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Last Week in TV - Week of March 9 - Episode awards and Reviews

18 Mar 2014

Welcome back to Last Week in TV. I hope you had a great TV experience. For me it was a mixed bag with multiple shows ruining great characters but others turning formerly annoying characters into people I can root for. This week the nominated show was the pilot of Believe. Also premiering this week was Resurrection, which has a child involved in something supernatural too. It was quite fascinating to watch these back-to-back because the approach and story structure were so different. If you would like to nominate a show for me to watch, please fill in the two-question form at the bottom. I have been having a lot of fun getting into new shows. Until next week, happy viewing!

Overall Awards:

Best Episode - Enlisted - 1.08 - Vets

I know you are probably tired of me saying it, but you really need to try Enlisted. Last week's episode, Vets, was the best it's ever been. Enlisted has a great way of not only combining heart with laughs, but also taking on heavy issues without making it feel like a PSA. In this episode the Hill brothers are assigned to show a trio of Korean War veterans around the base while the others are off celebrating Soldier Appreciation Day. At first perturbed by the unfairness, they soon see themselves in the veterans, which sparks a change in all of them. Through the classic funny hijinks and crashing a Marine bar to get back a dead soldier's coin for valor, the brothers bond with the veterans and learn more about themselves. Derrick learns to take a chance, culminating in him dating the bartender at the Claymore even though she has a son. For Pete it was about coming to terms with his PTSD. Other shows would make this subject laughable or worse, turn it into a preachy special, but Enlisted continues to walk that classy fine line. It treats the humor as silly, but the soldiers as important. They may make fun of the antics, but the heart is always there. It's a rare show that can do both so well. As an added bonus, the veteran soldiers are played by Dean Stockwell, Barry Bostwick, and Stacy Keach - but more on that later. If you haven't seen Enlisted yet, try out this episode and let me know what you think.

Best Character Interaction - Helix - 1.11 - Black Rain - Daniel and Hatake

While there are plenty of great character interactions, very few are as complicated as Daniel and Hatake's. Daniel starts as the ever dutiful adopted son of the shadiest person on the base, his father Hatake. He is the ultimate yes-man soldier searching for approval from his stern, emotionally distant father. And then the blows come one after another. First his father berates his every move, making their relationship feel more like Stockholm Syndrome or a cult following. It is actually painful to watch. Then he finds out that Hatake kidnapped him. Meeting his sister and twin brother turns his world upside down, especially since he can no longer trust the one person he’s spent his whole life trying to please. He’s a man caught between two identities, comfortable in neither.

This episode is the ultimate betrayal. Daniel finds out Hatake rigged things to be reunited with his daughter, Julia. The pain on Daniel's face when he realizes that he will never be #1 in his father's heart, no matter what he does, is heartbreaking. Usually shafted in screentime, this episode gave us multiple great scenes between father and son. Best of all, Hatake has been slowly growing as a character as well. In the wake of the Ilaria disaster, he now sees the strengths he formerly took for granted in his son. Now that his world is falling apart, he feels he can be more open to his son just as his son is closing off from him. He reaches out but it remains tobe seen whether it is too little, too late. The most poignant scene is when Hatake acknowledges Daniel's feelings but says the love he feels as a father will never change. Hatake: “Your feelings for me do nothing to diminish mine towards you.” Ugh! That one hits right in the heart. Later we also see Daniel's aptitude at "repurposing" materials, inspiring Hatake's verbal praise for his ingenuity. It's way overdue, but needed. I love how Helix is handling this father-son relationship, and it is the best thing about the show for me. Hatake doesn't deserve Daniel's love after all he put him through, but love isn't about deserving. This is the most complicated relationship on TV right now for me but one that I am very much rooting for.

Most Improved Character - The Goldbergs - Barry Goldberg

When The Goldbergs premiered, I had an immediate and thorough dislike of Barry. He was a whiny bully, who got on my last nerve. Considering the pilot didn't exactly portray anyone in the most positive light, it was hard to be the most annoying. By the third episode I officially pronounced Barry the most annoying teen on TV, a list that included such prodigies as OUaT's Henry and Revolution's season 1 Charlie. Surprisingly that tweet got picked up by series creator Adam Goldberg, who assured me he would pass the honor on to his brother. I wasn't sold on Barry until the middle of the season. Slowly he has creeped up on me until surprise of all surprises, he is my favorite of the Goldberg children. Oh he's still going to pick on Adam and conspire with Erica, and I love that. It's an older sibling's privilege. But he's developed the trademark Goldberg heart as well. By the time he gave the anti-mom smothering speech for the student council elections, I was solidly rooting for him. This however is the episode where he really shines. First off, they finally made him good at something, which should have happened much sooner. After all, Adam has his moviemaking and Erica her smarts and popularity. It's about time they leveled the playing field. Most importantly though, Barry was the voice of common sense here showing he is smarter than The Goldbergs like to portray him. I like this insightful Barry, the one clever enough to also have Adam thanking him for beating him up. Score one for the big brother!  Hey Adam Goldberg, if you are reading this, please pass this one on to your brother as well.

Best Action Scene - Agents of SHIELD - 1.15 - Yes Men - Plane fight

This award came down to 2 episodes - the Believe pilot with its loft/hospital action and SHIELD. In the end, SHIELD got it because more people were actively involved. In Believe, most of the characters felt like target practice rather than participants. On SHIELD, 2 epic battles occured simultaneously. The Asgardians of course had super strength and impressive sword fighting skills. It was interesting to see them manuever the tight space. I wouldn't mind seeing them fight in the open next time. I bet it would be dynamic. Plus Lady Sif should come back to do some training, maybe of Skye. However, it was the more personal fight between Ward, who was mind controlled, and May that really caught my interest and not just because their characters were not forced into the episode to sell a movie. Urgh! It wasn't even the tension between them amplified by Lorelei's insinuations. I love this scene because I always wanted to know who would win in an all-out fight between them. They are the two best trained fighters on the bus and to watch their skills against each other was on my wish list. I'm glad to see that they both gave as good as they got and it wasn't one-sided. Now if only we can get them fighting on the same side without any annoying love triangle nonsense to drag their awesome characters down.

