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Helix - O Brave New World (Season Finale) - Review: "Do You Know the Way to San Jose"

11 Apr 2015

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Helix - O Brave New World (Season Finale) - Review

Last week in the penultimate episode of Helix, Sarah and Kyle planned to leave the island but were hunted by the cult now run by Brother Eli, formerly known as Peter. Peter and Anne shared an intimate shower scene, and Julia and Alan found the mother roots under the Abbey which led to more devastating events as both pulled a gun on each other.

"I wish I could see Alan one more time" Julia

Julia's story came to an end, or so we are led to believe in the future when she refuses to accept the cure that will save her life. The cure happens to be Caleb, his blood specifically. Julia whose sole purpose was to find Alan didn't complete her mission, and the entire future storyline didn't wrap up as nicely as I had imagined. I did expect to see Alan somewhere on the island and for her to find him, but I guess the writers didn't have time to fit everything in.

Having said that, the future timeline did play a key part this episode. We finally, after weeks of guessing, learned who Caleb was, he was Soren. This wasn't only shocking, but it was unexpected. Out of everyone I had pictured to be Caleb, from Sarah's child to Anne and Peter's the thought never crossed my mind that he could be Soren. It was truly shocking, but at least we now know who he is.

Something else we found out during the finale was the meaning behind "Do you know the way to San Jose." After weeks of speculating whether it was something relating to the island, the immortals or the virus it was something so very simple. It was a wedding story about how Julia and Alan got married.

"We were running late going up north to where Alan's family was, we blew a tire on the 101. The car swerved across four lanes of traffic, we got it towed to a repair shop in San Jose. City hall was just down the street and in the time it took to patch a tire, we got married and I'll never forget what he said; your love is going to kill me."

I was pleased to get a little backstory on Julia and Alan's relationship, whilst I still want to know more about them like how they met, it was nice to learn of how they got married. I didn't expect the meaning to "San Jose" to be a story though, but I imagine Alan told Soren (Caleb) to ask that to any strangers that came looking for him, trying to distinguish Julia from others and give her the cure to the virus killing immortals. They both loved her so I'm not surprised they wanted to save her, but I'm still wondering why Alan wasn't there in person. What happened to him, why didn't he stay with the cure (Soren)? The only thing I can think of is that he killed himself after creating TXM7 with Hatake as he probably couldn't stand being something he has been against for a long time (Immortals).

Speaking of TXM7, that was another shock. I had guessed earlier in the season that Hatake had some involvement with a virus, but after him being killed off I didn't think it was still probable. It turns out he and Alan teamed up to create a virus that could target immortals, and they also manufactured a cure as well. Ilaria managed to use the fungus to gain control of human procreation which is when Alan decided to enlist Hatake's help in taking out immortals once and for all. It did work, and nearly all the immortals are dead. Soren, who is the cure, was taken back to the island by Alan so he could stay out of harm’s way. This kind of explains why Hatake came to the island as well. If he was mainland he would have been infected with the virus so decided to seek refuge on the island with the cure. (Soren) Hatake did start to lose it a little which is what we were seeing in episode 4, but that could have been a side effect of the virus, maybe it managed to eventually spread to the island and infected him, but then surely Soren would have helped him, unless something happened between them two that made Soren not want to cure him.

"Family is not blood, but who you choose." Peter

Whilst a lot happened in the future storyline, the present one wrapped itself up nicely, but did still contain a few loose ends that I can only hope will be answered in Season 3, if we get one.

Peter managed to escape any real justice in the finale, I was hoping someone would end his reign, but sadly he got off the island with Anne and the baby who he now claims is his. Both Anne and Peter deserved cruel deaths after what they put everyone through, and it felt such an injustice watching them sit calmly in a hospital room. Peter did get taken away by who I believe was the FBI, but he's only going to jail, and knowing Peter he will escape or have some sort of deal arranged for him. Peter also brought the mother roots of the island, and handed them over to Ilaria, which doing so makes Alan and Hatake later on create a virus to stop immortals because of Ilaria's control over procreation. All these events piece together and create a scenario that seems believable.

