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2021 SpoilerTV Awards, Day 4 Voting

4 Jun 2021

Welcome to the penultimate round in the voting stage of the 2021 SpoilerTV Awards! Tomorrow the last polls we be posted but today we’re looking at the best of genre categories and the best finale. Like before, you will have approximately 48 hours to vote so don’t forget to talk up your favorites in the comments below and on social media. Polls will have between 5-6 choices depending on how nominations fell out.

Don’t forget, the Day 3 polls on favorite acting are still open so check out the link below. Also, if you already voted in the last poll, it will not let you vote again. Don't forget to read the Basic Information and happy voting!

Open Polls:

Day 3 - Acting Awards

Basic Information:

-These polls will be open for approximately 48 hours (June 4 at around 5:30 pm CST). The only exception is the last poll which will remain open for the duration of voting.

-You will not be able to see the results until the winners are announced.

-One vote per person per poll please.