TV Trend of the Week - Guest Star Nostalgia

I don't know about you but TV had me waltzing down memory lane all over the place this week. Many shows had a guest character I knew from some long-lost favorite show, most prematurely cancelled. All hail Sweeps Month! Over on Agents of SHIELD, Dylan Bruno from my beloved Number3 played Rooster, while the zany Megan Mullally (Will and Grace) is playing Kate's mom on Trophy Wife. John Rubenstein, one of Wolfram and Hart's finest on Angel, showed up as Kate's boss on Perception. Elementary had a 2-punch. Shiri Appleby, most known as Liz on Roswell, actually didn't annoy me with her acting so kudos there. (Gretchen Egolf also of Roswell appeared.) Even better was Ron Canada, who was on the tragically cancelled Jack & Bobby, one of the better new shows from the mid-2000's. His return reminded me to add Jack & Bobby to my Netflix queue even though it is sadly not available for streaming. Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar showed up on The Crazy Ones. While not guest stars, the pilots added faces I haven't seen in awhile as well. Believe of course has Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks fame, but it also has Delroy Lindo, whom I haven't seen since the short-lived Kidnapped. It was also nice to have The 70's Show's Red Forman back in Resurrection, although I remember him most from Dead Poet's Society. Also show hopping to Resurrection was MamaFox herself from Teen Wolf. For future reference, I hear my dear Campbell from Burn Notice is also joining the cast. Man, do I miss that show.  I can't even count how many actors showed up from Supernatural and The X-Files. All I can say is keep it coming.

However, by far the best guest star of the week was Beth Riesgraf. I can't begin to explain just how much I miss Parker from Leverage. In Perception she played Daisy, a love blind girlfried of a pathelogical liar. It was a completely different role for her, but they did give Leverage fans a great Easter egg in the dialogue. Daisy: "Cobra always said I was the only leverage anyone could ever use against him." Aww, that did my heart good. Now to get that Leverage TV movie made. Daisy was a Band-Aid, but I need my Parker, Eliot, and Hardison fix stat! Enlisted also hit the jackpot with a trio of veteran actors: Dean Stockwell from Quantum Leap, Barry Bostwick from Spin City, and Stacy Keach from Mike Hammer and 2/3 of TV movies made in the 80's. Quantum Leap is now on my Netflix as well.

Nominated/New Shows:

Believe - 1.01 - Pilot

Believe is about a special little girl who makes objects move with her mind and calls down birds to reign terror on an assassin. If she was a Stephen King protagonist, she'd be pretty cool. Sadly she's not. Instead she is helped by Tate, a death row inmate who is recruited on the night he is scheduled to be executed by a mystery man and his cohorts. They are on the run from a wealthy man's hit squad and most likely the police who want Tate. This show could go two ways. It can focus on Tate and Bo becoming father and daughter as they help the weekly person in peril find hope. As procedural as it sounds that could be a great show. It also can become the "special bratty child that everyone has to protect but secretly wants to throttle" show. This aspect piles on mythology and questions that never get answered because it gets cancelled prematurely. If they do not write Bo perfectly, Believe will get old quick and I'm already skeptical about her. Add in that my favorite pilot character, Dr. Adam, will no longer be in the same city so his chances of recurring are slim. I'm not sure I'm up for another precocious "Boy King" story right now. Unless this show gets rave word-of-mouth reviews, I'll hold it until the summer. The pacing did move well for a pilot, Tate is a multifaceted character already, and it had two great action sequences that showed promise. If you have room in your TV schedule, I would suggest trying it out. If Bo doesn’t become annoying, let me know and I might change my mind.

Grade: B
Ranking: 3

Best Scene / Best Action - fight scene in the loft

Best Quote - Tate: "Are you alright? You look a little pale."

The "Say What?" Award - Tate and Bo climb down from the roof of the hospital in full view of the bus and neither the bus driver nor the passengers call the police?

The "Oh Baby" Award - Dr. Adam Terry - His life sucks right now. A dying dad and dying hope. No wonder you want to quit.

The Lifetime Sentence Award - Tate. He is stuck with this kid for years? Not sure which of them I feel more sorry for.

Best Sonic Scream - Forget Black Canary. This kid's got a big pair of lungs.

Biggest Twist - Tate is Bo's father, but the real twist is we didn't have to wait until the season finale to find out. Yeah!

Resurrection - 1.01 - Pilot

In the battle of the midseason shows involving kids and supernatural phenomenon, Resurrection is better acted and a whole, whole lot slower. The kid, Jacob, is creepier too. He wakes up in a rice field in China, but no one knows where he came from and he's not talking. Enter Marty Bellamy, an ICE agent, who bonds with him and then takes him home only to discover that he died 32 years earlier. Trapped between belief and doubt, Jacob's family and former friends react in various ways but Jacob is only the beginning, as another family is reunited with a long lost relative as well. This pilot requires patience as it basically consists of everyone reacting to the return of Jacob. Nothing much happens plot wise, but the acting is phenomenal and the characters feel more fleshed out than most pilots. Still I have no idea where this pilot is going and that knocks it down a bit for me. Its premise is intriguing but if the next couple of episodes don't move faster, I will be out. So in the final count, Believe had a slightly better pilot, but I am more likely to tune into Resurrection for the plot. Plus it's on Sundays, which is currently a dead TV night for me.

Grade: B-
Ranking: 4

Best Scene - Lucille and Henry see Jacob for the first time

Best Quote - Marty: "Maybe you're missing the real question. Do you want to believe?"

