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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers

The SpoilerTV 2024/25 Premiere Dates Calendar

12 May 2024

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New/Updated Dates in BOLD.

Tue 14th May 2024 The Killing Kind - Season 2
Thu 16th May 2024 Bridgerton - Season 3
Thu 16th May 2024 Outer Range - Season 2
Fri 17th May 2024 The Big Cigar - Season 1
Wed 22nd May 2024 Trying - Season 4
Thu 23rd May 2024 Evil - Season 4
Thu 23rd May 2024 Insomnia - Season 1
Thu 30th May 2024 Eric - Season 1
Thu 30th May 2024 We Are Lady Parts - Season 2
Sat 1st June 2024 Supacell - Season 1
Sun 2nd June 2024 Mayor Of Kingstown - Season 3
Tue 4th June 2024 The Acolyte - Season 1
Tue 4th June 2024 The Sterling Affairs - Season 1
Thu 6th June 2024 Sweet Tooth - Season 3
Fri 7th June 2024 Power Book II: Ghost - Season 4
Wed 12th June 2024 Presumed Innocent - Season 1
Thu 13th June 2024 The Boys - Season 4
Sun 16th June 2024 House of the Dragon - Season 2
Sun 16th June 2024 Hotel Cocaine - Season 1
Sun 23rd June 2024 Orphan Black: Echoes - Season 1
Wed 26th June 2024 Land of Women - Season 1
Thu 27th June 2024 My Lady Jane - Season 1
Thu 27th June 2024 The Bear - Season 3
Fri 28th June 2024 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Season 3
Mon 8th July 2024 All American: Homecoming - Season 3
Wed 10th July 2024 Sunny - Season 1
Thu 11th July 2024 Sausage Party: Foodtopia - Season 1
Thu 18th July 2024 Those About To Die - Season 1
Thu 18th July 2024 Cobra Kai - Season 6
Sun 21st July 2024 Snowpiercer - Season 4
Mon 29th July 2024 Futurama - Season 12
Thu 8th August 2024 The Umbrella Academy - Season 4
Mon 12th August 2024 Solar Opposites - Season 5
Thu 15th August 2024 Emily In Paris - Season 4
Fri 16th August 2024 Alien - Season 1
Sun 1st September 2024 NCIS: Origins - Season 1
Thu 19th September 2024 Agatha: Darkhold Diaries - Season 1
Sat 2nd November 2024 Spider-Man: Freshman Year - Season 1

Here is our new Embeddable Calendar for the 2024/2025 Season to make it easier for you all to see when you favourite shows are returning.

If you find any omissions/errors please let us know in the comments.

We have both a Calendar and Tabular View. To access the Tabular version, just click the Agenda Tab. To Switch back to the Calendar view click the Month or Week Tab.

NOTE: If you want to see all dates and not just Premiere Dates, then you should use the Calendar in our Episode Database.

Full Link to Calendar


  1. Thanks everyone who does this. I find it really useful

  2. Thanks, Andy ! Here are some more official premiere dates :

    Maron (IFC) : 3rd May.
    Arrested Development season 4 (Netflix) : 26th May.
    Futurama season 7 part II (Comedy Central) : 19th June.
    Camp (NBC) : 10th July.
    Orange is the New Black (Netflix) : 11th July.
    Rewind (SyFy) : 15th July.
    Axe Cop (FOX) : 27th July.
    High School USA (FOX) : 27th July.
    Breaking Bad season 5 part II (AMC) : 11th August.

  3. Roberta Gomes Peleteiro1 May 2013 at 11:37

    any news about the new Holloway's show? I think it's that the name it's "Inteligence"

  4. No, we won't know until the networks announce which Pilot Shows are ordered to Series.

    You can keep track of the Pilots via our Pilot Watch which you can access from the Start and/or All Features menu in the top navigation bar. @Roberta Peleteiro

  5. The Newsroom is actually premiering on July 14th

  6. Thanks @Chuckles Looks like my fat fingers entered it wrong :) All fixed now.

  7. Roberta Peleteiro1 May 2013 at 18:49


  8. When do ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC announce theirs?

  9. The only thing missing in Leverage! Why did TNT had to cancel it? :(

  10. Normally around the end of June / early July from past experiences

  11. Boris Breynin2 May 2013 at 20:59

    I'll save CBS the trouble from what i gather last yr all CBS shows premiere on the last week of september which i can see is the 24th which means 2 broke girls.Mike and Molly.Hawaii Five 0 premieres with Hawaii probably getting to see the season 4 premiere before us. NCIS's.Criminal Minds.POI.Elementary.Blue Bloods will also premiere on 25th.26th.27th.28th lol

  12. Wilfred premiere date: June 20


  13. Wilfred premiere date: June 20

  14. Thanks @Dexxter88 just updating

  15. the exes (tvland) premiere - June 19

  16. June 10th - switched at birth (ABCFam)

  17. This is only for New Seasons or Pilot/First Episodes. SAB is Episode 2.11

  18. Rizzoli and Isles and Preception starts on the 18th not 25th lol

  19. @Boris Breynin Are you sure? Do you have a link to a press release or something where this change is announced?

