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The Vampire Diaries - I'm Thinking of You All the While (Season Finale) - Review

15 May 2015

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It seems as if Season 6 just started yesterday, so it's hard to believe I'm reviewing the season finale!  The season sped by for the most part with exciting storylines such as Bonnie and Damon's 1994 prison world and budding friendship, the emergence of Kai as a formidable big bad, and the intriguing, gradual development of Caroline and Stefan's romance.  Along the way, Alaric had a chance to build a family and find happiness, until it was tragically stolen from him.  And not content with that cruel deed, Kai stepped up his evil game in the final season 6 episode by separating Damon and Elena while punishing Bonnie.  I was half dreading the idea of watching the finale, as I couldn't quite fathom a satisfying way for Elena to make her exit from the show.  Even though the showrunners promised it would be satisfying, let's be honest: we've all heard that before, with decidedly mixed results.

I'm thrilled to say that the episode was an amazing hour of television that, for this viewer at least, did deliver a departure for Elena that was beautiful and touching instead of pointless and heartbreaking as I feared.  I am deeply grateful to the writers for the clear love and thoughtfulness that went into Elena's final episode.  Truly, they care about the fans and their strong feelings about this main character. That is something to be admired and appreciated.  

While Elena's exit was the biggest deal, this episode had so very much going on, so let's review and discuss for the last time until the Fall!

The aftermath of Kai's wedding crash: To my infinite sadness, poor Jo and the twins didn't make it after Kai's brutal attack.  The look on Alaric's face as he held his slain bride was truly heart-wrenching, and worst of all, this character has already lost so much in his life that it's hard to imagine him getting through this latest blow intact.  Kai confronted the rest of the Gemini coven with a simple reminder that by accusing him of being a terrible and useless person, they have condemned him to become so - and then he killed himself to trigger all of their deaths.  Naturally, of course, Kai had turned himself into a Heretic / witchpire, and would soon revive.  But the rest of the Gemini gang weren't as lucky, and that included Liv.

The scene between Liv and Tyler was intensely strange and surprisingly powerful, even if I can't quite believe Tyler (or almost anyone) would be able to smother someone he loved even to save himself.  Still, Liv's sacrifice and Tyler's subsequent turn into a werewolf once again yielded a new advantage in the good characters' fight against Kai (it also yielded a purely delightful text: "Ty: werewolf. Kai: vampire."  Loves it).  While it had its starts and stops due to the writers' inability to maintain their interest level in Tyler, I liked his relationship with Liv and am sorry to see it, as well as her, gone from the show.

Also facing problems within the rubble of Kai's destruction: Damon, who found Elena in perfect health but unconscious, and nothing would wake her up.  Once he got her to the hospital, Bonnie was elsewhere explaining to Matt that Kai had communicated to her his evil plan regarding Elena.  Enraged with Bonnie for leaving him in 1903 and apparently quite spiteful against the scoobies in general, Kai had linked Bonnie's life with Elena's.  Elena will sleep until Bonnie dies, and if anyone tries to tamper with the spell, like by trying one of the show's well-worn "loopholes," deadly consequences will ensue.  So Elena will sleep for approximately 60 years while Bonnie lives out her life.  This situation was supposed to present Damon with a mean-spirited challenge: kill Bonnie or wait for Elena to wake up after Bonnie dies in old age.  Too bad Kai is incapable of understanding the true meaning of friendship or love, because Delena and Bamon triumphed in spite of his machinations - in other words, Kai: ha!
"I am in a very volatile place right now and I will start beheading people that I don't like, starting with you, if she doesn't wake up."  Well, Damon warned Kai pretty clearly, which seems more than fair to me!  As Kai left Bonnie on death's door and urged Damon to pick between saving Bonnie or having Elena wake up immediately, Damon pretended to abandon his new bestie, playing on the gullibility brought about by Kai's complete lack of comprehension of loyalty.  I loved it when Damon swept back in to nonchalantly rip Kai's head off and then assured Bonnie he would never leave her all alone before saving her.  Kai was a spectacular villain, but after what he did to Jo, he absolutely had earned the death so swiftly dealt to him in this episode.  One aspect I am a bit fuzzy on is what happened to the good qualities that had been transferred to Kai after his merge with Luke.  How exactly did he shed his newfound conscience?

