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Crisis - Episode 1.02 - If You Are Watching This I Am Dead - Preview and Teasers

22 Mar 2014

The second episode of Crisis immediately follows up on the first episode. After getting a phone call from whomever has her daughter, Meg Fitch collects an enormous amount of money to get her daughter (or really, niece) back. The company's legal advisor urges her not to this, but Meg thinks she has no other choice to see her Amber again. Whether or not Amber will be released, remains to be seen.

Another parent also gets a phone call with the question: what will you do for your child? This parent is the ambassador of Pakistan, who is forced to do something inside the embassy. This will lead to two major characters finding themselves on foreign soil without leaving Washington. These characters eventually help the ambassador, but what they discover is something much bigger and much more shocking than they could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, the captors make a photograph of one of the children. This of course leads to jealousy and causes stir among the group, as they wonder why the kidnappers only take the photograph of this particular child. Also in the mansion, Gibson wants to find which the troublemakers among the group. Therefore he puts the children to the test. After having found the troublemakers, he punishes them.

Here are a few teasers:
-We will find out what happened to Secret Service Agent Valence.
-Meg lies to her sister about key information.
-The trackers of two of the children will be activated, but the question is: will that lead to these children being found?
-Beth Ann isn't the only one with daddy issues. How would POTUS be as a father?
-The mastermind has a scapegoat who is gonna take all the blame on him or her for what happened.
-At the end, one of the children is released, while another child is reunited with his or her father.

Be sure to catch "If You Are Watching This I Am Dead" tomorrow night at 10/9c on NBC.

About the Author - Daniel
Daniel (Veer95) is a Dutch university student studying Psychology. On SpoilerTV he is a reviewer of NCIS and the upcoming shows Crisis and The 100. He also likes to watch Arrow, The Tomorrow People, NCIS: LA, Nikita, The Blacklist, Under the Dome, Intelligence and Hostages.

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