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Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1.17 - Partners in Crime - Promo

22 Mar 2013


  1. OMG so intense! Haven't seen tonight's ep but this looks amazing. Season 2 pleasee

  2. Just from reading the comments in various BatB posts, I can tell that viewers already seem a bit divided about Tess. So, I think this episode will be a make or break episode for her. If the character can't find a way to be okay with this situation I doubt the viewers will be okay with her sticking around much longer.

  3. I can't believe she shoot him, next week gonna be intense can't wait to see how things gonna go and what's going to happen.

  4. disqus_vDuOsNNpMq22 March 2013 at 02:57

    Tess better do the right thing. Vincent could have attacked her but he did not. She needs to take that under consideration.

    What is Gabe's next plan? I cannot hate him, he is so handsome.

  5. disqus_vDuOsNNpMq22 March 2013 at 03:03

    Also, be prepared for anything in next week episode because episode 18 will be on April 18.

  6. I agree. After the way Cat has stood by her with Joe and not judged her, how can she turn her back on her. So is Cat running away with Vincent?

  7. I hope she'll be ok with it. This is the first episode I didn't find her totally annoying and a joke as a cop. She actually stood her ground to Joe until he waived the authority flag in her face. She did the research, asked the right questions and formulated her own thoughts. Best writing for her character so far.

  8. "So is Cat running away with Vincent?"
    I'm sure they'll both consider it but they aren't going anywhere. It's a totally different show if that happens.

  9. "This is the first episode I didn't find her totally annoying and a joke as a cop."
    I honestly have always found her to not only be way, way more believable as a detective than Cat but moreso than some female detectives on other cop dramas as well.

  10. I am biased because I just like Kristin... I think it's a Vancouverite thing ;) Yes, she isn't very realistic as a cop either (she's smaller than me and I am pretty tiny) but she still adds to the show and I love her. I don't really watch other cop dramas but I have female friends who are police officers and Cat's demeanor at least is far more similar to them.

  11. I agree. It's too soon in the series to put them on the run together. IMO. I think Tess will come around.

  12. Is there another "break" coming up?! WHY oh WHY do they do this to us??!! :/

  13. I wonder where Vincent and JT will be living now?

  14. I hope you're right. Cat could really use a friend whom she can talk openly and honestly about this stuff with.

  15. Same here!! I have gotten a number of my friends hooked on this show now. We should all ask friends to watch, the show will do the rest and get them hooked. :)

  16. Yes. Too bad Evan is turning out to be such a rear end!!

  17. Yeah, he could have been helpful if he wasn't so intent on making bad decisions.

  18. If Evan continues down this path (it's probably too late already) with Muirfield he is going to end up dead. Maybe Vincent will save him AGAIN (ungrateful jerk!) and he will have to go in hiding too. Muirfield doesn't exactly leave loose ends.


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