Elena's farewell tour: The intricacy of Elena's dream sequence goodbye scenes to each of her loved ones was fantastic.  Each encounter, with Alaric, Matt, Bonnie and Caroline, Stefan, and Damon, was inspired by an actual scene from a previous season, with careful references being made to those past events as Elena bid farewell to her friends against those lovely emotional backdrops.  Alaric's grief during his scene with Elena in the woods was tragic, and Elena's gentle embrace and wise words regarding how to get through such pain were amazing.  Matt's scene was interesting because it saw him acting like his old supportive, loving self towards Elena instead of the bitter and whiny individual he's been for quite a while now.  

The slumber party scene with Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena was terrific as well, as Elena explained that she and Bonnie will both be able to have what they want in life, just not at the same time.  It's a sad, yet far from hopeless situation, and seeing Bonnie and Elena's probable last conversation was extremely poignant.  Elena's comment that finally she could sacrifice something for Bonnie was excellent and on point.  Caroline's goodbye was less sad as it is temporary, but very memorable all the same.

Not only was the scene with Elena and Stefan's goodbye perfectly emblematic of their relationship and its ultimate meaning, but what Stefan said to Caroline in the hospital put it into words even better.  By loving Damon, Elena showed Stefan that his brother was capable of redemption, and this brought the brothers back together in otherwise impossible circumstances.  As much as Stefan had needed Elena in his life, he needed Damon more.  What a rewarding scene for all of us who love the brotherly bond and complex relationship between Damon and Stefan.
Finally, Damon and Elena's goodbye, with her urging him to live his life and assuring him that she knew he would make the right decision about Bonnie, was a sweet, romantic, and wonderful last scene for the two.  I loved Elena telling Damon, "I knew that the love of my life would stand by his best friend even if it meant having to live without me for a little while."  Um, sob!  And of course, that special dance, eloquently referencing the Miss Mystic Falls dance from Season 1, was the perfect way to see this couple out.  Even though I felt the sadness of their parting, the hope in the knowledge that it is not permanent made a huge difference and allowed me to enjoy Elena's final scene more than I had thought possible.

"I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I'll wait. And when you're ready for me, I will be ready for you."  Stefan and Caroline's love story hasn't exactly been of the hot and heavy, full throttle variety - except, of course, for their brief jaunt without their humanity.  As their normal selves, these two have been dipping their toes into the waters of this new relationship with a large amount of caution and tenderness.  This tone was further established in this episode, with Stefan's speech to Caroline, telling her how much he cherishes her special friendship and affection.  He appreciates everything about her so much that he can wait for her.  Caroline's little smile at the end of that scene was pricelessly beautiful and telling.  Finally, after a season with plenty of turmoil and anguish for her, she feels a glimmer of the happiness that lies ahead.  
Lily and the Heretics: Despite Stefan's remonstrations, Lily spent the episode searching for her friends, since Kai had told her he brought them back with him from 1903.  After a fruitless search spanned much of the hour, Enzo helped Lily find a previously hidden building which did indeed house the Witchpires.  After seeing these shadowy figures and hearing Lily's dramatic tales of their importance - plus Jo's description of their frightening natures - I can't wait to see who will play the roles in Season 7 and what trouble they may bring to Mystic Falls.  I also enjoyed seeing more of the uncomfortable, complicated relationship between Lily and Stefan, with his common sense again colliding with her tersely obsessive nature.  Enzo had very little to do in this episode, but after seeing the error of their ways regarding the character's treatment in Season 6, I hope the writers have more interesting material in store for him in Season 7.

That mysterious, wonderful ending!  I didn't know what to expect when we started seeing the years (?) fly by in front of Elena's tomb at the end of the episode.  But what we got was a short and incredibly fascinating glimpse at the future we'll be experiencing next season: Matt driving around in his police car through a dark and troubled-looking Mystic Falls, and Damon sitting on the clock tower looking brooding and pensive, and ready for something - but what?  How much time are we jumping here, and what will the world of Mystic Falls be like in Season 7?  I thought the quick and beguiling nature of this ending was fabulous.

