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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 26th March 2014

27 Mar 2014

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Remember you can view ALL Ratings and Charts for all shows/seasons in our Interactive TV Ratings Database.

The missing ratings are due to the fact that their ratings are out of the Top 100. They will be entered into the Ratings Database when they get released by the Networks later.

If you are new to ratings or still confused, we recommend you read this excellent Ratings FAQ.

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  1. Too bad The 100 didn't adjust up, but hopefully it will remain steady or even grow next week.

  2. with you on that one, it could rise as well.

    We'll see. Only thing I know: this show is a welcome surprise for a mid-season show.
    I don't want to say that I'm blown away or anything but I'm certainly taken by surprise at how well the show performed at its premiere

  3. Wow. Only 2.62 mil & 1.36 mil people watched Arrow & The Americans respectively, despite being two of the best shows on TV? Yes they are on CW & FX which don't get as many viewers as other networks or AMC but still...shocking!

  4. This is better than the last few


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