MVP's - Francis Fisher and Kurtwood Smith. They did a phenomenal job of realistically portraying 2 people confronted with the same impossibility who react differently and yet realistically.

The "Say What?" Award - If Jacob has been dead for 32 years, how come he's better at games on the cell phone than I am?

The "Supernatural Geography" Award - These guys must consult the same atlas the writers of Supernatural use. Arcadia, MO is about 90 minutes away from me and it's hardly a border town. Unless you consider 2 hours inward, the border.

Most Supportive Wife - Janine Hale's speech about not needing to have all the answers

Recapitations - he wakes up in rice field twice

Weekly Shows:

Star-Crossed - 1.04 - And Left No Friendly Drop

I was frankly worried about this episode disappointing me after how stellar the last one was. I needn't have wasted my time. This episode picks right up with the sociopolitical issues of last week and raises them to new heights as Sofia joins the swim team. It's also the first time I have faith in the humans on this show. It wasn't just Gloria that found renewed hope in a locker room brawl. I love how even Eric joined in. Nothing like a long-standing rivalry to create new, likely temporary, allies. The best part of the episode were the scenes with Roman and Sofia. I adore his need to protect his little sister but I also like her newfound ability to stand up to him when she believes in what she's doing. It's a great, realistic look at a close family coping with tragedy together. I also thought the pairing of Roman, Julia, and Lukas was fantastic. I hope we get more scenes with them together. Add in the jaw dropper at the end, and I'm only sad that more people are not giving this show a chance. Emery remains the weakest link but it's found its legs so I'm in it until the end.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Sofia stands up to Roman and says she's going to continue to swim

Best Quote - Teri, right before head butting the human who poisoned Sofia: "What you're saying makes me feel unwelcome and fills me with rage. There I used my words."

Best Reason to Watch - the family bond between Roman and Sofia

Biggest Shock - Gloria and Nox have a son

Best Information Dump - The biology teacher gives a run down on Atrian physiology, although it's strange that she doesn't have an Atrian share this info. They are the experts. Bet they ace this test.

Best Example of Negative Consequence for Bad Behavior - having to study flatworms

Character We Need to See More Of - Zoe, who's made me laugh both times she's been on

Best Alien-Human Interaction - Roman, Julia, and Lukas. More of these 3 working together please.

Best Plea - Sofia asks the Atrians to support her for her dad's memory

Most Naïve - Sofia really ought to learn not to gifts from the opposing team

Best Way to Make a Team - get them to fight their opponent together. Love how even Eric joins in and I love how Gloria PR spins it.

Best Diagnosis/Best Save - Emery knew that Sofia was having an allergic reaction, which quite frankly everyone else should have too - dummies

Best Aww Moment - Roman and Sofia talk on the roof and Roman apologizes for being too overprotective

Teen Wolf - 3.22 - De-Void

De-Void was stuffed with scenes and action this week. Maybe too stuffed, but it was great fun watching everyone embrace their inner psycho. Now let's save Lydia.

Grade: B

Best Interaction – DarkStiles and Sheriff
Best Quote - DarkStiles: "Really Melissa, I shed one tear. That's all it takes. Come on now, you can't crumble that easily."
Best Moment – Argent pulls a gun on DarkStiles and Sheriff pulls a gun on Argent
Biggest Shock – DarkStiles cuts open his stomach and flies pour out / DoucheDad sticks up for Sheriff
Best Reason to Fast Forward - all teen romance asides which ate up screen time and didn't add anything
MVP - Lydia
Best Action - Allison and Kira vs. the werewolves
Most in Need of a Home Security Overhaul – Argent’s apartment
The “Well Duh” Award – Lydia reminds Scott that he’s an alpha and tells him to act like one
Subplot Best to Skip – Melissa and DoucheDad’s dark secret
Most Intense – Derek vs. Argent
Best Acting – Stiles crying to DarkStiles sneering
The “You Tell Them” Award – Sheriff tells the review board to stick it because he has bigger problems
The “Say What?” Award – Lydia suggests they call Peter in to help. Really Lydia? When was the last time involving Peter actually worked for you.
The "Least Industrious Insect" Award - Scott's fly wasn't even trying to get through that mountain ash

SHIELD - 1.15 - Yes Men

For being 42 minutes of movie product placement, this was a decent episode. I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Sif and hope she comes back, if only to add another awesome fight scene. What I didn't like was any implication of a love triangle between May, Ward, and Skye. I will drop this show like toxic waste if it goes there. I have no intention of sacrificing the phenom that is May to bad writing and unimaginative storytelling. Her apparent spying on Coulson is intriguing though and I hope we get more info. Was she talking to Fury? What is he hiding and why?

Grade: B- (unless it leads to a love triangle and then it's an F)

Best Scene - Sif and May talk about Ward

Best Quote - Agent: "I never asked you. How was Tahiti?" Coulson: "It sucked."

Character I Most Want Back - Lady Sif

Biggest Disappointment - Skye is back

Funniest Moment - Lady Sif knows how to work the holodeck table that neither Coulson nor Ward could figure out

The 18:56 Award - That's how long it took Ward to be controlled be Lorelei. I guessed 15 minutes flat.

Best Character Growth - Simmons. I love how she confronts Coulson after he gives her no answers. It shows tremendous growth in her character since the pilot and I hope she continues to stand up for what she believes in no matter who gives her the order.

Best Move - Ward brings Lorelei on the plane

Best Twist (Kind Of) - May is spying on Coulson

Goldbergs - 1.17 - Lame Gretzky

This is another typical episode of The Goldbergs, which means it was one of the best shows of the week. Murray is my favorite character and I adored every scene he was in, especially how he listened to Barry and actually gave Adam's moviemaking a shot. He's one of the best TV dads on screen right now, even if he bumbles his way through it. Or maybe it's because he does bumble but you can see he cares every step of the way.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Barry tells Murray to try Adam's hobbies instead of pushing him to play hockey

Best Quote - Murray: "Did you know that the Mario Brothers aren't even real? For three years I thought they were the boys who lived across the street."

