers tried to shoot down over Lian Yu was a Ferris Air jet. I wonder if now this has something to do with Fyers' female boss (Amanda Waller?).

  3. See, I don't know quite why everyone is going crazy about this NOW. The plane that Fyres almost shot down in the season 1 finale was a Ferris Air flight.

  4. start_wearing_purple12 April 2014 at 18:26

    Well it was left open ended who Fyres was working for. I'd imagine we're going to see some connection between Fyres' boss and season 2.

  5. Yeah, I think almost every Arrow fan assumes that it was Amanda Waller (as do I).

  6. start_wearing_purple12 April 2014 at 18:28

    I'm kinda hoping it isn't Waller just because everyone is making that guess.

  7. We fly without fear... of being targeted by missiles from some random island nobody's ever heard of.

  8. "Ferris Airlines. We fly without fear. However, while our fully trained pilots aren't afraid of anything, you should be wary of missiles being fired at the airplane during your flight. Don't worry though, luckily there is a shipwrecked man on the island from where the missiles originate. Please note that Ferris Airlines are not liable over any injuries or deaths suffered through missile impact during your flight."

  9. And headsets to drown out the sound of any exploding ordnance are $5 extra.

  10. Bueller?

  11. I think they will use the mess Slade makes to call in the Green Lantern (Corps).

  12. I assumed so, but near the end of 2x18, in the scene where Slade, Sebastian and Isabel are talking in Slade's office, there's a shot that shows that Isabel is wearing red high-heeled shoes, like Waller (and Fyers' boss). So I suspect it might be her.

  13. Nice Easter egg, "without fear"...


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