Elsewhere, everyone who was a main character, except Landry and Amy, made it off the island alive. Alan, who was in terrible condition after suffering a gunshot wound and a beating from Peter is hospitalized. Alan is given immortality by someone. I'm quite sure that someone is Sarah. This scene in particular and her receiving news from the doctor can be interpreted in different ways. Sarah might have given immortality to Alan to save his life after finding out he was either, placed in a coma by the doctors to try to save him or just went into a coma state after his injuries were too severe. She might have not wanted to take the chance of him not waking up so decided to act and give him immortality to make sure he was certain to survive.

 The other possibility is that she received news from the doctor that they couldn't help, therefore save the baby, because they didn't have the knowledge or capabilities to help a baby as unique as her's. Sarah then might have wanted to save Alan as she couldn't bare loosing someone else or did it to try to prevent him from hunting immortals any further, as if he wanted to stop immortals for good now that would possibly mean killing himself. She locked herself in with Alan so all signs point towards her whatever the outcome of the news was.

I said in a previous review "I wonder who else will become immortal by the end of the season" I've found the whole becoming immortal thing a slight joke as now three core cast are immortals. That can though be seen as a good thing since they can remain on the show for a long time, I just don't like how everyone seems to be getting immortality. Immortals were meant to be a huge threat, but it doesn't seem fitting now that the three CDC members are immortal and two of them have joined them.

Helix ended its season on yet another cliffhanger, this time revolving around Sarah. Sarah, who agreed to join Ilaria in exchange for safe passage of the island for her and her now dead son. I'm not too sure what to make of what was happening, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but Sarah now has her own gestation lab in 2029. She runs a fertility program of sorts for Ilaria. Ilaria is now trying to become the "Savours of humanity" by helping women become pregnant? They now really control the human population which is what they wanted, so they come out as big winners from everything that's happened, which is not the outcome I had hoped. I'm sure if we get a Season 3 the show will look at this new facility as much as possible, but for now we can only speculate as to what's happened to everyone and what exactly is going on with Ilaria.

Questions left Unanswered: (If You know the answer to them please let me know)
  1. What happened to Alan in the future timeline?
  2. What Happened to everyone? Where did everyone go after the hospital?
  3. How is Soren's blood so special?
  4. What's in the safety deposit box?
  5. Is Amy dead? (We never saw her die)
  6. How do the pictures get onto the picture wall so quickly?
  7. How did Julia know to look for Alan on the island in the future after they left together in the present?
  8. Where did Caleb go with Hatake's sword? (When he left Julia in the middle of the night)
  9. Julia came to the island and needed Michael's help, why? If Ilaria already had mother then what was his purpose?
  10. What's going on with that facility? (I have too many questions about it to list here)

Helix came to a stunning conclusion last night in what was one of the shows best ever episodes. The finale easily topped Season 1's by a long mile, it was such a good finale jammed with content that I would call it one of my favorite finale's ever. The finale wrapped up a few key parts of Season 2, but also left a few things open for us to speculate. The finale also ended on a cliffhanger without showing us what happened to all the characters, except for Sarah.

Also, the actors over the season have been phenomenal whether it's the supporting or main cast, they have taken their acting to another level, and have provided some of the best performances throughout the season that I've seen from any show, and each of them from Billy Campbell to Neil Napier deserve to be applauded for their fine work on the show. Overall, this season has been fantastic, full of surprising twists and turns, and some major jaw dropping moments that have left me with my jaw firmly on the ground. If this is the last ever Helix episode then it's been a wild ride, but let's hope not as Helix is SYFY's most creative series they have to offer.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my reviews, it's been very enjoyable, let's hope we can do this again in Season 3!

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of "O Brave New World"
About the Author - Robert Fruin
Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, who is currently studying IT, Media and Business Studies. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST, he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game Of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other shows he watches are Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The 100. Some other interests include Cycling, Kayaking and Photography.Robert is currently reviewing Aquarius, Black Sails, Helix, Intruders and Z Nation. Feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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  1. So much happened within the finale. I've got a free hour now so I'm just about to re-watch it, if I notice something or pick up on something that I've gotten wrong I'll edit the review/recap.

