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Quote of the Week - 2nd March 2014

2 Mar 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

ARROW, "Time of Death", 25th February, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Oliver "Are you alright? Diggle had mentioned that maybe you were feeling a little left out."
Felicity "What? No. I'm just used to being your girl. I mean, not your girl, girl. Your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head."
Oliver "Hey. You will always be my girl, Felicity."

Felicity "This isn't about them being together. This is about me, okay? Sara can analyze blood, she can kick ass, she can do anything. And the one thing I'm supposed to be good at, I'm failing at miserably. Why do you even need me now that you have her?"
Diggle "Because you're irreplaceable, Felicity." also picked by Bradley Adams

Bradley Adams: Slade: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr Queen."

BANSHEE, "Evil for Evil", 28th February, 2014

DarkUFO: Emmett “When Meg first told me she was pregnant, my first thought was how can we raise a kid here? I mean this town, everything that’s good just gets swallowed up out of it”

Hood "I'm guessing this wasn't on the original floor plan, right?"

ENLISTED, "Brothers and Sister", 28th February, 2014

Dahne: Derrick "We are you going with this and how can I go the other way?"
Perez "Ohhh, it's harder to peg Pete's vibe. It's buried under a dense fog of narcissism and cologne."

Enlisted always contains great gems. I am completely adopting Derrick's quote here and I really hope I get to use it soon. Perez is always snarky and I love the way she pinpricks Pete's ego to bring him down to size.

GRIMM, "Revelation", 28th February, 2014

Dahne: Monroe "Dad, listen I have no interest in trying to change you or mom but I do have a very real interest in living my life my own way."
Nick "Well isn't there anything in the book about how to fight them." Monroe: "Not in that book. They're supposed to win."

Monroe's plight with his parents was the best thing about Grimm. I like how he stood up for himself but I also liked that he realized that his parents came from another era. The second quote was fabulous because we got a glimpse of the Wesen version of things. Of course they were rooting for the Grimm's demise.

HANNIBAL, "Kaiseki", 28th February, 2014

DarkUFO: Will "I Am Not the Intelligent Psychopath You're Looking For"

sandi: Will "What you did to me is in my head, and I will find it. I'm going to remember Doctor Lecter, and when I do there will be a reckoning"

PERCEPTION, "Curveball", 25th February, 2014

Dahne: Daniel "You should be ashamed of yourself."
Donnie "Thank you. Unfortunately I've done plenty to be ashamed of so you're going to have to be a lot more specific."
Daniel "Forced idle chitchat at a dinner party you can't leave because it's in your own home is the very definition of hell."

I really liked the Daniel and Donnie interaction this week on Perception. Donnie has slowly been growing on me and I like that Daniel has a male he can talk to, albeit in an insulting manner. I chose the second quote because I completely agree wth Daniel here. Nothing strikes more fear in an introvert than being stuck in your own house having to entertain people you don't know. Home should be a refuge.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Last Call", 25th February, 2014

Bradley Adams: Shaw "There's no dead in team."

Shaw "Besides, would you really want someone to call 911 and get me?"
Finch "Point taken."

REIGN, "Royal Blood", 27th February, 2014

sandi: Clarissa "You told me you wished I was dead"
Catherine "No my dear, I am your mother, and do you know how I know? I see you now, holding that knife, willing to pay any price for your convictions, it's the same thing I've done more than once to fight for my children, for what I knew was mine. But look at your mother now, condemned to die. If you want your pain to stop learn from your mothers mistakes"

REVOLUTION, "Fear and Loathing", 26th February, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Tom "Now this is just getting silly."

Miles "You know, in Mexico, they'd just call this a stand off." also picked by Bradley Adams

Bradley Adams: Connor "We should just make a run at the guards."
Monroe "Wow, run at the guards or something? How did you think of such a brilliant strategy, huh? Even if we could get through this fence, which we can't, or over this wire, which we can't, we got six douche bags with rifles ready to kill us."

