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The 2012 STV Favourite TV Series Competition - Overall Standings Table 2010-2012

EDIT: I've added a much clearer google doc, so you can see things more clearly!

Hey Folks,

I've spent a couple of hours putting together the overall positions of all the shows with have competed in the STV Favourite TV Series Competition since it began in 2010. It's quite interesting to see which shows have done well year in, year out and which shows haven't.

The image below (which you'll need to zoom in a bit on) shows the positions of every show from all three years of the competition. The lower the number, the better placed each show was that year. The positions are determined by the amount of votes the show got on its final round. For example is The West Wing was eliminated in Round One and had 201 votes in it's name, then Dexter was also eliminated in Round One with 209 votes, the Dexter would rank higher. However is The West Wing was eliminated in Round Two it automatically is placed above all shows in Round One and so even with 201 votes would be placed above Dexter.

The general breakdown of rounds is: 
Positions 1-2 = Final
Positions 3-4 = Semi Finals
Positions 5-8 = Quarter Finals
Positions 9-16 = Round Three
Positions 17-32 = Round Two
Positions 33-64 = Round One

Also, shows which had not begun airing when the competition ran are given a "0" number to indicate they were unable to compete. Shows which were running but didn't make the competition are given a "65" number, the highest score possible and therefore also the worst.

The eight shows still running currently have no score for the 2012 competition, but I will add the positions 1-8 when appropriate.

Here is the table:

Any questions about how things were worked out then let me know in the comments below!

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