The "Say What?" Award - Adam is in junior high and still doesn't know which goal is his team's, even after playing for years.

Best Continuity - Adam brings up The Goonies again

Best Sibling Bonding - Barry agrees to teach Adam how to fight dirty on the ice in hockey, which is really just an excuse to punch him

Most Brilliant - Erica took the time to write an essay complete with the made-up words Beverly gave her

Funniest Moment - Adam tries to be an enforcer but gets dragged into the net instead

Best Awww Moment - tie - Murray buys an extra large ketchup and pack of t-shirts so he can be part of Adam's movie / Beverly admits she was wrong and says she'll help Erica achieve her dreams

Best Reaction - Beverly hugs Erica to congratulate her on SAT score even though she feels like she's losing her

Best Music - In a Big Country

Trophy Wife - 1.16 - The Wedding (Part 1)

Trophy Wife is unfortunately getting less funny every episode in its relentless pursuit of the wacky. Too over-the-top just gets annoying. However this episode did provide a lot of heart and I am glad that Diane and Jackie don't feel they have to sneak around anymore. It should make for better storylines, provided the writers keep the characters grounded, not caricatures.

Grade: C+

Best Scene - Diane calls Kate for dating advice with Russ Bradley

Best Quote - Warren: "It says we're Flemish. Where in Scotland is Flem?" Hilary: "Belgium, Braveheart."

The "Say What?" Award - Pete's ex-wives help him clean out the garage. I thought one perk of being divorced is you don't have to share in the chores.

Most Bizarre Date - Diane and Russ talk on the phone while watching old British debate in their respective bedrooms, which happen to be remarkably the same except for the color pattern

Funniest - Pete sings Eternal Flame via bongos to Jackie at their wedding

Biggest Aww Moment - Pete proposes to Kate again

Best Plan - Both Diane and Jackie come clean about whom they are dating

Biggest Surprise - Kate's mom is nuts and needs them to post bail

Growing Up Fisher - 1.03 - The Date from Hell-Nado

I would like Growing Up Fisher a whole lot better if Joyce would not be so unrealistically ditzy and inappropriate. What adult in their right mind would ever find it appropriate to talk to middle schoolers about if it's okay to have first date sex? It's not funny at all and actually makes me uncomfortable as a former middle school teacher. That's the kind of thing you see on sexual abuse warning sign videos. It is time for a MAJOR overhaul of this character before she turns me completely off the show.

Grade: C (Knocked an entire letter grade for Joyce's inappropriate behavior)

Best Quote - Henry: "Oh no. Laundry Woman is Hallway Girl's mother." Mel: "Abort. Abort. Move dog, move."

MVP - Mel

Most Embarrassing - Henry runs into Jenny and drops his dirty underwear from the laundry on the floor

Most Innovative Way to Ask a Girl Out - turn it into the Cups song

Most in Need of a Boundaries Coach - Joyce. You don't talk about in you should have sex with your middle schooler and his best friend

Best Aww Moment - Mel tells Henry that they both got shot down for dates so that Henry feels better

Funniest Moment - Mel on the Hell-nado ride

Perception - 2.13 - Cobra

I am a huge fan of Beth Riesgraf, who played Parker on Leverage. Therefore I completely admit that my grade and overall feeling about this episode is colored by her appearance in it. I'm not sure it would have stuck out at all if another actresses had played the role. I really like the additional information on Kate and Donny as well. I don't think adultery is ever excusable but I was under the impression that Donnie had a long standing affair with Kate's best friend and possibly others. It made me uncomfortable to like him so much. Therefore I appreciate the retcon of a drunken one-night stand he bitterly regrets. The overall plot point that a pathological liar could fool the FBI, CIA, and a seasoned journalist was also a nice twist.

Grade: B

Best Scene - the wrap-up at the end

Best Quote - Daisy: "Cobra always said I was the only leverage anyone could ever use against him." I adore the Leverage reference.

Best Character Moment - Kate's boss is as anti-CIA as Daniel is

Best Reason to Watch - Beth Riesgraf

The "That was Some 'Just' Dinner" Award - Donnie and Kate seem to be getting along a whole lot better

Funniest Move - Kate gives the CIA a false name to track down

Best Twist - the pathological liar lied

Nicest Surprise - the back story on Kate and Donnie.

Wonderland - 1.10 - Dirty Little Secrets

I cannot believe they turned one of the best, kick butt characters in the show into someone who can be taken down so easily, especially after killing off the character with the most potential last week. I was only watching Wonderland for the Red Queen and Will's snark. Now it's all melodrama and the ever annoying Alice and Cyrus. I thought I was getting an epic battle of wills between the Jabberwocky and the Red Queen, but no. Instead she folds like a cheap suit and cries all over the place. Wonderland used to balance what I looked forward to (Will snark, Red Queen vs. Jafar, action) with what I wanted to fast forward (anytime Alice speaks and is not kicking butt, overall sappiness, speechifying) . So when I heard the main team was splitting up, I got very excited. One half I'd eye roll and the other half I'd cheer. Little did I know it would be a train wreck with both halves sucking equally. Now I'm stuck. There are, I believe, only 3 episodes left. My OCD is telling me to stick it out, while my work schedule and heart are telling me to pull the plug now. Perhaps I should stick to Wonderland's tired advice and follow my heart.

Grade: D-

Best Moment - Will balancing on Rabbit's little chair

Worst Part of the Episode - The Red Queen is so easily defeated

Best Quote - Jafar: "Anastasia and Will, reunited at last. Tell me is it everything you imagined." Queen: "You can dispense with the insufferable small talk Jafar or is that your idea of torture?"