What did you think of the season finale?  Any hopes and predictions for Season 7?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

About the Author - Virginia Mae Fontana
Virginia is happy to be reviewing The Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast for Spoiler TV. She enjoys obsessing over films and pop music - in addition to tv shows, of course! You can find her blog, SugarRushed, at and her Twitter handle is @VMaeFontana
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  1. RickyForeverDelena15 May 2015 at 20:36

    I actually liked how the wrote Elena off, even though I thought the dance is one of their most epic scenes, I loved it, their goodbye conversation was not that good, Damon´s goodbye to her in 5x22 was much better, but as this isn´t really a goodbye, it´s a: see u in 60 years, I see why they didn´t get that deep, but we, the fans, deserved more. Delena will go down as one of the most legendary, epic, realistic, breath-taking couples of all time, it already is really

  2. RickyForeverDelena15 May 2015 at 20:38

    BTW, I really enjoyed Stefan and Elena´s goodbye, and it finally closes their relationship completly, which was a means to an end (Defan´s "love story")

  3. Virginia Fontana15 May 2015 at 20:44

    Well said! Omg, I noticed that about the Delena scenes being interrupted by Steroline, and it reminded me of Season 4, with Delena's first big intimate scene being interrupted by Steroline realizing Elena was sired to Damon. While the season 4 example was super-frustrating and I still would have preferred the two scenes separated in the season 6 finale, at least this time it was two very nice and positive romantic scenes.

  4. Great review Virginia! Can't believe I have to wait 5 months for a new one!
    I read the spoilers, I embraced Elena leaving, but I certainly wasn't ready for the emotional breakdown! The combination of action, desperation and some weird joy were really well cut together. This wasn't a real goodbye it was a see U later.
    The goodbyes were strong, powerful and made me freaking tear up. Jeremy appearing and saying goodbye was a nice touch as well.

    But the roughest part was seeing Alaric with the gun and Tyler killing Liv. So powerful and character driven. I like JP's remark in one of the interviews that Jeremy and Tyler are hunting together Vamps.
    And my little Steroline keeps pumping even though Caro wants to drown Us. I'm glad Stefan won't let us drown. ^_^
    Season 7 has so many potential and I hope the show continues to deliver these great moments

  5. Virginia Fontana15 May 2015 at 22:03

    Thank you! I agree with your points on pretty much everything in the episode. What a wild mixture of emotions this episode had - it really impressed me and subverted my expectations of what it would be in a great way.

  6. I didn't know what to expect. So may spoliers were floating around but even though I was surpised by the beautiful and honest execution.
    I teared up a couple of times but cried really when I saw Nina's twitter feed. Heartbreaking. I didn't thought it would affect me this much.
    Can't wait to see what they have in store for S07 and I hope they won't stop on the Heretics and push the mythology a bit further.

  7. It also showed that it's always been Damon and Elena and Stefan and Caroline.

  8. Virginia Fontana16 May 2015 at 00:01

    Agreed :)

  9. Vampires Forever16 May 2015 at 01:51

    Thanks for the final review of this season, Virginia. I'll miss your insightful reviews and the opportunity to share on the episodes with you. I look forward to having you back with us for Season 7.

    There were so many wonderful scenes in this episode and it was great that all the Mystic Falls gang appeared. There was a lot of nostalgia that helped to temper the grief. The visual as well as verbal references to events in past seasons brought me right back to those episodes. For me the most touching and yet heartbreaking scene was Elena and Damon dancing on the site of their first meeting. And what a gloriously beautiful and passionate dance it was! My favorite romantic scene has always been their dance at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant in Season 1. There were many more passionate Delena scenes later on, but that to me was the beginning of it all, when their romance began to simmer.

    You wondered how Ty could possibly kill Liv to save himself. Liv was going to die; nothing could save her or anyone else in the Gemini Coven. She reminded Ty that he had sworn not to waste the second chance she had given him by saving him from triggering his werewolf curse. Ty would die unless he healed in werewolf form. Liv asked Ty to give her death so that he could live. They expressed their love for each other and then Ty, clearly with great anguish, honored Liv's wish. Because of that Liv's death, while tragic, was noble instead of meaningless. That's my take on it.

