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Marlon - Episode 2.07 - 2.08 - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Episode 2.08 - Driving Miss Marley

Episode 2.07 - Homecoming

Press Release


07/05/2018 (09:00PM - 09:30PM) (Thursday) : Marlon (Marlon Wayans), Stevie (Diallo Riddle), Yvette (Bresha Webb) and Ashley (Essence Atkins) all attend homecoming weekend at Howell University. Stevie is determined to join the independent fraternity that Marlon created because Stevie was always blocked from membership as an undergrad. Ashley and Yvette get caught up with a couple of young co-eds.


07/05/2018 (09:30PM - 10:00PM) (Thursday) : Marlon (Marlon Wayans) and Ashley (Essence Atkins) discover that Marley (Notlim Taylor) purposefully failed her driver’s test because she is afraid to drive. Marlon wants to show her they all need to push through their fears, so he decides to face his own and pet a dog, and that inspires Marley to take her driver’s license test. Yvette (Bresha Webb) enlists Stevie’s (Diallo Riddle) help to increase her Uber rating, but he accidentally ruins it by throwing up in the car.