    Anyway, What did you think of the finale?

  2. I am pretty sure Sarah and Alan's baby is alive, when the doctor came back and gave the bad news I thought that it referred to the coma Alan was in. Which was also the reason Sarah made him immortal. Also she left with the backpack the foetus was in, plus, why would she show the foetus to those doctors at all? She is much more capable herself to safe her child.

  3. I'm pretty sure it's her child the doctor was referring to. She was in a waiting area surrounded by some toys, and the camera zoomed in on one. The doctor also shaked his head which is normally a signal for bad news.

    Was Alan in a coma? Sure he was unconscious, but a coma? Since all the hospital scenes happened within a day I'm not sure about that. If Alan was in a coma I'm sure the doctor would have said instead of it looking like he died or something. Also, since Sarah and Alan weren't on speaking terms surely the doctor would have found Julia or someone other than Sarah.

  4. she made a deal with Ilaria for safe passage off the island. I don't think there was anyway for her to hide her bargaining chip...

  5. "How do the pictures get onto the picture wall so quickly?" Haha yes :) Do they have a hidden professional photostudio? I loved the final but they are too many unanswered questions. It reminded me of the Season 1 Finale. #RenewHelix :)

  6. I didn't like it. It started so slow, it felt like they're dragging it and in the end it became one big overdramatic mess. I don't get how the guy from the island can be Soren, if it was 30 years later and in the beginning he was like 10.

  7. I thought the same thing, that the doctor's bad news was about Alan. I don't see why she would turn the Jar O' Baby over to those doctors, not when she just made a deal to go work for Ilaria knowing they'd have more advanced technology than a hospital. I feel like her baby factory came about in her attempts to save her own child.

  8. I will have to rewatch all those finale scenes, but I initially agree that it seemed like the doctor referring to baby is most likely, since the last scene they decided to show us before then with Sarah in regards to Alan, is Sarah choosing to leave Alan behind and put the baby first against, and the final scene too seems to imply baby-obsessed Sarah....

    However, like season one's ending there are missing pieces. We don't in fact get to see the final sequence leading to the helicopter escape to see if anything else/what specifically transpired between characters...and that always makes it hard to to really know any of the characters over all motivations going forward.

    However, if the Doctor were referring to Alan, being in a comma or dying, then there would be incentive to turn him immortal, which supports either Sarah or Julia immediately doing so, although I could also see it as some Ilaria twist....

    For me the problem is (and again I need to rewatch the scenes closer), is that for some reason I was under the impression that when Alan was turned was not day 14 or very close to it, but 2029--maybe it had to do with the way they executed those scenes with the reveal of Soren is Caleb and the new virus and cure scenes that made me think it was more about it relating to a later time periods and Alan's protection of Soren....

  9. What bargaining chip? The deal was she would help Julia with getting the mother root/infertility drug. How exactly does the child come into play there?

  10. No you're right but, Ilaria is not going to pass up the opportunity to study it and I figured from Access Granted that Ilaria knew about everything the whole time, which is why Alan was right about them using Julia.... Because Sarah or Julia didn't have mother, they all might of had to bargon a new deal for Sarah to get to safety, maybe even without Sarah's knowledge....

  11. Didn't think about the toys close up, either option seems likely to me now.
    And Sarah being baby obsessed seems likely in both scenario's:
    1) If she lost the child she might want to find out how she can get a baby again (and let it mature normally).
    2) If she still has the child but it is still in the foetus state, she would need to research how to mature it.
    The Ilaria labs would be the best place for her research in any case.

    I find it highly unlikely that Alan is turned immortal in 2029, that hospital room looked exactly the same as the one in 2015.

  12. But it was not Ilaria that got them of the Island, but the military.

  13. Ilaria is a large corporation who even owns/has connections to some of the military/may have there own armies (ex: Sergio).

    Ilaria is about Global Corperationalism meaning they are involved/have people in many branches of government around the world...