Most Interesting Twist - Cyrus' mother was Jafar's sorceress lover

The "Did I Miss Something?" Award - Why are all the people in Lizard's town asleep? It's like a Sleeping Beauty episode.

Biggest Emotional Blackmailer - Cyrus, and frankly it made his back story more interesting

Best Sign Things are about to Go South - All the animals leave and there's no sound in the forest

Best Reaction - The Jabberwocky after the Queen stabs her

Most Eye-roll Worthy - Alice scolds the magical door keeper for not being polite and then tells Cyrus that yelling at him won't be helpful

The "Say What?" Award - Why is Cyrus hacking through the bushes when there is a clear path to the well when they open the door?

TBBT - 7.18 - The Mommy Observation

This best thing about this episode is Howard, and I can count on one hand how many times I've said that. Otherwise it was mostly not funny.

Grade: C-

Best Scene - Sheldon and Howard commiserate at the bar

Best Quote - Leonard: "You don't go into science for the money?" Bernadette: "Speak for yourself, last month my company both invented and cured restless eye syndrome. Ka-ching you blinky chumps."

Worst Game Ever - Chutes and Lawyers

MVP - Howard

Best Speech - Stuart on why Leonard and Penny work

The Nostalgia Award - My brother used to have the same Star Wars sheets that are on Sheldon's bed

Most Awkward - Sheldon tries to talk condoms with his mother

Crazy Ones - 1.18 - March Madness

This was my least favorite The Crazy Ones episode so far, mostly because Andrew's sister annoyed me just as much as they annoyed Simon. I found them too loud and obnoxious even for comedy caricatures. Basically it was just unfunny as was the Krispy Kremes campaign. I did like the heartwarming float decorating scene at the end but for the most part, this episode was a complete bust for me.

Grade: D

Best Scene - Everyone helps out to complete the float

Best Quote - Andrew: "Do not Willy Wonka me."

Best Moment - Zach and Andrew debate telling Sydney she's been replaced but she can hear every word

Best Reason to Fast Forward - the Keanelly sisters

The "Blink and You Missed It" Award - they actually use painted condoms for the pot of gold on the float

Best Awww Moment - Sydney and Lauren say they are jealous of each other

Elementary - 2.18 - The Hound of the Cancer Cells

This is one of those times when the side plot was more interesting to me than the main one. I wish they had spent more time on the teacher and the witness than going for the flashier but more stale spies, cancer research, whistleblowers, and messy divorce. While it had all the requisite twists, much of the episode felt been there-done that. The best part was Bell being fully reinstated.

Grade: C+

Best Scene - Bell and Sherlock talk outside the bar and decide to postpone the party for coffee

Best Quote - Sherlock: "Bullet riddled man? Is the décor in here not American enough for you? We could get some Rockwells, deep fat fryer."

The "Yeah I'm a Bad Person and Laughed" Award - The guy's dying helium-inspired Mickey Mouse voice had me chuckling

Biggest Surprise - Shiri Appleby's acting didn't make me cringe the entire time. She's grown as an actress.

Best Subplot - Bell gets fully reinstated

Best Guest Star - Ron Canada

Most Likely to Get Killed - Sherlock if he kept waking me up early in the morning like he does to Joan. Dead.

Biggest Double Standard - Sherlock goes off on a corporate exec for having no boundaries while picking out an outfit for Watson to wear while she wants to sleep

Community - 5.09 - VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

For a comedy, Community often leaves me laugh-less. This was not a big laughs episode, but it did have a lot of heart and the textbooks as drugs was clever. I love that they aren't just skimming over Troy's absence like so many shows would do.

Grade: B-

Best Character Interaction - Annie and Abed

Best Reason to Watch - Shirley gets some good screen time for the 2nd episode in a row

Best Quote - Annie: "You can't just microwave a relationship like it's a bean burrito."

Best Reason to Fast Forward - Dean rapping as a Payday candy bar

Best Moment - Annie and Abed's awkward handshake in progress

Best Negotiator - Shirley

Best Manipulator - Jeff

Best Awww Scene - Abed opens up to Rachel, complete with a props crew

The Musketeers - 1.07 - A Rebellious Woman
The Musketeers continues to delight every episode, and this was no exception. I am a huge fan of snarky, powerful women and no one does that better than The Musketeers. In this episode, the Countess de Larroque is convicted of heresy and witchcraft for opening a school for women. She is a pure joy to have on screen snarking with everyone from the King to the Cardinal to Athos. A clever woman, she is passionate and brimming with confidence. Even a reversal of fortunes and a brush with death cannot keep her from her cause and she emerges shaken but still resolute, if a bit more world weary. Other delights in this episode were the Cardinal faced with his own mortality, Constance standing up for Fleur, and Athos being in the same room as Milady again. Even King Louis acted more adult and actually stepped up to his throne. The only thing I hated in this episode was Constance and D'Artagnan getting together. She's married for goodness sake. It makes me lose some respect for them both.

Grade: B (points off for adultery)

Best Scene - Countess and Athos meet

Best Quote - Countess: "She was sane as you or me. Well me anyway."

Boldest - de Larroque refuses to walk with King Louis

Most Snarky - Countess Ninon de Larroque

Most Charming - Aramis

The "Say What?" Award - anyone would consider the Cardinal for Pope

Worst Date - Athos takes the Countess to visit her friend's dead body

Best Moment - Athos begs for the Countess' life

Biggest Disappointment - Constance and D'Artagnan get together

Grimm - 3.15 - Once We were Gods

I am incredibly frustrated with Grimm in general, its writers specifically. I dislike when shows make me hate the lead characters and I am getting dangerously close right now in this decision to not tell Wu about Wesen. It's frustrating because it feels like they are deciding his fate without Wu getting a say in it. I'm not sure I will truly enjoy Grimm until this issue is resolved because right now I am rooting for the Wesen of the Week to give the entire Grimm Gang the smack down they deserve.