THE MUSKETEERS, "The Homecoming", 23rd January, 2014

sandi Athos "Don't worry, he's made this shot a hundred times"
D'Artagnan "He's drunk!"
Athos "He's never made it sober"

Treville "Twelve o'clock and no explosions, there won't be any now Monsieur, it's over. You murdered your son in vain"

About the Author - Sandi
Sandi is part of the Senior Staff at SpoilerTV having been a contributor from back in the Lost days of DarkUFO, and who now writes previews for Doctor Who, The Musketeers, Banshee, and Atlantis. She also enjoys watching and commenting on other shows like Sons of Anarchy, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Suburgatory and Elementary.


  1. Belizo JĂșnior2 March 2014 at 20:51

    Another greate episode of banshee. i'd say the best quote was the whole emmett speech at the end. fantastic writing...

  2. I liked the Grimm, Hannibal, Revolution, and Person of Interest quotes mentioned.

  3. There were so many great lines in this week's Revolution!! Can't wait for the next episode to hear the next ones these great writers come up with. :)

  4. Jack Crawford: Well, I almost feel guilty about eating it.
    Hannibal: I never feel guilty eating anything.

  5. "In a former life I used to exhaust myself navigating crude men who thought they were clever. So ask your questions or I'm leaving" Maggie Hart, True Detective.

  6. Loved the quotes mentioned above, but I would also add:

    Elementary : Joan - "I am still not feeding them" (the chickens)

  7. Great job, Sandi. Here's some of my honorable mentions:

    Growing Up Fisher - "Just to recap, my dad replaced me with a dog and my mom became Popeye. It was a big week for the Fisher family."

    Almost Human - Dorian: "No, in fact, I'm excited to embrace this new anti-tech lifestyle." Kennex: "Really?" Dorian: "On the way back to the precinct, let's replace your robotic leg with a tree limb or maybe something useful like a shovel." Kennex: "I wish I had a shovel."

    Star-Crossed - Sofia: "Remember what my dad said. If we ever want to be treated as equals we need to show the humans there's nothing to fear." Teri: "I'll try to remember that while they're deep frying our toes and sprinkling them with powdered sugar."

    Teen Wolf - Bronski: "I always love the sarcastic ones."

    Blacklist - Red: "Lizzie, I know this must be very difficult for you, but we can't both lead."

    Arrow - Sarah: "It's kind of hard to get a job when international assassin is the highlight of your resume."

    TBBT - Raj: "This is so much better than watching TV like a Muggle."

    The Crazy Ones - Zach: "Follow my lead but stay out of my light."

    Elementary - Lestrade: "I don't let murderers go free. You see it's probably the only non-negotiable thing about me."

  8. That was a great quote as well. There were several from Elementary this week.

  9. You've inspired me to try out Enlisted, I was a bit of a fan of The Finder so pleased to see a show with Geoff Stults in :)

  10. Stacie❤❤❤2 March 2014 at 22:52

    So many good ones from Revolution to Tom asking Miles if Thanksgiving was getting weird after Miles got together with Rachel. Bass calling Charlie "mini-miles" and Tom calling Miles out on his 'man love' for Bass after he wouldn't give him up. Charlie telling that guy she was 'closed for business'.

  11. Favorite quote of Revolution was Tom congratulating Miles on finally getting together with his sister in law and following it up with Thanksgiving getting weird... that was pure Tom at his best.

  12. So glad to hear it. It does a great job of combining laughs and heart. It is sad that such a warm, funny show had such bad luck with scheduling.

  13. All things Arrow....and why isn't TBBT on there?? that episode was full of hilarious lines.

  14. Hannibal, Perception and Person of Interest were vey good this week, Hannibal is always awesome in the writting department as is Perception with the interesting subject leaving a lot of room for amazing quotes. POI was a very good surprise for me, hadn't seen such a good standalone episode in a while.


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