  14. But it wouldn't have been in the best interest of Ilaria to leave the cure at the island, they don't want an uncontrolled human disease, plus they wanted the infertility drug,
    I would say that would be motive enough for them to get the group of the island.
    Also I highly doubt Ilaria knows about the child and even if they did, no way would Sarah hand it over. But lets say they did, yes it was likely that Ilaria had 1 or more friends in the military there, how would they justify taking away a child from her mother with tens or even a hundred witnesses around?

  15. Because they (the doctors--unknowing they are working for Ilaria) told her they could save the baby and then lied about it, just like they lied to Julia about there being a Narvik C.

    The Helix "Access Granted" Stuff paints bigger picture in Ilaria's involvement, even with St. Germian and their now revealed produce campaign....they knew about Michael and the outbreak before Julia is ever sent there, as there was another boat, a cruise ship named: The Avalon Mist, in which Ilaria extracts one of the bodies to examine...

    Ilaria might not have known about Soren, because I am not sure that Peter, Anne, or even Sergio knew about his blood (and that's where I would assume most their info was coming from). Ilaria just wanted to control fertility with this new virus (and it's cure) seems secondary to that and seems like it might come later given when we know Julia is sick (@ 2045), as Alan and Hatake seem to be behind it (not Ilaria) and it is made from Soren's blood I believe, not Mother's roots.

  16. But the baby wasn't dying (that we know of), but even is it was, Sarah knows much more about immortal biology than any random doctor. Wouldn't she be much better equipped to safe/help her baby?

  17. Mukalya Mwangala11 April 2015 at 19:38

    I have too many questions as well. What happened to Alan after he became immortal? I know he created the TMH7 and a cure but did he ever see Sarah and his son again? Did he help Sarah save their baby, as in try to find a way to help him grow? If there is a season 3, I would very much like Alan to make up with Sarah, that girl loves him enough to make him immortal. I know Julia is also in the picture but Julia is shady whilst Sarah is an open book.

    I believe Sarah's baby is alive. When she is in the waiting room, after the doctor tells her the bad news, the camera puns out and you see a coat on top of that carrier bag she had. I believe that is her son. I don't think she told the hospital or anyone about him. She probably agreed to work for Ilaria thinking with all their sophisticated equipment, she could help her son. I also think she used the child to turn Alan immortal. Remember the discussion, she and Julia had when they were trying to figure out how to make Amy immortal, the baby was essential in that process. I think she used that same method on Alan.

    The best satisfaction from the episode is Amy's demise. Finally, Landry had the balls to abandon her. That girl was beyond crazy and she deserved what she got. I loved them plucking the teeth out, justice was served there.

  18. I believe it was Day 14 or at least around that time frame as the room hadn't changed at all, and I doubt the room would remain the same.

    Another possibility is could Alan have gone blind somehow? The gunshot wound or Peter beating him to a pulp might have damaged something, which could be why his eyes are wrapped in bandage. Therefore making Sarah make him immortal to help him.

    I didn't really like how the final scenes played out. I wasn't a huge fan of the sudden jump from A to B in this case A being the island, B being the hospital. I wanted to actually see the moment everyone got on the helicopter, because surely the CDC team, Sarah and Kyle especially, would have had a problem with Peter and Anne being there.

    Also, since we now know Alan made TXM-7 with Hatake why did it take him so long to do so? I could kind of see them making it so he awoke years into the future, as surely a man as brilliant as Alan, with Hatake's help, wouldn't take that long to come up with a way to kill immortals. When was the TXM-7 even released?

  19. I re-watched it earlier, and I can kind of see where your coming from. She continued to have her backpack on her which previously or still does contain her child.

    I would still think that she would take the risk of handing her baby over to the doctors in the hope that they could save him, but then again they wouldn't really know too much about what they're dealing with since the baby is immortal.

    Maybe the doctors tried to make the baby mature again, but couldn't which is why he might have shook his head and then Sarah might have just taken the baby with her and then joined Ilaria in the hopes that one day she could find a solution to resuming her baby's growth.

    I could see it going either way to be honest and I'm hoping if revealed we will know what truly happened to her baby.