Grade: D

Best Scene - Juliette visits Wu at the mental hospital

Best Quote - Hank: "This is really kind of touching…except for the part where we helped them steal a 3,000 year old mummy and burn it."

Best Reason to Enter My TV Set - To smack Nick and Hank's heads together until they get some sense

Most Sympathetic - tie - Wu and Castle Spy, they've both been screwed over by colleagues

The "Most Passionate, Least Common Sense" Award - Dr. Vera Gates

"Most Likely to Head to Arrow" Award - Wesen with their superior upper arm strength scaling the building

Best Reason to Fast Forward - the dozen or so recapitations, including one of the conversation we just saw

Freakiest Moment - Meisner finds Adalind's baby in the woods only to find that it was really logs for the fire

Most in Need of a 21st Century Overhaul - Aunt Marie's trailer

Most Hypocritical - The Grimm Gang humans felt left out when Monroe and Rosalee whisper about the Beati Paoli

Best Villain Accessory - Prince Viktor's pipe

Smartest Plan - Alexander uses the arrest of the Wesen to steal the mummy

Enlisted - 1.08 - Vets

Grade: A

Best Quote - Derrick: "Alright you know what? I'm going to go over and talk to her but when I get back both of you better be dead from alcohol poisoning, okay?"

Funniest Scene - Sergeant Cody as therapist / Derrick pre-Marine punching bag

Best Guest Star Trio - Dean Stockwell from Quantum Leap, Barry Bostwick from Spin City and Supernatural, and Stacy Keach from Mike Hammer and 2/3 of TV movies made in the 80's.

Bad CGI Award - While the brothers are driving. It rivals the Ringer pilot boat scene.

Best Heist - the return of Sully's coin

Best Parallelism - the brothers change seats so they are with their older counterparts

Most Stylish - Randy with his new hat

Best Awww Moment - Derrick introduces himself to Sam

Best Message - Pete goes to a soldier PST meeting

Helix - 1.11 - Black Rain

The focus on Daniel and Hatake plus finding a cure made this the best Helix yet.  Things are really accelerating now.  I am not sure what Ilaria will bring, besides death, but I am anxious to see how they are going to resolve things.

Grade:  A-

Best Scene – Hatake tells Daniel that he is always his son, no matter what

Best Quote - Hatake:  "You may loathe what I have done or what you believe I've done, but you are still my son."  Daniel:  "Am I?"  Hatake:  "Your feelings for me do nothing to diminish mine for you."

The “Only if I was Literally Starving to Death” Award – microwaved rat

MVP – Daniel

Most Brilliant Plan – Peter and the vectors infect people via the sprinklers

Most in Need of a Raise – whomever picks the music on Helix because it is so giddily inappropriate

Best Reason to Fast Forward – anytime Alan opens his mouth

Best Surprise – Daniel creates an aerosol solution to freeze the vectors in enough time to administer a cure

Most Suspicious Moment - the vectors bow to Hatake

The "Take No Prisoners" Award - The Scythe, who slaughters all the scientists in the elevator

Best Save - Hatake pushes Daniel out of the way of an explosive

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  1. Loved all the great guest stars this week. I might spend more time rewatching old shows this summer than checking out new ones at this stage. What was your favorite thing about TV this week?

  2. Thanks for the review! My favorite thing about TV this week is not one of your shows - the Walking Dead. Carol is my favorite character - it was nice to have an episode devoted to her and her character growth. I was also shocked at where the episode went - with Lizzie. My next favorites are Enlisted - Vets and Teen Wolf - De Void.

    Enlisted - Vets was an awesome episode - I loved the scene where they are all sitting down in the bar and realize they should switch people; Derrick's scene in the Marine bar was also hysterical. Randy is growing on me - sometimes he is still way over the top...

    Teen Wolf - Yeah, Lydia calling Peter was weird - but he was the only person who had successfully gone into another person's head. I liked that Peter started freaking out when he did but was kinda confused by it. I am assuming it was just for the answers she held - Peter doesn't seem the type to get emotionally attached to anyone. He did, however, seem to be genuinely concerned about her well-being.

    Believe - I liked the pilot for a pilot, but I just watched the second episode. It was one big, long predictable chase scene with Bo doing stupid stuff like giving money needed for food and travel away. I think they have the background for a great show, but I don't know what way they are going to go. I won't be sticking around long if the rest of the season is like the 2nd episode.

    AoS - concur that a triangle would be the worst thing for the show.

  3. It's always great when a character you love gets extra screen time. It seems like my favorite characters in most shows are the secondary characters and there's never enough time with them.

    Enlisted was jsut phenomenal last week. So sad that people still don't know about it. They do such a great job of making you care about characters. I like Randy, but in small doses. I feel the same way about Pete. Derrick is my favorite Hill brother, mostly because of the snark. Still I adore the secondary characters and I hope we get to know more about them. Park is alternatively hilarious and terrifying.

    I understand where you are coming from with Teen Wolf, but does Lydia even know what he did with Derek? It seems like an odd thing to share with her, especially since they never tell her anything. She was the one dating Aiden and didn't know he was a werewolf alpha unti halfway through 3A. As far as Peter goes, I can't tell if he cares about Lydia or not. Was he worried about her or worried that the knowledge of who his child was would die with her? I think that's why I like Peter so much. He's oneof the few characters that I never know where he's coming from. Plus hte snark. :-)

    I haven't seen the second episode yet, but I went in thinking it was probably not for me. Bratty special kids are a huge no no for me as a TV viewer and teacher. It sounds like I won't like the second episode either. It might not even get the typical 3 episodes from me. As far as love triangles go, I am taking a stand. No more love triangles. When they come, I'm leaving. So very tired of this cliched trope for contrived drama. It NEVER makes a show better and almost always makes it worse.

