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POLL : What did you think of Being Human - Ramona the Pest?

25 Mar 2014

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  1. Justin Baptista25 March 2014 at 02:29

    Wow. What Josh did to the pack reminds me of what Mitchell did in the second season of Being Human UK. It may not have been twenty people but still. Damn. By the looks of how things have ended up by the end of this episode, the shit is about to hit the fans and it's going to be ugly especially for Aidan who likely has to make a choice between Josh and Kenny. I wonder if Kenny actually met Astrid's ghost and not the little girl ghost assuming Astrid's form. I am glad that Josh and Nora seem to have reconciled.

  2. Jamaal Williams25 March 2014 at 02:54

    I hated that tease, I thought sally could finally touch people! they need to give her that ability before the show ends. I'm glad Josh was able to deal with his inner wolf and resolve things with Nora. Sad for Kenny Astrid was a good chick for him, IDK about this ghost girl but she needs to go,,,,the final 2 eps look intense!

  3. LOVED ths ep.... the Ramona part is a little confusing (I'm guessing that she's evil and was sacrificed to contain her back in the day) and I'm guessing that she's going to try to muck things up for our fave "experiment" participants... there were some seriously hilarious bits: Aidan having the awesome Sally dream and waking up with vamp boner that "lunged out" to say hello to Nora, and the great crazy Aidan talking to himself/Sally "No more jerking"... LOL - star of the ep was Sally for me, absolutely killed every scene she was in for me.... I'm glad that everyone is together again for the final 2 ep run..... I'm gutted that the show is ending, but hopeful as it sounds like they are going out on their terms

  4. Damn dream at the start was so good, but so a dream. If only, and if it will later.

    At first when I thought the Title was Romona the Past I thought she was good, but it was actually Romona the Pest. She be counting kills.

  5. I KNEW IT!!! I knew it was an Aidan wet dream!! Damn him!! I knew it was too good to be true. Ok so it was real, BUT his feelings were!! I mean he realized the attraction, HENCE the dream! So Yes!! That's good. And i'm sooo glad they talked it out. Then they talked about actually going through with it!! Omg that scene was HILARIOUS! I couldn't stop laughing. He was soooo talking to "himself" hahahaha Then when Aidan tries to talk to Beatrice and starts taking Sally's word! Love it Team Aidan FTW!!

    The scene with Aidan and Josh. Whoa! We haven't seen them argue like that in a longgg time. Like really long, and i gotta say, i didn't like it. Not one bit. And i'm glad Sally was there to try and "keep the peace."

    Ok this Romana the Pest. Ummm, more like Romana, the evil plotting, creepy Josh obsessing, 12 year old lonely ghost bitch! I don't like her, i don't trust her, and i don't want her around. Idk what her deal is. But i didn't care for her head count that she's got going on on the floor there. Is she trying to wipe out werewolves or what??

    Josh and Sally. God i love them. I've always loved their brother/sister relationship. And i swear i cried happy tears. For two reasons. 1) Sally finally helped and there were NO consequences!! 2) Josh is back, and i feel like he FINALLY got his happy ending, by accepting he and the wolf are one. (Wow, i really didn't try to make that sound like a fortune cookie, lol) So yeah, at the end when he reunited with Nora, i was clapping. Then i saw poor Sally starting from a far, and said awww, GO HOME TO YOUR MAN! Lmao (i really did).

    I fear for next week!! That future Sally vision trip makes a lot of sense now. And i don't like it. No no. Stupid Astrid. She just messed up everything. 2 episodes left, i don't think i can get through this. = (

  6. I'm gonna cry. = (

  7. OMG!! I didn't think about that. I swear if that was Romona!! Sally needs to kick her ghost ass! Where she can NEVER return!!

  8. You have to look for the shirt. That's what i'm doing. I keep track of Aidan and Josh's shirts, so that i can prepare myself, when the scene approaches. = (

  9. Oh boy! nice Tip Shannon! About to better prepare myself too now.

  10. Justin Baptista25 March 2014 at 07:09

    I can think of two possible motives for Ramona's actions 1) she believes stirring up trouble with Kenny will keep Josh from moving out of the house since she considers him to be one of her special friends or 2) she knows what she is doing will result in Kenny getting killed or Kenny killing someone in the house which may be something she now feeds off like a parasite. Maybe the scratches on the floor are the kills she has fed off of in the past.

  11. Both good theories, both could be possible. Ugh, I seriously want her gone by the next episode.

  12. how could they not notice there is another room? Its quite big and it has a window! They never noticed an extra window from the outside?

  13. it seems she keep track of all the people that are killed in the house. The marks on the floor. I think one of them was Sallys brother, she killed him. And where is he anyways?

  14. Don't forget the break through the wall like the kool aid guy lol

  15. Yeah that was awesome! I loved that. Totally brought me back. haha

  16. i dnt think ramona can leave the house imo she literally is the house so i believe kenny in fact saw his gf spirit.

  17. I think she can. And I think she has.

  18. The little girl that sally saw when they visited her twin sister. what are the odds that was her lol


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