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Schitt's Creek - Dead Guy in Room 4 - Roundtable Review

14 Jan 2018

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Welcome to our Roundtable Reviews for Season 4 of Schitt's Creek! I'm joined by Abi and Samantha. We're going to try to do this every week. Enjoy!


Laura: I thought this was a hilarious and awkward premiere! I agree with Abi in that it was really refreshing to have it take place right after "Grad Night", so it felt like we didn't miss a single thing. Obviously everything David and Patrick related in this outing was amazing, but everyone had something comical to do here. Moira was amazing as always, Roland had some good work, Stevie and Johnny continue to be a great pair, and Alexis and Ted keep doing the dance. Many seeds were planted here and I cannot wait to see what comes from it.

Samantha: I am so glad to have this show back! Granted I only had to wait a few days between seasons since I just finished binging the show, but they were a really long few days. The premiere was great and full of the awkwardness, comedy, character moments and quotes, that I have come to love about this show so much. The way Stevie was freaking out over the dead body, Moira thought she might’ve been responsible, David & Patrick’s misunderstanding about sleeping over, Alexis and Ted being their usual awkward selves. The episode just flew by.

Abi: After the excellence of "Grad Night" last April, it was such a long wait for Schitt’s Creek to return, and whilst "Dead Guy in Room 4" wasn’t my favourite episode that they’ve ever done, it was still a hilarious 20-odd minutes and a great premiere episode. This is one of the few comedy shows out there that can make me laugh out loud every single episode. It’s just so solid and consistently funny and such an underrated gem. I love that this episode took place the day following "Grad Night" so even though it’s been nine months since Schitt’s Creek was last on TV, we were thrown right back into it with the characters and it was like no time had passed at all. The chemistry was still all there between them and their comedic timing was great.


Laura: Oh, I already mentioned it in Scene of The Week, so I'll just let that one speak for itself.

Samantha: Moira freaking out over whether she was responsible for the man’s death because she refused to give him some of her sample medication was typical Moira. Then there was David and Patrick talking through their misunderstanding to share another kiss and an overall really nice moment. And of course Stevie and Johnny trying to check out the guest when Roland walked in and ‘discreetly’ talked about the coroner coming to remove the body. When I started watching the show I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Roland. He was just the loud mouth, inappropriate and in places disgusting Mayor, but Chris Elliot and the writers have done a great job in toning down and humanizing him.

Abi: Oh Moira, how I adore you and your way with words! When she was panicking and explaining to David about possibly being involved in the motel guest’s death and her hoarding problem with the sample medication. Catherine O’Hara is such an incredible comedic actress that Moira’s overdramatic material just wouldn’t work in the hands of another actress and would probably feel incredibly irritating. She just bowls me over week on week though. Patrick popping out to give advice on the situation as well just added to everything. The second scene between David and Patrick where they discussed their feelings was also incredibly sweet and gives me hope that the writers are committed to giving their relationship some depth and meaning (Dan Levy did write this episode so I do think that’s the case). I also liked the slightly awkward scene with Alexis and Ted because it’s so clear that they still have feelings for each other and yet they just aren’t acting on them. I wasn’t the biggest fan of them when they were actually together and I thought their relationship was incredibly rushed, but the build up to them hopefully getting back together that’s happening now is making me root for them and I’m definitely feeling the chemistry.


Laura: "Like John-old or old-old?"

"I wouldn't trust Roland with a set of chopsticks, let alone a dead body."

Samantha: “Stevie, do we know how this man expired?” “Do I look like a coroner?” “I don't think you want people answering that question”

Abi: “It feels like every time the motel sells out, someone dies.” “Uh, we’ve only sold out one night.” “Exactly.”

“You know when you kissed me, that felt like my first time. All the things that you’re supposed to feel, I felt them, last night.”


Laura: Very intrigued about this one.

Samantha: "Pregnancy Test" is the next episode and I believe the first episode written by Eugene Levy. From the description I can already tell that the David & Patrick storyline will be hilarious.

Abi: The synopses CBC put out are so short but I’m definitely hoping for some hilarity from David and Johnny.

What did YOU think about "Dead Guy in Room 4"? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next week with the review for "Pregnancy Test"!