  4. I liked the Grimm episode...I hated the one beforehand, because I don't think that they should have ever started the Wu-storyline in the first place (and honestly, I like SOME Wu, but I don't like him in the centre of an episode - like Bud he works the best when he stays in the background), and the solution somewhat worked. They also get extra props for making a mummy episode without the mummy walking around. Nick's relationship with the Council is the most interesting of them all, and when they turn up, it's always a nail biting moment because Rosalee and Monroe are usually between a rock and a hard place.
    I also think that they handled D'Artagnan's and Constance's relationship very well. It is part of the book canon after all, and they did a very good job to explain it, especially from Constance's perspective. What I HATED was the way the storyline with the Countess ended. So this woman refused to marry because she wanted to keep control over her own fortune. She ends up presumably dead, without her fortune and a small sum the Cardinal "graciously" gives her. And this is framed like a victory? It's not a victory, she has NOTHING to be thankful for, the Cardinal got exactly what he wanted from her and she is no longer a financial independent woman but dependent on the whim of a man - the man nor less who did this to her in the first place.

  5. I was so mad they didn't tell Wu (who is a great character) about the Wesen and I am SO MAD that Sebastien got outed and tortured. If Sebastien dies because of Adalind's stupid baby storyline, and if the Grimm gang continues in their goofiness, I might start rooting for the Royals.

  6. So glad you got me watching Enlisted, I thought the pilot was a bit silly but I have really gotten into it now, like you say it treats the situation as silly but the soldiers as important. The last two episodes have been my favourite so far, the series is getting better and better, but I understand it's in danger of being cancelled? Shame.

    Totally agree with you about Wonderland, I only really ever tuned in for the Knave (love Michael Socha and watch most of his stuff) in the first place, Alice talking annoys me too so you made me chuckle there, and Cyrus I find slimy, lol. Couldn't believe how quickly the Red Queen folded too, maybe it was to do with how few episodes are left?

    I love how the female guest stars on Musketeers have all been so memorable, it's a male skewed show so it's completely unexpected and a very pleasant surprise. I too found D'Artagnan & Constance getting together very off putting and didn't really like it, but found that the next episode this week does improve on that situation somewhat. Athos shouting in the courtroom and the King's cheeky aside's were my favourite bits from the episode, the former isn't as stoic as he'd like to be and the latter has no idea of what that word means, lol.

  7. D'Artagnan & Constance don't have a relationship in the book at all, he proclaims his love for her many times but they are never more than friends. I disliked how the Comtesse's story ended too, I understand that they had to show the Cardinal winning but I would have liked her and the Musketeers showing more contempt for the situation they left her in, even if it was just behind his back and not to his face. They all just seemed to accept it without a word, this weakened all the characters involved imo and is another waste of framing the Cardinal as the big bad of the show.

  8. I feel you're selling the AoS episode short. I don't care if an episode is intended to advertise a movie featuring some of the same characters, I care if it's a bad episode.. and this most certainly wasn't. Sif, Lorelei, the fight scenes, Simmons standing up to Coulson, the hilarity of Fitz being controlled by Lorelei (and Coulson pretending to also be), angry Coulson teaming with Skye to get answers, the May twist ending... it was awesome all around. I feel the show keeps getting better and people's unfavorable comparisons to Arrow are nonsense, especially since AoS writes women in a far more dignified manner. Now, the "Marvel cinematic universe" special next week is absolutely crap. I want to see a new episode of a show that's been on 200 hiatuses already this season, not an hour-long promo for the next Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/whatever.

  9. Great reviews; I agree with you on just about every one that hit on the shows I watch. I am behind in Enlisted but I have liked the episodes I have seen. I'll have to get caught up so thanks for the reminder! Also, I love that people are watching and giving Star Crossed good reviews. I honestly didn't think it would appeal to me but I was wrong. I still don't love the romantic lead story but I am in love with the rest. I have never cared for an alien show/movie before yet this has grabbed my attention.

  10. I adore Wu and I am glad they have spent some extra time on him, but I agree that he is a secondary character and should stay in that role. I also agree about the mummy not being animated. That is always hokey. However I do not feel there has been any resolution in the Wu issue and it bothers me greatly. I don't like when I can't root for the main protagonist and it is getting increasingly hard for me to see Nick and company's rationale, especially since Wu is suffering for it. I too like the Wesen Council coming in, but mostly because I am intrigued on how it works. It's mostly a huge mystery like the Royal and Resistance fight. I don't know what any of these end games are or even most of the key players. That makes them even more interesting for me.

    We are going to have to agree to disagree about D'Artagnan and Constance. Their relationship makes me like both less now, and that's a real shame because Constance was my favorite character. I do agree that the Countess' story did have a terrible ending, although it made things more realistic. I would have liked her to show more anger at the unfairness of it all but I don't see any of them looking at this as a victory. It was clearly a defeat, but the best they could do in such circumstances. I did like the Countess' determination to make the best of a bad situation though.

  11. I would liek to Countess to be more angry but I don't expect the Musketeers to be so enlightened. In that time period, it is kind of surprising that they sided with her in the first place. It would have actually made sense to me if they framed the entire episode as helping her to tick off the Cardinal instead of making them such advanced thinkers. I am unsure though why they are working to frame the Cardinal as the Big Bad. He already is so no need to go overboard. Also, with Capaldi as the Doctor next season, I expect them to write the Cardinal off. I was actually okay with them killing him off in this episode. In fact, I hope he does die at the end of this season because it would be refreshing to change the focus to a different villain.

  12. I'm already rooting for the Wesen to kick the Grimm gang's butt a few times before they are taken down these days. If I can't smack some sense into these characters (read writers), then I hope the Wesen do instead. I will be upset anew if Castle Spy dies, but in that case it will be with Renard for always taking him for granted more than Creepy Baby.