    Regarding Kai, his "new-found conscience" was tenuous at best. I think that when Bonnie left him in the 1903 prison world it triggered all his feelings of rejection and abandonment from his childhood and literally overwhelmed any good qualities he had absorbed from Luke. I remember the look on Kai's face when he realized Bonnie was leaving him behind - it was so filled with pain and shock that I actually felt pity for him. But after all, Kai was a sociopath and a few good qualities could never overcome that fact. He crossed more lines than I could count in the last two episodes and his beheading was necessary and fitting. Jo's death, along with her unborn babies, was one of the most horrible and shocking occurrences ever on TVD. That being said, Kai was the best villain since Klaus, and Chris Wood played him superbly. His scenes were some of the best of Season 6.

    You described the ending scene perfectly - mysterious and wonderful. I would add horrifying. I thought seasons went by rather than years, but it was enough time for Matt to have become a police officer on patrol and for Mystic Falls to have suffered what looked like an apocalypse. At the end of Season 1 Damon said to Elena (who was actually Katherine), "I came to this town wanting to destroy it. Tonight, I found myself wanting to protect it". And he did over the years. I saw him standing on the clock tower building looking down on Mystic Falls as if he were on guard, watching for threats, protecting his town. And ready to take down anyone he could find who was responsible for the destruction.

    My last thought for this episode is that while I really didn't like the "sleeping curse" bit, I see that it was a way to enable Elena to say tender goodbyes to those she loved. That couldn't have happened if she had simply died. It was a bit like a love letter to the fans.

    Goodbye until next Fall, Virginia!

  10. Virginia Fontana16 May 2015 at 02:56

    Thank you for the kind words! Awesome insights on the episode. I agree about Tyler and Liv; it was just the awful physical fact of him having to smother her that I found shocking and it really made the scene all the more profound. Very true regarding Kai and his transition back into full evil - I am a little surprised the writers didn't go into detail on that, but in such an eventful episode there was admittedly little time! The Damon and Elena scenes were exquisite, and all the goodbye scenes were so lovely. I was expecting to resent this episode and ending up loving it, so quite a pleasant surprise. The show is still so amazingly strong, and I can't wait for season 7!

  11. Farewell Elena Gilbert.

  12. Someone pointed out that the Damon and Elena dance was a combination of most of their dances in the last 6 years if you look carefully. It really was, i looked at their moves and then scenes from their past and it fits PERFECTLY.

  13. Olga Sanechkina16 May 2015 at 15:32

    Virginia, thank you for the excellent review!!! It was plesuare to read your mind.

    I am learning English only 4 months, and for me it is very difficult to tell that I
    feel. But, I tried and hope you will understand me:)

    I want to say a huge thank to the all creators of TVD for their great work! This season
    was a very thrilling. And the final was very sensual. And special thanks from
    me for that you don't give up, and going to continue your working for us! I
    believe that the 7 season will give us many beautiful moments. In that number I
    hope, that we will see, how Joe becomes a vampire. Or you "drove her to
    the hospital" just like that? Thank you and good luck!
    And now, what I think about few moments of the season's final.
    1. It was terrible, when Alaric cried "somebody, please help me." And nobody
    answered! Why didn't Caroline and Stefan helping Joe in the first place? They
    didn't even look on Alaric and Joe! All attention is only for Elena! And the
    pregnant fiancé is not important!
    2. The Liv's killing is awful! I understand why Tyler did it. But I don't understand for what purpose. The writers could think a lot of the reasons for Tyler’s leaving, but this... This is disgustingly! And when Kai had cured himself, this transformation into a werewolf lost all the
    meaning for me.
    3. Why does Lorenzo think, that Lily, which looking for her family, is the bigger problem?
    There are Alaric and Damon who need a help! Who cares about Lily and her family? To hold her for hand he could himself. For it does not need Stefan or Caroline.
    4. Does Alaric put dead Joe in the trunk of the car? Seriously? It is a very strange
    act. Alaric lost his mind from pain, but it was so wild!
    5. When Tyler attacked Kai, it was very right, but not enough. Kai is guilty in that
    Tyler was needed to kill his beloved. And now Tyler is the wolf. And I don't believe
    that he could escape after the first strike from Kai. Where is his animal
    instinct? I don't speak, that he must fight to the end. But 2-3 attacks I think
    it would be more logical.
    6. The link between Bonnie and Elena liked me very much. It was the beautiful solution,
    which showed Damon's true attitude to Bonny and growth of his personage. And it
    gives us a hope, that in the future Elena and Damon will be happy.
    7. “Easy. There's a cure in New Orleans.” It was very fun! Thanks!
    8. “I needed him more than I needed her.” – It
    was a very important to hear for me. It is important for understanding how
    Stefan can stay every day with them, looking on how his brother and Elena (the love
    of his life) - love each other.
    9. The episode of the battle Kai - Bonnie - Damon was the perfect! Damon Salvatore, I love you! Bravo!!!
    10. All "goodbye" were very cute! But the bachelorette was great, awesome and amazing! Are there in English more words with this meaning?
    11. Lilly and her madness. I think it is a little overly. This personage is losing her charm, which we had pleasure to see in the first episodes with her. And I don't want to watch how
    Enzo with Lilly's heretics destroy MF. Enzo suffered so long, he deserves
    something better. And I hope that new
    family of Lilly not so madness, as writers are trying to show us. They must
    have something good, if Lilly found calm near them.
    12. I am absolutely satisfied by the parting of Damon and Elena. It was beautiful, epic, and it left a feeling of the light sadness and a hope. And I'm disappointed of Stefan's speech!!!
    It was anything but this is not a Declaration of love! So many words... But
    where is "I LOVE YOU"? I am sorry Stefan, but i don't believe you. My
    sweaty girl deserved the words which you didn't say. I am absolutely fan of
    Steroline! And I want to they would be happy with each other. But I don't
    want Caroline guesses whether Stefan loves her or doesn't. She must be assured
    of feelings of Stefan. And Candice, BRAVO! Last ten seconds - It was played adorably!

