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The Mentalist - Episode 6.09 - My Blue Heaven - Review

NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.

The Mentalist makes a jump of two years in the future and everything has changed for our beloved characters.
Patrick Jane is far away from Sacramento in a hot place near to Paradise. He's speaking spanish, but it's still poor, he's made some friends in the neighborhood, and sometime he writes some romantic letters for a special 'friend'...
Kim Fisher is introduced in this episode. She catches Jane's eyes and they start talking about their lives (pay attention: she's reading a mystery novel), his wedding ring and stuffs. This is just my opinion but at first Fisher's character didn't catch my attention like she did with Jane. Maybe I need a little more episodes with her before judging, because I haven't already formed an opinion. Anyway, I think Jane knew who she was since the first time he looked at her. I'm still surprised by his expression when he see Kim as 'agent Fisher' in Abbott's office. Did he really know she was an agent or not?

Meanwhile, life goes on in the United States. Teresa Lisbon is now a sceriff in a little town in Washington. I really enjoyed the scene at school where she teaches some kids on how to be a good cop. When one of the kid asks if she ever killed someone, Lisbon brutally answers 'yes', causing them to gasp! That was definitely one of my favorite scenes. Agent Dennis Abbott didn't stop chasing Patrick Jane. I was surprised he showed up into Lisbon's office just 2 years later the end of Red John, since he stated "You two were so close." Lisbon lies when Abbott asks her if she heard about Jane. Everyone understood how much Jane and Lisbon are close. It became so obvious. Of course, Abbott doesn't trust Lisbon and the proof is the seashell on her desk.
Lisbon has been busy with the law and hanging out with Rigsby and Van Pelt. The two are not a happy couple with a child, and they're running a digital security firm. I smiled when I heard Rigsby call 'boss' Lisbon. She smiles too, answering "I'm not your boss." I like this new version of nostalgic Teresa Lisbon. She still misses the CBI.

Those are not the only things Lisbon usually does in the night. She's been keeping all the letters Jane wrote to her, and she reads them while drinking a good glass of wine in front of the fire. How romantic was that?
It seems like a coincidence that while we see Lisbon as a 'woman in love from a classical Hollywood movie', Jane is dancing and having fun with Kim - he even took his wedding ring off for that occasion! He clearly wants to feel free and he's ready to go on with his life. Eventually, Abbott tracks down Jane (thanks to "letters to your girlfriend, Lisbon", Abbott is smart and witty) in order to make him an offer he can't refuse: work for the FBI. Jane drops the offer since he's done with that life, but Kim may give him the right imput to accept that job. He looks to an old man in the bar; he doesn't want to end up like that, being alone and with no purpose in his life. So he grabs a paper and start writing his terms for Abbott. In a very Jane-stylish, he sets up an appointment with Abbott and his agents at the hotel, but it's a plan to catch some drug dealers indeed. Jane will be back to U.S. but at his terms; Abbott pretends to read them and the he signs the paper.

When he goes back to U.S., in Austin (Texas) actually, at the FBI Headquarter Jane is surprised to find Kimball Cho who's a federal agent now. Cho seems cold with Jane, always with that sarcasm in his voice (he asks Jane about his socks), but after he points his former collegue the way to Abbott's office, he turns back and he's smiling at him. In his way, the old good Cho is happy to see some familiar faces around there.
Jane is soon reunited with Lisbon. They have time to joke around his beard, hug and say how much they've missed each other. I saw a different Jane. He's changed a lot. This is a Jane ready to live and love again, maybe he starts to shine a little more from the moment he saw Lisbon sitting in that room. He's never been so happy to see his best friend. I can't use the word 'lover' yet, but from the way Jane is looking at her, they way he hugs her tightly, I'm sure he can't take his eyes off of her. Looks never lie.
Agent Abbott agrees to accept Jane in the team, but not at Jane's terms; he wants Lisbon in the team, otherwise he won't accept the job and they can arrest him, if it's necessary. Lisbon is upset and she's right: she has a job and can't drop everything just because he decides to come back. Then Kim appears as Agent Fisher and a funny moment comes when Lisbon looks a little upset by her and how Jane refers to the agent as 'Kim.'
I don't think Kim Fisher is a love interest for Jane. She was sending to South America to find Jane and bring him back to his old life. That's all. Jane and Lisbon have to figure out what they mean for each other and with this episode, I think they've just walked into the right path.

What did you think about The Mentalist 2.0? What did you think about the new characters Abbott and Fisher? Share your comments below.
Thanks to tumblr.com for the gifs.

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