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Bones - Episode 9.05 - The Lady on the List - Review

Still basking in their back-on engagement, Booth and Brennan cracked the case of a high school principal with their usual flair for the quirky.  How are the duo's wedding plans shaping up?  Can I get through this review without constantly criticizing Angela?  Yes!  Because Oliver Wells was in this episode, too!  Here are my thoughts:

Is there anything cuter than Booth and Brennan planning their wedding?  Short answer: no.  I loved everything about this aspect of the episode, from Brennan's shy reveal to Angela that she has a dream dress, to Booth declaring pigs in blankets firmly non-negotiable.  Yes, Booth, they are God's perfect food.

It seems as if the pair don't really know where to start, but once they get the ball rolling, the plans fall into place in beautiful and touching ways.  Brennan shows her vulnerable side by approaching Angela about the dress, and the sincerity of her love for Booth by deciding she'd like to be married in his church, with all of its "superstitions."  It's wise of Seeley and Temperance to anticipate that the Jeffersonian crew, as well as their FBI friends, are sure to begin picking apart their wedding ideas with criticisms.  Hence, Brennan tells Angela the wedding's going to be the way the bride and groom want it, and that's all there is too it...and Cam's version of an invite is an assurance that Dr. Saroyan's preexisting calendar commitments are of no concern.  

The "bucket list" theme of the episode, which was brought in by the victim's inspirational journey, gave the characters a pleasant opportunity to canvass some of their own dreams, finally leading Booth and Brennan to conclude that they are simply happy with the way their lives already are, "every day."  This gave a nice, full circle feel to the structure of the episode and a reminder of the pair's blissfulness, which is incredibly well-deserved.

Oliver Wells is back...Sigh.  As I've mentioned a few times, when I love a squintern, I will ride or die for them, but when they are annoying characters shoehorned into the episodes, I get really irritated.  When it comes to Wells, we're not talking about funny-obnoxious, like Fisher, or peppy-obnoxious, like Daisy.   No, we're talking boring, monotone obnoxious.  At least the over-the-top quirkiness of the other squinterns serves the central idea of each of their characters and may provide a few chuckles.  However, I can't really see what the writers are trying to do with Oliver.  In Fisher, they already had a functioning misanthrope, so another seems repetitive and unnecessary.  The portrayal isn't endearing or amusing, as Fisher can be.  

Brennan's reactions to Wells' inappropriate comments provided the only enjoyable moments in this week's squintern scenes.  Her ability to let every rude comment bounce right off of her, only to return it in kind, is priceless and awesome.  Okay, it was also fairly smirkable that Oliver was the only one who liked VAL...one disposable automaton naturally would bond with another.

Angela...#smh...So Angie finally acknowledged her rude behavior towards Booth, but it seemed as if Brennan was actually prodding her to say something about that.  Does Temperance question whether her bestie is actually pleased that she is going to marry Booth?  A distinct possibility, and understandably so.  Angela admits that she "probably should have trusted Booth" and known that there must be a good reason for his breaking off the engagement.  Yes, Angela, probably.

Additionally, are the writers trying to suggest something by having Angela flinch at being called a "matron" of honor?  I hope she's just reacting to the dowdy implications of the title as she perceives it, and not indicating discontent in her marriage.  Who wouldn't want to be married to Hodgins?  He rules.

This week's murder mystery was really more about the emotional message of the victim's mission to redeem his former co-worker and his feelings about facing death than anything else...and that's alright.  The identity of the killer was a bit apparent as soon as we met him, since he came off super-creepy and practically had cartoon dollar signs flashing in his eyes.  The aspect of having the hawk in the lab was an interesting and sometimes funny idea, and the opening sequence of Booth and Brennan hanging from the cliff was an intriguing visual.

What did you think of this week's episode?  Are you getting excited for the big wedding?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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