  20. Even their official site is showing the 25th still.

    Where did you hear it was 18th?

  21. I know it's not directly premiere date related, but unless I'm being really stupid, I can't find how many episodes Unforgettable will have. Anyone know?

  22. It should be in the Show Status Report which can be found in the All Features menu

  23. Ah, thank you. Found it now. :)

  24. here's a brief info from hollywood reporter.

    The Closer spinoff Major Crimes follows the next night, Monday, June 10, as a lead-in for King & Maxwell at 9 p.m. Rizzoli & Isles and Perception premiere the following Tuesday, June 18, at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., respectively. And Franklin & Bash returns a month later, on Wednesday, July 24, at 9 p.m.

  25. also listed Perception and Rizzoli and Isles june 18th and im looking at and it says 25th along with tnt so we have a problem with the info lol

  26. Thanks, that was an old article from March. The dates were changed since then :)

    Our Episode Database has all the latest titles and confirmed air dates here

  27. Ya but doesn't explain why posted 18th lol

  28. I tend to find TV.COM not very accurate for things like this.

  29. I was right bout CBS schedule lol tho i have no idea why i put 24th instead of 23th lol

  30. PLL, Twisted and Under The Dome

  31. Does anyone know when White Collar is coming back,i can't find it anywhere?

  32. money is on october when season 1 premiered

  33. I thought it premiered in July for season 1 & 2...

  34. No season 1 premiered in October but when it got picked up for season 2 it premiered in July along with Series Premiere of Covert Affairs back then

  35. At least i wasn't going crazy,i knew it was summer at one time,thanks!

  36. Anytime lol glad to help lol

  37. I wonder why ABC dates haven't been announced yet... I don't think it was this late when announcing it last year...

  38. Once Upon a Time - Sep.29
    American Horror Story - Oct.9
    Lost Girl - Nov.10 (in Canada)
    Atlantis - Nov.23
    Doctor Who - Nov.23

  39. Thanks Baff, where did you confirm the dates for AHS, Lost Girl and Doctor Who. I can't seem to find any official dates for those?

  40. AHS date I got from wikipedia, but looking closer, I see their reference doesn't mention a date, so scratch that one.

    Lost Girl official site:

    Doctor Who is the 50th anniversary special. They announced the date many months ago, and recently announced that it will air at the same time worldwide. Not exactly a season premiere though.

  41. Ah, awesome, thanks. I've added the others and I'll get Lost Girl added now as well.

    Thank you.

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  44. IMDB will always have that and air dates. Kept pretty up to date and they have an app. Just search show, then season, then you will see episode titles (if named)

  45. Teen Wolf - Season 3b - Jan.6 (MTV)

  46. Thanks, we only do main season premieres on the chart, sorry ;)

  47. Anybody got a clue when Hot In Cleveland's new season starts?

  48. What about Being Human and The Following?? I know they don't start til Jan. But still iI thought they would've had a date by now.

  49. No dates announced yet. When they do we'll be sure to add them :)

  50. You falsely added Grey's Anatomy to Sunday, 29th Sep.

  51. when is starting revenge?

  52. samantha Hi. You can see all known Episode Titles and Dates in the Episode Database

  53. @SpolierTV an update Atlantis starts on Saturday 28th September, 8.25pm, BBC1

  54. Thanks @Nicole Just updating now.

  55. DarkUFO, you might want to move the date for the premiere of Almost Human to Nov.17th.

  56. The Bones time period premiere isn't November 8th anymore, it's November 15th.

  57. Couple of Who ones:
    23rd Nov - Day of the Doctor, 50th Anniversary Episode
    25th Dec - Christmas Special, Regeneration Episode

  58. When does star crossed premier?

  59. No date set yet. As soon as it is it will be posted in this calendar and in our Episode Database here

  60. You have to update the calender again lol

  61. Oh, Sherlock on the 1st Jan. And I think the USA prem date is the 19th Jan?

  62. Intelligence. The show premiere on the 7th of Jan but moves to monday on the 13th.

  63. Andy,I think CBS changed the date/month for Intelligence. I believe it starts this month since Hostages had its season/ series finale,but i'm not positive.