    Sorry for my English, and thanks for reading.

  14. Virginia Fontana16 May 2015 at 15:44

    Great comments - thanks for sharing, and for the compliment on my review. :) I love your point about Stefan's words regarding his relationships with Damon and Elena, and how he came to view their love without resentment. Poor, poor Jo! I so wish there was a way for her and the twins to survive. The tragic aspects of the episode, however, made the happy parts even sweeter. What an hour of television!

  15. Virginia Fontana16 May 2015 at 15:45

    That's amazing! The detail that went into this episode is astonishing. I could watch that dance scene on repeat.

  16. Virginia, thanks for such a s thoughtful and insightful review! It actually made me appreciate some aspects of the finale a bit more. There certainly were a lot of moving speeches, but my two favorites was the speech between Stefan and Caroline, where he explained how Elena brought his brother back into his life (that really was a beautiful speech) and the exchange between Bonnie and Elena in the slumber party (which almost made me cry). I've been really impressed by Kat's acting this season. Her reaction when she thought that Damon was going to leave her to die was another heartbreaking moment,that was perfectly executed. I'm still unhappy about the fact the Elena's life hinges on Bonnie's death, because it put' Bonnie's character in a tough position next season with viewers (especially Delena fans). As for Tyler, I think his farewell was poorly done, but consistent with the terrible edit that his character has been getting in recent seasons. Like you, I found it hard to believe that he would kill someone he loved to save himself (especially if it meant triggering a curse that he dreaded). Despite Liv's dire circumstances, I also don't think that Tyler would have accepted the inevitability of her death so easily....I think he would have tried everything in his power to save her, even if it seemed futile. With a few script alterations, the writers could have easily given Tyler a more decent send-off. He didn't even get to speak during his goodbye with Elena, which I really thought was odd. He's been on the show for 6 seasons, and his character deserved more.

    I think that Kai was one of the best villains the show had,.....For a while, I was lamenting that he would be leaving the show, but after this last episode, I just wanted him gone! I did not expect Jo and the twins to be killed, but I shouldn't have been surprised, given that the writers have already proven that they are not squeamish about killing a pregnant woman. . I'm guessing that next season's major villains will be Lily and her "family". and with the Gemini coven gone, they are going to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls.

  17. Virginia Fontana17 May 2015 at 00:07

    Thanks, and terrific points on the episode! I agree about Kai - he was an amazing villain and I could have enjoyed him on the show for a few more seasons had he not killed Jo. But that act meant he had to go! Also, so true on Kat's acting, she's been outstanding this season.

