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Arrow - DC All Access Featurette + 2.19 Sneak Peek 3

15 Apr 2014

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  1. So Slade makes his way to Central City. I guess that explains the running in the promo.

  2. I wonder why he's in Central City.

  3. "I didn't mean to outshine you"....

  4. He's either there to acquire something from the lab or to figure out what Team Arrow acquired from the lab. One of the two.

  5. oh, that clip ..... love it, and can't wait for Flash

  6. spin-off baiting, nothing more

  7. That's not a thing.

  8. it is now.
    Never before has a show promoted its spin-off that heavy and forced it into the mother show that much

  9. Forced? A popular DC character appears twice and potential spinoff characters get a scene or two in a future episode. That's not forcing anything and the rest is just regular corporate synergy PR white noise. There's nothing new about what's going on here and it certainly isn't forced.

  10. IMO it is, having the spin-off characters appear in their future setting added with the Flash getting his powers IN an episode (of a show that until now had a very strict 'no powers' policy I might add) it is least to me

  11. And how is that different than any 2-part backdoor pilot on CBS? Or a planted pilot on any other network?

  12. in this already spanning 3 episodes ?

    I wasn't bothered by the Originals planted pilot, won't be by the Bloodlines pilot.
    Don't get me wrong: I'm semi excited for the spin-off but it kinda feels like the show has devoted a lot more time to developing the spin-off than properly setting up this seasons middle chapter

  13. The show has devoted? Beyond the two episode crossover and the upcoming cameo (all normal cross-promotion) What has the show done? It's the CW and DC who's responsible for the rest of it. It's all interviews and BTS clips. The show isn't responsible for any of that.

  14. We'll see how big the focus on the Flash crew will be in episode 19...

    in any way: I'm kind of fed up with the cross promotion at that point

  15. This was amazing. I loved all the info. The ladder, how many arrows have been shot, and has he really taken off his shirt once through every episode?? I never noticed that. Not b/c i was looking at his body, b/c most of the times i wasn't. I guess i just got used to it. But mostly if they don't shoot a close up of his body, then i'm mostly looking at his face. Loved the Flash clip and the stunt double stuff. Thanks!!

  16. That warehouse is in Starling City. Star Labs is just leasing it. Re-watch the clip and listen to Caitlin talk about the particle accelerator misshap.


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