  64. Hi Laura. I'm not sure I understand what you mean?

  65. I swear i saw the premiere of Intelligence listed as starting in February,but no,i was wrong.Sorry to bother you!

  66. Ha no worries, maybe it was using an old cached copy.

  67. I ♥LOVE♥ these Spoiler TV calendars, I can add it to Google calendars and check it everywhere! Thank you for taking the time :)
    having said that... 3 more months for Believe.. :/

  68. TWISTED ABC Family
    Tuesday Feb 11 9 PM

  69. Thanks, this is for Season Premiere's only, not mid-season return episodes.

  70. The calendar says Veep & Silicon Valley premiere April 7, when it's April 6.

  71. For people watching Sundance TV, Rectify will premiere on Thursday June 19 at 9/8c.
    Can I say that I keep counting days until GoT returns again and again on this calendar... thank you SpoilerTV! :)

  72. Thanks, glad you like it. I've added Rectify to the calendar now as well.

  73. Hannah???

  74. Metal Hurlant Chronicles April 14 on SyFy.

  75. Thanks. it's not currently a show we cover or track sorry.

    Appreciate you taking the time to contact us .

  76. nbc dates haven't been added to the table yet

  77. Luv this calendar I can add to my Google and it's copied to my phone. Thanks.

  78. Penny Dreadful - May 11th 2014 - Showtime !!!

  79. @DarkUFO ......Summer 2014 on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! David Tennant in The Escape Artist, Sundays, June 15-22, 2014, 9:00-10:30 p.m. ET

  80. Thansk Nicole, I'm afraid that's a network we don't currently track. But thank you anyway.

  81. That's ok, I've seen it already not knowing it was going to air in the US. David Tennant is great in it (as always) and the ending twist is great too.

  82. Ha cool, glad you enjoyed it

  83. How have I not seen this before? Best. Thing. Ever!

  84. Aryam Manzueta Avila3 June 2014 at 03:53

    This is really cool. Thanks!

  85. Taxi Brooklyn June 25th? :)

  86. July 27

    WGN Manhattan

    If you don't plan to follow the show you should at least list the premiere date.

  87. Thanks, I'll add it in when I return from vacation

  88. So far every show I watch, except one, is starting in October.

  89. Astronaut Wives Club isn't premiering in July.

  90. Thanks fixed. We had not updated after they initially set the July date.

  91. Hell on Wheels for AMC premieres on August 2nd

    if you need proof go to and got to shows and click Hell on Wheels link

  92. July 13 THE STRAIN premieres on FX. Go
    To their website

  93. I don't know if you guys cover Please Like Me, bu the show returns August 8 for its second season on Pivot.

  94. Thanks Gio, no, we don't currently that show or that Network, but thank you anyway :)

  95. I like this calender but what about Castle? Am I just not finding it?

  96. everyoneissleeping14 July 2014 at 18:46

    Thank you for doing this!

  97. Pablo Troncoso14 July 2014 at 20:41

    Can't wait for ABC to announce their premiere dates!
    It's going to be an interest season. I'm dying to see how the ratings will be for Monday night with The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, and The Voice all of them together in the same timeslot! It's going to be really interesting

  98. Im just hoping Gotham will do well against the Voice and TBBT , but since both attract huge audiences im not sure it will.

  99. The Voice isn't as strong as it used to be. Also I doubt they share an audience. TBBT is the real competition. I just hope Gotham does well because it looks amazing.

  100. Roberta M. Coleman19 July 2014 at 17:15

    Dallas is missing.....

  101. @RobertaC I think you're getting confused. Dallas premiered in February 2014.

  102. Yes, but it returns on August the 18th.

  103. That's episode 3.09. We don't post the dates of all episodes in this calendar. This is just for Season Premieres.

    If you want to see all known dates or all Episodes you should use the Episode Database here

  104. Okay. Thank you. I'm new here. Still getting acquainted with this great site. :)

  105. Hey no problem at all. Always happy to answer questions :)

    Glad you enjoy it !

  106. Can the station be added to the details?

  107. No date has been set yet. As soon as we know it will be posted in the calendar and Episode Database

  108. SOA isn't showing on Sept 9, but is showing on the Episode calendar

  109. Love the calendar! Booked marked this page!

  110. This actually is really useful. Thanks.

  111. Hi! Just to let you know stvplus (including the calendar) doesn't seem to be working. I keep getting an error page that says the page can't be displayed.