  20. A lot of questions were answered in the finale, but a lot got left unanswered which is a real shame as if there is no season 3 we might never know all the answers. I had hoped the season would wrap everything up, tying all loose ends up not leaving the show on yet another cliffhanger.

    Whilst the picture wall isn't a major thing I still would have liked to know how pictures got up there, as Michael's picture was up there within an episode.

  21. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like it. I'll agree that the final scenes way too much was happening at ones for the audience to process everything. I remember I was writing down the notes, and had to go at super speed because so much happened within the last 10 minutes.

    Caleb would be around 40 years old, which doesn't seem that unrealistic. Why couldn't he be Soren? A few things are missing from his story to really inform us as to things such as why his blood was special, what he did after he left the hospital etc.

  22. That was awesome. There has to be a S3. There just has to, too good to waste this odd ball of a show. I need Hatake though, if only as a ghost but I need him. & yeah Peter has to die, third time's the charm right!? Pretty pls!?

  23. I imagine we will. It will probably be like this season, having two different timelines, one in 2029 and the other in 2044 (not sure if that's the right year). There is still a lot they can do with Julia's story in 2044 if she accepts the cure which for the story's sake I'm sure she will. In a way the show ended quite nicely so that if a Season 3 were to happen the show can continue to use two different timelines to tell one story.

    We should have learnt more about how they made a new Virus, and what all three of them were doing on the island, why they seemed separated when Julia came to the island. What I'm not understanding is why did it take Alan and Hatake so long to make this virus, why not make it sooner, what was stopping them? Hatake must have found a way to preserve Jane and Daniel's bodies somehow. I'm convinced he was infected as hallucinations could be a side effect to TMX-7, which explains why he wasn't entirely sure if Julia was real or not.

    I remember that as well, she said that to Caleb a few episodes into the season that the world has turned to ruin or something like that, so perhaps Ilaria did do something after all which would then make a good enough reason for Alan and Hatake to create TMX-7.

    I suppose the doctors could have handed the baby over to Ilaria, and still told Sarah the fetus was dead. Correct me if I'm wrong, but In an episode Julia said she was looking for the immortal child in 2044 on the island so that might indicate that the doctors lied to Sarah or something along them lines.

    As much as I would love to see Matt Long on the show for another season I think Kyle was a one season character. There is still a few things they could do with his character, but since the show is shifting itself towards a story in 2029 I'm not sure how he will fit in, I think Alan was purposely made immortal for the story's sake.

  24. It really was, too many questions were left unanswered for there not be a season 3 of the show.

    Hatake can still feature in Season 3 especially if the year will be 2029 which it looks like it will be. So we should hopefully see him again as he is far to important now to the story with us knowing he created TXM-7 with Alan.

  25. Season 3 will likely focus on how Alan created TXM-7 with Hatake, and what he did during those years between 2029-2044. I'm not even sure the baby is alive, it looked as if it died, but Helix tends to deceive the audience a lot so the baby could well be alive, but currently I'm assuming it's dead until we know for sure.

    I think Julia and Alan are more fitting, they've known each other far longer and both still love each other where as I'm not sure Sarah loves him as much as Julia and also I'm not sure if Alan even loves her.

    Also, Alan was in a coma? I wasn't even aware, I thought he was just unconscious. Sarah wasn't on great terms with Alan which was indicated in the scene on the island when he's in the bed so would she really wait around for him?

    I understand she made him immortal, but that doesn't mean she was doing that to save his life. Could be to punish him or to make him stop hunting immortals or creating a plan to wipe them out as now if he did that he would die too.

  26. @Mukalya Mwangala @DarthLocke4 @Leon

    So I've just spent the last 10 minutes re-watching that scene with Alan in his room and Sarah receiving news. I think I've misinterpreted the scene, this is how I'm seeing it now.