  13. So happy you are watching Enlisted. It's an underrated gem that sadly is going to be canceled. I would add the homecoming episode to the last 2 as my favorite episodes so far. I always fail to understand how idiotic comedies like 2.5 Men can be such great hits, but heartwarming stories with true laughs don't get the notice they deserve. (Big sigh.) The Knave is my sole reason for watching Wonderland now. If he loses his snark, I'm in real trouble. I know they only have a few episodes left but even some build up to the Queen crumbling would have made me less bitter. Instead they made everything so lowest common denominator and trashed a formerly great character. She didn't even try to resist. There was no fight scene between teh two most powerful women in the realm. It was like they didn't care at all about the character, even if she was the most interesting. With Wonderland, Grimm, and Arrow these days, all my favorite characters are becoming mere shadows of themselves. It's so frustrating. Now i'm worried The Musketeers has thrown Constance under the bus too. I haven't seen the newest episode yet, so it's probably just my new paranoia that every great female TV character will be killed, made unlikeable, or become incompetent this season.

  14. I really thought the Red Queen was playing them, that she had a plan for her third wish and was just reeling them in, very disappointing :( Constance on the other hand I feel for even more, D'artagnan needs a bit of a smack up side the head however. I won't say any more than that thou as I don't want to spoil you, lol.

  15. I know! He didn't even seem worried when Sebastien wasn't answering his phone! Grrr!

  16. The problem I have with the Cardinal is that usually, the Musketeers don't really see him doing anything bad. WE know that he is scheming (and a murderer), but so far we have gotten barely any reason for the Musketeers to think so. In fact, they spend more episodes fighting for exactly the same goal as the Cardinal as they spend fighting against him.

  17. "the former isn't as stoic as he'd like to be and the latter has no idea of what that word means, lol" well said. lol.

  18. Regarding the Countess, I think I'm the anomaly, because I didn't get the sense that they framed it as a victory. From the moment she wrote her confession to the crimes she didn't commit to her concessions to the cardinal at the end, it felt very much like a sacrifice on her part, and one she was willing to make for the sake of the other women she'd been trying to help.

    In the end I think she was grateful for life (but not grateful to the cardinal, just realistic), and though she was conceding the battle, she was not conceding the war. I liked the grace of the character, and her boldness. She was a wise character, and I feel like if they'd had her end the episode just bitter and angry at her losses, she would have lost some of that sense of higher perspective she'd exuded, and might have come across as ignorant of the political atmosphere she'd been fighting in the first place.

  19. I would have liked to see more of that behind-the-scenes contempt for the cardinal too. Agree with you there. Though that's been a complaint of mine all season long.

  20. Ha, a good contrast I thought XD

  21. I care if random new players suddenly get significant screen time because they are promoting a movie. It's hard to not think product placement throughout the episode. However, compared to other examples, I agree that this was better executed. I enjoyed Sif but to be honest, I already saw this episode on Stargate SG-1 and it was superior. AoS did have great fight scenes and that's why I remarked that I wouldn't mind having Sif back sometime. I love a good sword fight. I also love the growth in Simmons to stand up to Coulson, but I thought the Fitz scenes were stagnant at best as was much of Lorelei. As for love triangles, I am so fed up with these that it doesn't have to take over the show. Its mere presence is enough to turn me off a show. I like AoS, but not enough to put up with a love triangle if that's the way they end up going. May is far too awesome a character for that nonsense. Arrow is a prime example of how love triangles ruin great characters, so no, I don't think Arrow is superior to AoS in anything but fight scenes.

  22. It's always nice to hear from people watching Enlisted. The ratings are so disheartening. The last two episodes were the best so far so you are in for a treat.

    I am shocked by how good Star-Crossed really is. The first 2 episodes didn't do it justice. I too am less than impressed by the love interests but everything else is so intriguing - the mystery, the character motivations, all the amazing twists. Star-Crossed is now a show that I look forward to every week.

  23. That's what I thought too. I felt for sure she would at least wish Will and her out of there. What a waste of wishes. Looking forward to seeing Musketeers this week.

  24. Plus he ordered Sebastian to leave the castle even knowing that it would put his life in peril.

  25. I didn't think it was showing victory either, just survival. I too agree that having her remain resolute in the face of crushing loss made her character even better to me. She gave up everything to protect those woman, which showed that she didn't just support her principles because she could afford to. Instead, her principles were her very core and she would fight for them in both good and bad times. The Countess is a hero.

  26. Well, I don't think Sif and Lorelei's screen time was more than we've seen with at least some guest stars, but maybe I simply enjoyed the episode enough that I didn't notice it. I agree with a point you made above, by the way, about how the fight could've been even better if it wasn't in such a confined space. Would've liked to see more acrobatics and cool moves.
    I am cautiously optimistic about love triangles not ruining the show until they give me a reason not to be... but yeah. they'd better not touch May and her awesomeness or there will be blood. I'm not sure where they're going with Ward and May right now. At first I thought it was shown as a one-sided thing where May just viewed it as a little fun/way to unwind while Ward was developing feelings for her, hence Coulson's pointed comment about how "If it's just sex, Ward, you should get more comfortable using the word." However, in this episode May appeared to be stung when Lorelei claimed that Ward loved someone else before her, not May, and her giving Ward the cold shoulder in the end would support that. As long as they keep Skye out of it, I'm okay with May/Ward, because they both seem to be acting like adults even if their responses are sometimes more emotional than rational. With Skye and Ward in the early episodes, though, it just felt like there was a neon sign saying "THIS IS A BUDDING SHIP!" in every scene, hence turning me off the pairing very quickly. I hope they stick a fork in it.

  27. Omigosh, you're right! Grrr, it's just making me madder by the second.

  28. When Athos was arrested, they seemed to immediately know that the Cardinal was behind it in some way, so perhaps we can get some flashbacks as to when it all soured. They do need to flesh out the conflict more.


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