  112. Thanks for the info!

  113. No problem :) It should be back now.

  114. Yep, I was just looking at the calendar. Thank you guys for all your hard work!

  115. My Fall 2014 Schedule:

  116. Wow, I just printed it--thank you so much--I searched the web, to no avail for NCIS and CSI

  117. Should be there now. For some reason I had marked the entry as private. lol.

  118. This one is easier to read than previous years. Thanks!



    Arrow - Oct 8th ( wed )

    Beauty and the Beast - mid-season

    Hart of Dixie - mid-season

    iZombie - mid-season

    Jane the Virgin - Oct 13th ( mon )

    Reign - Oct 2nd ( thurs )

    Supernatural - Oct 7th ( tues )

    The 100 - Oct 22nd ( wed )

    The Flash - Oct 7th ( tues )

    The Messengers - mid-season

    The Originals - Oct 6th ( mon )

    The Vampire Diaries - Oct 2nd ( thurs )


    Agent Carter -

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Sept 23rd ( tues )

    American Crime -

    Black-ish - Sept 24th ( wed )

    Castle - Sept 29th ( mon )

    Cristela - Oct 10th ( fri )

    Forever - Sept 22 & 23 ( mon & tues )

    Fresh Off the Boat -

    Galavant -

    Grey's Anatomy - Sept 25th ( thurs )

    How to Get way with Murder - Sept 25th ( thurs )

    Last Man Standing - Oct 3rd ( fri )

    Manhattan Love Story - Sept 30th ( tues )

    Members Only -

    Mistresses -

    Modern Family - Sept 24th ( wed )

    Nashville - Sept 24th ( wed )

    Once Upon a Time - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Resurrection - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Revenge - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Rookie Blue -

    Scandal - Sept 25th ( thurs )

    Secrets & Lies -

    Selfie - Sept 30th ( tues )

    The Goldbergs - Sept 24th ( wed )

    The Middle - Sept 24th ( wed )

    The Whispers -


    Backstrom -

    Bob's Burger's - Oct 5th ( sun )

    Bones - Sept 25th ( thurs )

    Bordertown -

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Empire -

    Family Guy - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Glee -

    Gotham - Sept 22nd ( mon )

    Gracepoint - Oct 2nd ( thurs )

    Mulaney - Oct 5th ( sun )

    New Girl - Sept 16th ( tues )

    Red Band Society - Sept 17th ( wed )

    Sleepy Hollow - Sept 22 ( mon )

    The Following -

    The Last Man on Earth -

    The Mindy Project - Sept 16th ( tues )

    The Simpsons - Sept 28th ( sun )

    Utopia -

    Wayward Pines -

    Weird Loners -


    2 Broke Girls - Oct 27th ( mon )

    Blue Bloods - Sept 26th ( fri )

    Criminal Minds - Oct 1st ( wed )

    CSI - Sept 28th ( sun )

    CSI: Cyber

    Elementary - Oct 30th ( thurs )

    Extant -

    Hawaii Five-0 - Sept 26th ( fri )

    Madam Secretary - Sept 21st ( sun )

    Mike & Molly -

    Mom - Sept 29th ( mon )

    NCIS - Sept 23rd ( tues )

    NCIS: LA - Sept 29th ( mon )

    NCIS: New Orleans - Sept 23rd ( tues )

    Person of Interest - Sept 23rd ( tues )

    Reckless -

    Scorpion - Sept 22nd ( mon )

    Stalker - Oct 1st ( wed )

    The Big Bang Theory - Sept 22nd ( mon )

    The Good Wife - Sept 21st ( sun )

    The McCarthys - Oct 30th ( thurs )

    The Mentalist -

    The Millers - Oct 30th ( thurs )

    The Odd Couple -

    Two and a Half Men - Oct 30th ( thurs )

    Unforgettable -

    Under the Dome -

    Zoo -


    A to Z - Oct 2nd ( thurs )

    Aquarius -

    About a Boy - Oct 14th ( tues )

    Bad Judge - Oct 2nd ( thurs )

    Chicago Fire - Sept 23rd ( tues )

    Chicago P.D. - Sept 24th ( wed )

    Constantine - Oct 24th ( fri )

    Emerald City - Cancelled

    Grimm - Oct 24th ( fri )

    Hannibal -

    Heroes: Reborn -

    Law & Order: SVU - Sept 24th ( wed )

    Marry Me - Oct 14th ( tues )

    Mr, Robinson -

    Parenthood - ept 26th ( thurs )

    Parks and Recreation -

    State of Affairs - Nov 17th ( mon )

    The Blacklist - Sept 22nd ( mon )

    The Mysteries of Laura - Sept 24th ( wed )