    Correct me if I'm wrong:

    1)Alan was taken in to surgery
    2) Sarah waited in the waiting room for Alan, this was at the same time Julia was visiting Peter in his room (which explains why she wasn't there). Sarah whom still has her bag which contained the child.
    3) Sarah received news about Alan that the doctors weren't able to save him therefore them putting him in a coma state with the intention of trying to save him. It's not unusual for patients to be deliberately placed in a coma.
    4) Sarah decides to not leave Alan's fate to chance so makes him immortal. Sarah still has her bag with the child in.
    5) Alan wakes up the same day, realizing he's immortal.
    6) Sarah honors her agreement with Julia to join Ilaria with also the hopes of somehow finding a way to reverse immortality, and to make her baby "Normal" again.

    Whilst I still think her child dying can still be a possibility, I wasn't entirely looking at the bigger picture. She wouldn't make him immortal for no reason would she, if had to be to save his life.

  27. "Also, since we now know Alan made TXM-7 with Hatake why did it take him so long to do so? I could kind of see them making it so he awoke years into the future, as surely a man as brilliant as Alan, with Hatake's help, wouldn't take that long to come up with a way to kill immortals. When was the TXM-7 even released?"

    Exactly! That's why I had wondered if Leon was right and Alan was in a comma or something, but then again, he could of gone blind from burning I suppose...Too many bits missing again!!

  28. No, but if she handed it over, they could of tried to gestate it and they failed, causing it to die (or making her believe so), but you could be right and either she didn't hand it over or maybe they just couldn't get it to evolve and she went back to Julia's offer. She could be motivated in either case, but I just can't shake off potential of Peter's disloyalty...

    The thing about the 2029 scene is that Sarah is helping HUMAN people try and get pregnant (sinc as far as we know she is the only immortal ever to have a fetus and because we know Mother was to control human population), which may or may not relate to her own immortal fetus/fetus research. Then on top of that we see that it is 15 yrs later and she so far seems unsuccessful in helping human woman...And Ilaria would hate for her to be successful, since they put all this effort into wanting limited human procreation...unless something changed their minds/or different leadership with the board perhaps????

  29. "I suppose the doctors could have handed the baby over to Ilaria, and still told Sarah the fetus was dead. Correct me if I'm wrong, but In an episode Julia said she was looking for the immortal child in 2044 on the island so that might indicate that the doctors lied to Sarah or something along them lines."

    Yes! Excellent point, I had forgotten she said that. It's kind of weird, because I would think she would know if Sarah had the fetus on the helicopter or not. I guess she could of just said that to lie to Caleb/Soren to get a reaction out of him?

    But what also kind of bothers me, is going back to what I had thought during the first few episodes, is Julia's state of mind and her sickness. I totally thought she was hallucinating part of her experience with Hatake, until Caleb/Soren killed Michael with the sword, but now in this final episode, Claire Williams acts like no one ever said anything to Julia about Narvik C (even though I think she's liar) and Caleb/Soren reveals himself with the origins of TMX-7 with a cure, one she said she was after, but now suddenly rejects, and he mysteriously disappears yet again?! The fact that TMX-7 is on the sword and that he had it, again makes me suspicious (like before) that it is all too convenient. I'm not sure what I believe again! LOL!

    Also I kind of wondering about something else...
    In the 2044/45 story line, when Julia finds Michael, I don't remember the stones that Amy had begun to put on top of The Pitt look so clean and precise (mason bricks with Michael's perfectly etched name) like they do when Julia finds it. I need to look at screen caps to compare, but unless Abbey peeps came back and did a better job later, I don't see how it would be that way...

    And then does TMX-7 mean that there are six other TMXes or is that just a genetic code difference?????

  30. Cool! @Leon was right, sorry Leon!

    number #6 also makes sense. I couldn't figure out why human fetus would interest her, unless it was about her baby becoming human again!

  31. I normally pick up on things the second time viewing shows. In this case I don't think I could have missed much since I replayed that scene over and over. In Season 3, if we get one, it will be interesting to know if she managed to reverse her baby's immortality or not.

  32. You would think that wouldn't you seeing how close they have become. After re-watching the episode I don't think now that they lied to her and took the fetus, but perhaps somehow someone takes the fetus later on. It's strange how everything doesn't seem to add up, it's almost as if the writers just forgot about some of the things that got mentioned early on I.e Julia looking for the child.

