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Being Human - Episode 4.12 - House Hunting - Promotional Photos

25 Mar 2014

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Thanks to for the photos.


  1. OH NO!!! Josh is wearing the shirt!! Oh god, it's happening! Sally do something!!

  2. Michael Jentsch25 March 2014 at 22:40

    Maybe stupid question but did I miss something with the shirt? What's up with the shirt

  3. LMFAO!!! Oh man that was funny. Ok you remember when Sally was jumping back in time to her time, but she went a little too far in the future first?? The scene where she saw Aidan and Josh arguing, then Aidan says, "this is on you" and snaps his neck? Well in these pics, THAT"S what Josh was wearing when it happened. So this is the episode when AIdan kills Josh. Idk why. (I'll wait til the episode) But if Sally doesn't inteferer, it'll happen again just like we saw it.

  4. Ever Since watching London Boulevard, I have stopped trusting Teens that adults help out or leave be. And Aidan has done that to Kenny and what do we know its happening again.

  5. Michael Jentsch26 March 2014 at 10:45

    Yes now I remember. Thanks for refreshing my mind

  6. you're welcome. Sorry i didn't mean to get so detailed about it. Oops! hehe = p

  7. You know, now that there are so many ghost in the house, I think that maybe Aidan will be possessed by one, and that's the reason why he will kill Josh, because as far as I remember Aidan told Josh something like "she was all I had left" (or something similar), and then snapped his neck!!, and Aidan didn't lose anyone because of Josh, so it could be Kenny (who might kill himself), or maybe Ramona, or Ramona's sister...

  8. What do you mean so many ghosts?? There's only two. lol But two is too many!! Ramona is ugh! But ewwww (ew as in ahh, not eww as in gross) I like that Idea!! That could be something. But i hope you're wrong, only because i want to be surprised. LOL But i like that theory. That's a good one! Good shit. = )

  9. hahaha well, I see Ramona, Sally, Henry and maybe Ramona's sister in these pictures, full house of ghosts, hehehe I'm exagerating I know, but well, we'll see what happens.

  10. Oh right Henry! Haha, i was like what?? Hahaha I think you did over exaggerate just a little, b/c Ramona's sister is alive. LOL


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