    The Night Shift -

    The Slap -

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt -

    Undateable -


    The Walking Dead - Oct 12th ( sun )

    Talking Dead - Oct 12th ( sun )


    Game of Thrones -

    Girls -

    Looking -

    The Leftovers -

    True Detective -

    Veep -

  120. Intruders ends before Arrow starts, so you will be able to watch Arrow on the same week!
    Good to see someone else watching Ascension. I have Invasion on my list of shows to watch, but I didn't really like the trailer; it's just that I've watched A LOT of 1 Season sci-fi shows (like The Event, The Tomorrow People, Terra Nova, FlashForward and V) and it sound kinda cool. If you like sci-fi shows, I would recomend you the ones above... Best ones being the first 3.

  121. Yeah i worked out the schedule, so Arrow would replace an open slot. I have a lot of shows, so i have to juggle. Though, i've decide to watch it, The 100, and American Horror Story, with Z Nation on Fridays.

    I've only seen the 2 episodes of Invasion, i liked it. I'm watching it on Fridays until The 100 starts, then onto Sundays. :) I watched all of V. I watch a few episodes of Terra Nova, but got busy with life, i'll get back to it. I dropped The Tomorrow People, when the love triangle happened. But i plan to finish it some time.

    I haven't seen The Event nor Flash Forward. I was real busy back then. Then they were gone. I'll get to them eventually. If you like single season science fiction; i would recommend Space Above and Beyond, Dark Skies, and of course Firefly Though SAaB ends on a cliffhanger, but gives some answers.

  122. I already have Firefly on my list, but I will add the other too. Thanks!

  123. Not sure if you add dates for split seasons but I keep track myself since more and more shows are doing this. APR 4 for Outlander.

  124. No, we don't cover split seasons in this calendar.

  125. Okay. This is why I keep my own list. I watch way too much stuff and it is easy to forget something somewhere.

  126. Hey Jenni, thanks. Unfortunately it's on a channel that we don't currently cover.

  127. Didn't realize. Just watched the first season and found out it returns soon.

  128. Episodes, House of Lies and Shameless US on the same day... I don't know if can take that much level of awesomeness!

  129. Nice, added to my Google Calender.

  130. Thank you so much for this, but it would be very helpful if you add the time the shows air.

  131. Tonya Papanikolas17 March 2015 at 22:32

    We've got to add in Mad Men on April 5th. :)

  132. Hell yes! Oy - I think I might be watching too much TV...

  133. Tonya Papanikolas19 March 2015 at 05:22

    Me, too! Guess what? I'm going to be reviewing Mad Men! Oh yeah!!! I'm excited. :)

  134. OMG that is SO COOL!!! I love me some Mad Men!

  135. Tonya Papanikolas19 March 2015 at 08:50

    Me too. Yippee!!

  136. Any specific reason why Orphan Black is not listed, or just simply a mistake?
    Like should I worry the premiere has been pushed or something?

  137. FYI...Complications premieres Thursday 9pm (2 hour premiere) June 18.

  138. Thanks @johnhelvete added.

  139. This is a great feature for the site and I appreciate all the work that goes into it. Forgot to mention in the previous post that Complications was in the calendar for June 23 (Tues) which is the wrong date since June 18 is the correct date.

  140. Ha, forgot to delete the other one. Cheers. all sorted.. I hope ;)

  141. Astronaut Wives Club

  142. Susanne Istrefi17 May 2015 at 00:35

    When are the fall shows going to be up there?

  143. As soon as the networks revealed their detailed scheduled :) Probably in a couple of months.

  144. When around do you think they will be announcing the return dates for all the shows returning in September, October, and November ?

  145. Matthew Zamora30 May 2015 at 14:55

    Usually in July I think is when most are announced

  146. Last year the CW announced them on June 25th.

  147. Matthew Zamora30 May 2015 at 15:00

    Ok good

  148. Looks like it might be a busy summer...

  149. The Strain - July 12 (

    These 2 have already premiered in the UK, but here are their US premiere dates if you want those for your calendar.

    Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - June 13 (

    Atlantis - June 27 (

  150. Thanks @Baff I'll get the strain added. FYI we only add first run air dates so UK shows be shown with their dates here not the BBCA ones :)

  151. Hey. In the CBS post they put Survivor to premiere on Wednesday the 23rd from 8 to 9:30.

  152. We don't cover reality shows here, sorry.

  153. Ahh. Well that explains it. Thank you. I did not know this fact. :)

  154. Z Nation - Sep.11

    Da Vinci's Demons - Oct.24

    Ash vs. Evil Dead - Oct.31


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