  18. Agreed it was a good episode. Wish the sleeping curse didnt have Bonnie with yet another death sentence, but I guess it will empower her to live and have that lifetime of happiness, her Grams wanted for her. Look forward to the new chemistry and narrative for all characters.
    Bamon was beautifully done, especially since Damon chose her.. without hesitation because she's worth fighting for. My heart, when he said he'd never leave her alone.
    Elena handing over the writing of the diaries to Bonnie was profound, and kats face at the start of this scene is heartbreaking. She is just slaying, cannot wait to see what the future holds.
    End scene was The Walking Dead and TrueBlood virus with Damon and Matt, not sure how far in the future it is.. but it's gonna be a blast!

  19. Yeah when i saw the specific moves they made, it HAD to be on purpose

  20. Is this the first the show has actually committed infanticide? I mean they weren't born yet but they still died.

  21. Agree - I'm not sure why, once again, they interrupted Steroline during Delena's final goodbye but at least this time they did it with respect to both relationships - it was like Stefan was saying the words for both Steroline as well as Delena when he talked about his list of all the ways of finding loving has changed his life. It was nice how the writers described how they both needed a friend, the laughter, the dance and need for both girls to have time to heal. I am glad after 6 long seasons the brothers have both found love in their lives even if it is going to take a bit longer to enjoy it.

  22. Virginia Fontana17 May 2015 at 16:10

    I believe so. The part with Damon attacking Sarah's mother in flashback was already disturbing enough (I actually hated the writers having him do that). This was far worse, as the babies died too. At least I can believe Kai would do such a thing, though.

  23. Virginia Fontana17 May 2015 at 16:12

    So true, loved all of the Bamon parts and the ending was fantastic!

  24. I thought the episode was really good, I got teared up I thought it was interesting what they did with Elena. I like Kai but was not surprised that he got killed off at one time I liked him and Bonnie but now I am all Bamon. Now Elena and Bonnie are linked I was happy that Damon did not let Bonnie die and he kissed her forehead But my question what if Bonnie became a vampire. I liked Jo and Alaric and was sad that Jo died it seems that Alaric is never happy. The Elena's goodby was sad being a fan and never missed an episode I am going to miss Nina but I think they could make it without her. The tyler and Liv scene was sad and then he said I love you and like Stephan and Caroline. The ending freaked me out. Is damon going to be evil which I do and don't like and will Bonnie be there for him. So Damon did not take the cure thank goodness if Elena did no take it, it would be a different. Someone said that Nina was going to the Originals I don't know if I see that happening. Even though I am a Haley and Elijah fan it would be interesting maybe Tatia did not die.

  25. Love Bamon they would be good together and I have always been a delena fan. She will be there for him

  26. Nope GOT in Red Wedding did it two years ago :( talk about depressing! AND it was at a wedding too

  27. Virginia Fontana20 May 2015 at 15:39

    True! But I knew the Red Wedding was coming, and with TVD I managed to avoid spoilers for Jo's / the babies' death. So the latter took me completely by surprise. Both horribly tragic scenes!

  28. Yep - agree with this as well. They did it in a way that fit the storyline and how they both have grow into their friendship. If you think about it these 2 brothers have been adrift and estranged for over 100+ years but they use to be the best of friends and this 1 girl brought they together it really is a beautiful story if you think about it.

  29. Virginia Fontana21 May 2015 at 13:09

    I really liked Bonkai, but obviously he was just too evil for it to ever happen. However, the chemistry between Chris and Kat as performers made their scenes sizzle even if it was with hate, not love. They played so well together.

  30. New dynamics, new landscape and more potential. They'll be there for each other. Cannot wait! Hello nice to meet you too. :)

  31. That was an interesting and unique way to write off a main character. And also, probably the last couple of episodes of a TVD season with the highest body count (or departures) of main and secondary characters.

  32. OMG,, you still think that girl was healthy for my boy's? HA!!! I think I will be sick,, excuse me for a moment.:)
    How the heck are you and how is your summer coming along? I see you are still sticking with that pitiful love garbage. Yuck,, you are so sappy. A beautiful & interesting story? More like excruciating followed by uncontrollable Nausea. May I please use you beautifully remodeled Bathroom to show my genuine affection for the DE couple. Pretty please with a cherry on top? lmbo

    How did I do? Proud of me? Miss you and the fashion show police.:))))

  33. They had to interrupt Steroline,, no one was buying into it or believing it. There is only one ship that is worth sailing ,, Klaroline!!! ;)-


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