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Performer Of The Month - Nominations For December 2022

After honoring many amazing performances this year, we have come to the final 2022 round of POTM. The winner of this month will join all of the other winners from this year to compete for the title of SpoilerTV's 2022 Readers' Choice Performer of the Year. But before we get there we need all of you to place your nominations and help determine which of the amazing performers from this month deserve a chance at winning. Who will get enough nominations to make it to the voting round?

If you are new to this feature, please read the 2022 rules.

2021 Staff Choice Performer of the Year: Kate Winslet
2021 Readers' Choice Performer of the Year: Danielle Savre

January 2022 Winners:

February 2022 Winners:

March 2022 Winners:

April 2022 Winners:

May 2022 Winners:

June 2022 Winners:

July 2022 Winners:

August 2022 Winners:

September 2022 Winners:

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November 2022 Winners:

Please note that a performer can now only win once per year and a show can only be represented by two winners per year. No exceptions will be made for any performer or show, so please use thoughtful consideration when making your nominations. You will have to fill out the submission form for each nominee you submit. You can submit the document up to 5 times, but each entry must be for a different performer or all of your other nominations will be disqualified. The Top 5 most nominated actresses and Top 5 actors will be placed in the poll next week to determine the Readers' Choice Performer of the Month.

After you place your nominations take a moment to use the comments section to discuss your nominees with others. Episode number for the nominees is critically important, so discuss with others why you think a performer deserves to be recognized for a certain performance.

With Tori Anderson winning in March and Yasmine Al-Bustami winning in May, NCIS: Hawai'i performers will not be eligible for the rest of 2022. Because Mia McKenna-Bruce and Rhian Blundell tied in the September round, Vampire Academy performers will also not be eligible for the rest of 2022. The cast of Chicago PD will also not be eligible for the rest of 2022 because of Tracy Spiridakos winning in February and Patrick John Flueger winning in September. The eligibility for these shows' performers will resume starting with the first round in 2023. All of the performers listed will have one additional chance to win during the 2022 Performer of the Year competition. 

Nominations will run until January 3rd at 6 pm ET. The poll will post on  January 4th at 6 pm ET.

Enter the episode number as 101 or 1.01. Either will work on the form and both will be accepted.

Please take note that any performer that won earlier in the year is no longer eligible for the rest of 2022, so please take note of the above list of winners before placing your nominations.