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The 2012 STV Favourite TV Series Competition - Day 32 - Quarter Final 4 - Castle vs. LOST

Hey folks,

Yesterday blew every other day out of the water. A huge amount of you turned up to vote in the poll which has changed everything. For the first time Supernatural will not take home the top prize. It may be a two-time winner, but it's reign at the top has ended. A huge congratulations to the Supernatural fans is required as they have provided us with a lot of support and fun over this years competition, but for them the road has ended (for this year at least)

To turn my attention to the astounding job done by Once Upon A Time fans, I salute them with the largest of congratulations. It takes something to stop Supernatural, and they did it by the slenderest of margins. 25 votes was what it came down too. On a poll which has seen over 15,000 page views, 8,500 of them unique, it came down to 25 votes. It was extremely close.

And so the competition has been blown wide open. It's down to one of the remaining five shows to take the crown and become STV's second champion. Today we will make five become four as we finish off our Quarter Finals and see whether Castle or LOST will make the Semis.

Castle has been strong throughout, it has a big STV fanbase which has grown over the last few years. In contrast LOST started as the biggest show on STV, the site originating from site owner DarkUFO's LOST website, but since its end has seen support dwindle as fans move on to new pastures. The question remaining is whose support is stronger? Can Castle fans muster its troops faster than LOST fans can track down its old support.

It should be a fascinating conclusion to a Quarter Final round like no other. Quarter Final One was won by Game of Thrones with 51.18% of the vote. Quarter Final Two was won by NCIS with 50.99% of the vote. Quarter Final Three was won by Once Upon A Time with 50.26% of the vote. It has been so close. Let's see how Quarter Final Four wraps up proceedings...

If you want to see the draw for the rest of the competition, and see which show will take on which other show then head HERE for a look.

Castle vs. LOST

Channel: ABC
Series Run: 2009 - present
Major Emmy Wins: N/A
Major Emmy Nominations: N/A

Channel: ABC
Series Run: 2004 - 2010
Major Emmy Wins: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - 2009, 2007. Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series - 2005. Outstanding Drama Series - 2005.
Major Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series - 2010, 2007, 2006. Outstanding Drama Series - 2010, 2009, 2008. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series - 2010. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - 2010, 2008, 2007, 2005. Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series - 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005.

All posts for the competition will be under the label "2012 Series Competition" for easy finding, and can be found in the "features" tab on the main menu bar from the homepage.

You can also keep up to date with the competition by following me on twitter @AdDHarris
I've created a # for the show on twitter, which is #STVSeriesComp so add that to your tweets!

The poll will close at 11:20AM GMT on the 16th.

For now, get your vote in, spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, then comment below with who you want to see win! Remember to come back tomorrow as the Semi Finals begin with Game of Thrones vs. Once Upon A Time. You don't want to miss that!

Competition Bracket

Most Voted in Polls in the Competition
1. Supernatural vs. Once Upon A Time
1. Game of Thrones vs. Fringe
2. The Mentalist vs. NCIS
3. Supernatural vs. Smallville
4. Hawaii 5-0 vs. LOST

Good Luck,