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Season 2 starts with a broken curse, and everyone in Storybrooke is flushed with old memories of a fairytale land. The fallout of the the townspeople and Queen Regina ends with Emma and Mary Margaret transported to Fairytale land. However, they arrive to a part of the land that somehow wasn't affected by the curse.
There we meet Mulan, Aurora, Captain Hook and, finally, Cora, Regina’s mother, who had planned to go to Storybrooke to reunite with her long lost daughter.

Between different worlds, new plot points, flashbacks, and new characters twisting and turning, this is what happened this season
- Emma and Hook stole a compass to open a portal to Storybrooke, from a giant who hates humans. This giant then becomes good when the charmings show some compassion. No longer a giant as Cora enchanted him, he is now one of the characters working on the magic bean plantation.
 -With the help of Hook, Cora gets to Storybrooke and, after being reunited with her daughter, is murdered by Mary Margaret , who has fallen prey to Rumplestiltskin.
-Regina tries to do good and redeem herself, but the town ignores every single thing she does. She is lonely and defeated when Cora comes back, which leads her back to the evil path of revenge, heightened by the death of Cora. When Greg and Tamara kidnaps and tortures her, she’s surprised to be rescued by The Charmings.
-Greg and Tamara are the new bad guys in town. In the ‘real world’ Greg is an adult that visited the town as a boy and lost his father (in Regina’s hands) They're part of an organization that tries to destroy magic. Tamara is Neil’s fiancee. And together had set a detonator (created by Regina) that can destroy Storybrooke.
 - Neil (or Bae) is Rumplestiltskin’s son and father of Henry. He had a romance with Emma leaving her after August (or Pinocchio) forced her, even though he didn't know she was pregnant, she was going to spend time in jail for a crime jointly committed. Neil redeems himself when he lets go of Emma’s hand while falling into a vortex.
- When Greg arrived to Storybrooke he crashed into Hook. He had shot Belle in the shoulder, making her cross the town limit forgetting who she is. She recovers and thinks she is Lacy, a drunk girl who has a thing for bad boys. Rumplestiltskin, in trying to win her heart, becomes the man he used to be and leaves the redemption path behind.

 Season Two’s themes seem to be redemption and duality between good and evil. We saw that each and every character was capable of doing terrible things, yet most chose not to, while the typically “evil” characters danced a fine line between the good and bad. It seems the season finale will finally reveal on which side they fall, and maybe allow some to begin with a clean slate when the show comes back in the fall. We’ll have to see after the finale.

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