    I wasn't sure what to make of Claire lying to Julia about Narvic C's existence. I did think that perhaps Narvic C might not have been real. I was thinking that perhaps it was Ilaria's plans all along to give Julia this idea about Narvic C and the whole genocide so she could specifically look for a solution to infertility so they could control it pro-creation.

    I can't remember entirely about Michael's pit, but I believe there was a stone that said "Michael" on it, which is interesting as we never saw who wrote

  33. That's why we a Season 3, too many things left unanswered.

  34. DestinyBlackmore12 April 2015 at 10:20

    I saw Sergio's actor on Twitter talking about pitching a twin idea for avenging Sergio's death. If Helix is returning we need a Sergio. Or someone who looks like Sergio. Or a back-stabbing merc who acts like Sergio.

    Sergiolessness aside the finale was beautiful to me. It opens up so many possibilities for a third season, and with all of these things happening within 30 years it could make a brilliant full sci-fi future setting. The Abbey was nice, but it was starting to wear a little after awhile. Of course, that doesn't detract from this nice little season.

    If they are going to fill the gap between the end of the Abbey storyline and the 30 years later storyline, then I think they will have quite a bit of material to work with with an immortal Alan, an arrested Peter (who I think Kyle screwed over last-minute in place of his brother), a crazed Hatake who is still lurking in the world somewhere, and an evil organization of immortals that didn't get as much attention as I expected in this second season.

    At least Amy didn't survive. I thought seeing her face get burnt off would be satisfying enough, but the writers of Helix thoroughly proved me wrong on that note. I confess to actually laughing like a maniac when she got the same treatment as the birthing chamber women.

  35. I saw that as well, although I think he was saying that in a joke like matter. The absence of his character will definitely be felt, and a lot fans are still really annoyed he died as his death was not meaningful. I hope they bring him back somehow.

    I think Season 3 will be spent between 2029 and 2044. Despite them making a huge time jump from 2015 they have a lot of things to look at still, such as how/when Hatake and Alan made the TXM-7, what's in the security box, whether Sarah reversed the immortality of her child etc.

    They can fill in the gaps, and if Helix is given just one more season I'm confident they will provide a good enough story so that by the end of season 3 we will be caught up with the current on-goings in 2044.

  36. DestinyBlackmore12 April 2015 at 11:07

    Part of me really wants that possible joke to be real. Either way, I will be intently watching and waiting for results on whether or not Helix will get a third season. It doesn't seem to have very good mainstream ratings, unfortunately, but I think it still has a chance.

  37. It doesn't but it's been on par with other series such as 12 Monkeys and newly released Olympus, all of them getting around 0.2 so I'm optimistic about it's Season 3 chances.

    I'm not sure what DVR numbers are like as I imagine SYFY will take that into consideration as well.

    I would love Sergio to be in Season 3, and I'm kind of hoping as well that he was partly serious. His character along with Kyle are my two favorites so I was gutted when they killed him of for no reason. If they were going to kill anyone from the main cast it should have been Peter.

  38. DestinyBlackmore12 April 2015 at 11:45

    Peter was much better as a vector. I usually like villains of his type, but for some reason I grew to detest him. Now I wish he was buried under many layers of snow along with Arctic Biosystems.

  39. I wasn't a huge fan of him in Season 1, scheming behind people's backs and making deals here and there. I managed to tolerate him, but then after what he did to them innocent people, butchering them (Season 2) I hoped he would suffer a painful death, apparently not.

  40. DestinyBlackmore12 April 2015 at 15:12

    He was a weasel all the way. On an unrelated note I found a game that made me feel like Ilaria. It's called Plague Inc. The goal is to create a plague and destroy the world with it while mutating it and making it evolve. Very strategic. I tried to enact Ilaria's NARVIK-C plan, but it failed. Not before I cut down 6.5 billion people, which is pretty close to the Earth's population. Not sure whether you would enjoy that sort of thing or anything, but it reminds me of Helix in the sense of creating diseases and trying to use them to dominate the world.

