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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Thursday 14th May 2015

15 May 2015

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  1. Blacklist adjusted up, Reign adjusted down.

  2. Wow didn't know GmB had such great numbers. O.o
    I wish for no adjustments down only up if possible.

  3. Well, Blacklist went out on a stronger note. I can see it hitting 2s when it premieres on the fall, so it'll have to work to keep those ratings.

    Reign... I don't even want to imagine what those Fridays ratings are going to look like

  4. Brandy Danforth15 May 2015 at 21:52

    C'mon Reign stop adjusting down

  5. Bye bye Comedians. It's not that good but watchable :D

  6. I was very underwhelmed by the scandal finale

  7. Yay for The Blacklist adjusting up! It was a great finale. Hopefully with Heroes Reborn the ratings can recover a bit.

  8. Burnn at Reign XD

  9. Nooo Reign :(

  10. I hope good ratings next season, i'm beggin for god.

  11. Boy those numbers all around aren't good. Too bad Bones didn't adjust up it was good

  12. REIGN is unjustly ignored. That is why being on a better night is important. The finale was phenomenally outstanding in every regard! Why are people so stupid and assume this show fails when it's on a bad night? I read that other #HI% was down. Get it right somebody! REIGN should be on top. It deserves to be.

  13. Brandy Danforth16 May 2015 at 00:32

    They'll be bad but maybe it pull a HoD and rise a little.CW doesn't care about Fri anyway,they'll worry about Mon & Thurs first.Plus,Fri s already low rated and Czw know what ratings to expect since they renewed z& moved it.Hopefully,fixing some of the missteps of s2& getting away from Scsndal will help ratings and it's just going there to await syndication,so CW doesn't care about its ratings.I remember people saying BatB would go 0.1-0.0 in s2 epically in summer but it didn't.So who knows?Reign could remain steady.Its not like CW Fri do great ratings anyway,mainly 0.4s and lower.

  14. Bones was awesome and emotional last night!!! If you didn't watch it yet you should!!! I love Bones!!!!

  15. Thursday is not a bad night. It's better than being on Monday or Friday, and there's no way anything but a new show airs after Arrow and The Flash (besides the current shows that are behind them now).

  16. Of course Reign Adjust down. LMAO. let me cry a little.
    Glad The Blacklist adjust up

  17. Reign is already getting a lot of .3s. Those Friday numbers should be ... interesting.

    It's good that TVD went up, but that Elena's last episode didn't get any higher is not a good sign. I don't see it lasting long beyond next season. With the network moving onto their new comic book show empire and possibly having secured a continuing relationship with Plec with her new show Containment, if the ratings continue to dip, I don't see it lasting much longer. Three of it's oldest main characters left in one year, too. That's not a good sign.

    Oh, Elementary. I probably won't have you anymore once you reach your syndication deal requirements, but hey, it's fun while it lasts.

  18. Reign is dead, the show went to hell in ratings after Mary chose Francis over Bash. So predictable it will drop significantly since then. None of people I know are still watching it. Sad. It had potential with Mash, but they ruined any possibility.

  19. Is it safe to say that NBC made a mistake to move The Blacklist to Thursday because currently its not doing better then both Castle and NCIS: Los angeles and before it was kicking both theirs asses on rating and demo, and its getting its ass kicked by ABC on Thursday lol.


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