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POLL : What did you think of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Undercover Blue?

21 Mar 2013

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  1. Liv's relationship with Cassidy won't last I'm sure they'll just remain friends. Liv doesn't seem as if she truly loves him.

    Amaro having a son did not see that coming I wonder if his ex knew something

  2. By ex do you mean Maria, his wife? No, pretty sure she didn´t know, considering Amaro himself didn´t know.

  3. Yes, I think she had a suspicion about this when he was undercover.. She always acted like he wasn't loyal to her in their marriage.

  4. why do they always have to pair liv with scums like cassidy? i mean really.
    this character deserves, finally, true love and not shitty men like that.
    i am sick of it.

  5. That's the way things seems to be in a lot of shows not just with this one. Look just be happy she's happy with someone even if it's not for long. Women in real life have the same problems that Liv has, she's not perfect.
    True love let's face it does anyone on tv really have a true love... There's always someone that a character falls in love with that we hate. It makes for good drama

  6. Okay... Did not see it like that.

  7. Scum wouldn't be a word used to describe him, he's not. He's not really right for her, in addition to him being not her type. Haden was more her type, someone that didn't act stupid like Cassidy does.
    It won't last, for all we know they could have decided to just remain good friends over drinks. That would be fine, Olivia isn't desperate to find someone, she knows that love isn't going to make her happy.

  8. This mysterious man was pretty obvious with the last promo and Liv's and Cassidy kiss a couple of episodes before. Even so, I'd rather see her with Barba [though I don't like his manners that much, but he's funny].
    But that thing with mister-perfect-cop Amaro was AMAZING! I'd never imagine he had a child while undercover. And no, Maria doesn't know a thing because that was before he met her [Nick himself tells this to Munch and Fin, while saying how his life could've been different]

  9. I'm just so relieved it wasn't Barba. Cassidy can be her Mr Right Now, she seems happy with him for now. Benson's Mr Right will come along though I'm sure ;)
    Amaro was okay. I'm sorta hoping it turns out not to be his kid though even if the kid did look like him and the mom didn't come across as a - excause my language - ho. Just a little bit less of his drama in the future if the kid isn't his.
    Loved Fin & Rollins at the pole dancing joint and Rollins little stint with Cassidy undercover. Funny. Sexy.


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