    I wonder, do you think Hatake was always as insane as he was on St. Germain? If he was to work with Alan on TXM-7, then I would think that he would be in slightly less of a deteriorated state of mind than he is in 2044. Of course, the deaths of Daniel and Jane did seem to shove him over the edge. I am thinking that maybe there is another cataclysmic event in between that time that sends him into his psychotic and hallucinating state. That is just purely speculation at this point, though.

  41. Me too. I just have had very little time to do so this year! I also realized the reason I was confused about Alan's immortal scene, is because I missed seeing Sarah visiting him earlier scene. sigh!

  42. I kind of expect Helix to skip the actual extraction Abbey scene (just like season one with artic bioscience) and to skip most of 2015-2028---I would think that they brought us to 2029 for reason outside of shock value.

    I was really hoping we would go a little deeper with Ilaria/Immortal origin story this season and if we get a season 3, I hope we finally get under the skin, but Helix kind of does this weird thing of not ever letting us know what is truly important about the story and/or what it's all exactly suppose to mean XD

  43. I want to rewatch it to see if he actually verbally interacts with other characters that know him or if anyone else besides Amy and Laundry refer to him, because part of me still wonders about Julia's perception of reality....on the other hand, I thought he really didn't act like the Sergio we knew at all, so maybe he was a a twin brother, a clone, some other kind of impostor? I keep wondering if Helix will expand beyond pathogens and immortals?????

  44. I rarely re-watch an episode of any show, once is normally enough for me , unless it's a show such as Helix where you have to pay close attention to pick up on things or an episode I've really enjoyed such as GOT "Rains of Castamere"

  45. DestinyBlackmore12 April 2015 at 19:31

    I really thought Sergio was an immortal. There was one point earlier in the season where he supposedly talked to Peter on the SATphone, but there is a big-time possibility that Sergio may have a doppelganger, unless a fall can actually kill an immortal. That Sergio could have even been a fake, as far as I know. I might rewatch myself. I was sure I saw a silver-eyed Balleseros at the end of one of the episodes.

  46. I make check it out, thanks for the recommendation. It might be fun to act as if I'm Ilaria.

    As for Hatake, no, I don't think he was always like that. Sure after Jane's death in the finale he was heartbroken, but not insane.

    When working with Alan I imagine at that point he was his normal state, then after something must have happened, maybe once he came to ST Germain he felt isolated and started to become a bit crazy because of the lack of any real human interaction, which might be why he is hallucinating Daniel and Jane.

  47. Question #6 should not be answered. It adds to the weird/crazy element of helix.

  48. I'm hoping it's renewed, too many things are left unanswered.

  49. I NEED A SEASON 3!!! COME ON!!!

  50. I'm glad, it was a very enjoyable hour of television. I'm hoping for the show to be renewed.

  51. I know it's very late but I only finished it yesterday..Good season, for the most parts enjoyable. But I think it'll be hard getting another season. Anyway, many many questions. I won't bother listing every single one cause I expect them to be answered in the future. Two things that bugged me and I kept waiting to be answered episode after episode, were what exactly happened to Julia after arctic biosystems. I mean how come she became the one in charge. Better yet how come she got a place on the board after her abduction. Also, what exactly happened in Paris, with Alan/Peter etc. Am I the only who missed those, or we didn't get much of an answer.

  52. Hi ! I hope you won't mind me posting this here. As you know, Helix got cancelled but here is a petition to #SaveHelix.
    Take a look and sign if you enjoyed the show :


  53. We have already posted it on the site in our newsreel :)

  54. Thanks Robert ! Hope it will help with the petition. If only we could have this 3rd season ... Nice to find a place with no haters and interesting discussions !

  55. SAVE HELIX - New page dedicated to saving Helix. Please like and share. We are posting the petition on the new page so if you want to share the petition with anyone or share the page on other social media sites, here is a link to our first post. Thanks!

  56. Michelle Manske6 June 2015 at 11:18

    If you think about it though Julia went to the island and asked Michael to show here were the undeveloped fetus was. She was there at the hospital she would have known if Sarah's baby had really died. Plus this is Helix we all know what you see is not what happens most of the time. I really do not think Sarah would work for Illaria if she wasn't getting something out of it.


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