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Ratings News - 1st February 2014

1 Feb 2014


  1. Thank god The Neighbors is up... Its one of my favourite comedies... At least it should air the rest of ts season 2 episodes .. but sadly, its gonna get axed

  2. No Enlisted ! Don't you die on me, you hear ?! *slaps it* No, no wake up you sonofabiatch

  3. sixseasonsandamovie1 February 2014 at 17:23

    Enlisted :(

    No Grimm = good night for CBS, TCD, meanwhile, ends its run here.

  4. Damn it. Come on Enlisted! You're too darn good for this.

  5. Nice jump for TN but sadly it will be axed 99%.
    Not just for the rating itself (it has done between 0.8 and 1.2, and doing a 1.1 on ABC now looks so much 'glamorous' after the bombing of Killer Women, Sean Saves the World, Assets, Betrayal, MJFox ...). But it keeps losing almost half a rating point from LMS and - this is the worst fact - Shark Tank even doubles the rating. It really seems that people watching ABC on friday night try to avoid just TN. Sad :-(

  6. sixseasonsandamovie1 February 2014 at 17:49

    Despite I don't watch The Neighbors, I entirely agree with your opinion, but let me make an observation:

    Sean Saves the World and MJFox show are NBC shows, so, both of them flopping won't change anything on ABC.

    But The Neighbors will end its run, with everything flopping hard, ABC has more preocupations than an underperforming show on an underperfoming night.

  7. I figured Bones would be down a bit. Hopefully it'll adjust up, though.

  8. at least TCD rose for the finale! tho i would love to have a last season

  9. It's still doing mighty well for a FOX drama on a Friday!

  10. I agree. Although The Neighbors is doing poorly (very sadly) it is not doing as awful as some people make it out to be in the context of ABC comedies. ABC's most recent comedy average is a 1.8. The Neighbors, once you add in a Friday Factor of about 20%, is averaging a 1.2 in most recent episodes. That's 65%. Sure, it's bad and will most likely lead to its cancellation, but it's not as awful as some people make it sound.

  11. I want to know how Bones stays the same in total viewers I am 67 so don't count for 18-49 viewere BUT I nrver miss Bones, the best show on TV!!!!!

  12. Whoa great #'s for H50 looks like the viewers are finally realising what they should be watching on a Friday night with such a great season looks like a pickup is happening very shortly :D A lot of action, twists and comedy love it!

  13. "ABC's most recent comedy average is a 1.8" .
    Let's see how that number changes without counting Modern Family ratings. The only ABC hit comedy today is MF. CBS, on the contrary, has more than just one rating hit: Bing Bang Theory, HIMYM, even TAHM which is doing still very good after 11 years: in the case of CBS comedies, a rating average is more accurate.


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