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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Monday 24th March 2014

25 Mar 2014

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  1. looks like TTP and Star-Crossed pulled a Thelma & Louise on us and drove off a cliff.

    God Intelligence, I love you but you're doing really bad -,-
    At least try to match Followings numbers will ya ?

    As for HIMYM ? I tip my hat to that show, I didn't catch any season 9 episode because I plan to binge watch the entire season when its done (I just can't swallow final seasons on a normal schedule, Smallvilles farewell season ate me up). But hell I see why CBS isn't ready to let go og that brand

  2. Yay Castle adjusted up :)

  3. I feel like people have given up on TTP.
    Ever since the CW announced its renewals, the ratings have been going down...

  4. The move to Monday hurt it. What hurt it worse was that it took so long to get to the more compelling stories, Jedekiah, and focusing on John. By then it had lost a lot of audience and couldn't get it back.

  5. Oh Man!!! I guess this is a bye bye to Star Crossed and The Tomorow People. So sad about it.

  6. Meh, gutted about TTP & Star Crossed.. Love the shows :(

  7. One of my biggest pet-peeves is people going "oh, I'm gonna wait to see if *insert show* gets renewed before I bother to get invested in it". Sorry, but that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard! If people who are the least bit interested in a show would just go ahead and give the show a chance, these new shows might get better ratings. Instead, they hold out and contribute nothing to trying to keep the show alive and give the networks the impression that there just isn't enough interest when there might actually be a decent amount. This seems to be especially true for Star-Crossed, Enlisted, and Intelligence. IDEK how many people I've seen saying they were going to wait to see if it was renewed before they bothered to watch. Even if you have other shows that you watch in those time slots, watch the eps online! Contribute to the demo in some way and give them the help they so desperately need! Good grief!

    Those three shows are good, solid programs that actually have unique, interesting, and engaging story lines and characters that I feel like could really take off if people would give them the chance (well, and if they would stop promoting Star-Crossed as some sappy forbidden teenage love story that almost no one wants to watch and promote it more towards the struggle of an alien race fitting into a human world, as the main plot line rightly is). They're a wonderful break from all the procedural, almost entirely
    redundant crime shows that are currently dominating the airwaves.
    Also, moving Star-Crossed to a less difficult day and giving it a lead-in instead of making it one would help tremendously! I'm truly, utterly baffled by their decision to make it a Monday night lead-in before it even got it's footing. I think it would be perfect if they moved Star-Crossed so that it had The 100 (which they're already calling the "hit new drama") as a lead-in on pretty much any night but Monday and Fridays. Those are three out of four broadcast shows that are currently airing that I desperately look forward to every week, and I feel like I'm likely to lose all three simply because people don't want to take a chance on them until they know they're gonna make it and in the process are hurting the show's chances of actually making it. So frustrating!

  8. R.I.P. TTP, not that I'm surprised. I guess part of me will remain in denial until the axe officially drops, though. But maybe it's masochistic to keep watching when I know we'll be left with a bunch of unresolved cliffhangers.

  9. I think most of the people who say that are online fans who have no Nielsen boxes and don't impact the ratings anyway. The casual viewers that actually decide the fate of shows really don't think too much about the renewal/cancellation stuff because they won't be terribly bothered if the show gets cancelled, anyway. For them it's just an enjoyable 40-something minutes once a week, not something they're really invested in like the online fandom. They probably don't even know what the show's ratings and therefore survival prospects are. So most of the viewers who actually matter don't give a crap about whether or not the show is gonna be renewed: if they like it, they watch, if not, they don't.

  10. Even if they don't have a Nielsen box, watching online does make a difference. The networks watch how much traffic the episodes get online too.

  11. What does it say for TTP?? B/c I'm on my phone, and I can't see the numbers column?? And I will keep watching til it's over!! I want to see how it ends.

  12. 0.3 for both shows, it didn't change from the preliminary ratings.

  13. Only if you watch legally, like on Hulu or on the network's website. And most people don't because you have ads there, you can't watch an episode for free (Hulu+ isn't free) until 8 days after it's aired, etc. Illegal online viewing doesn't make the network or studio any profit, rendering it irrelevant.

  14. Yes, I know. Legal online viewing was what I was refering to. If illegal viewing was somehow taken into account, they probably wouldn't be in any danger. lol I think to some extent the illegal viewing is taken into account... at least by the CW. I don't watch Beauty and the Beast (just couldn't get into it), but from what I understand, one of the main reasons it got a second season was because it had such a strong overseas following despite it's poor ratings here in the US and the fact that it had yet to even air overseas at that point. I don't know if they watch the number of illegal downloads or just the amount of chatter generated by fans online or how they monitor that. I do know that the number prople that torrent shows can be loosely monitored though because SpoilerTv occasionally posts a list of the top torrented shows and the numbers.

  15. Oh god. you know i watch live and i record at the same time...i don't get it. heavy sigh. well i won't be watching TTP next week. Not live anyway. Thank You

  16. Me too! I gave The 100 a second chance and I just can't get into it yet. I would much rather have TTP or SC but I think I am the minority. :(

  17. I haven't watched The 100 yet. I hope they AT LEAST keep 1 show!


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