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The 100 - The 48 - Season Premiere Roundtable Discussion + POLL

23 Oct 2014

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It's been a long time coming, but The CW's The 100 finally returned to our screens this evening! As promised in our preview of the season 2 premiere, SpoilerTV is the place to be, with our exclusive roundtable discussion and episode opinion poll all rolled into one! Our roundtable has questions by Jimmy Ryan, and answers from The 100 reviewers Pablo and Daniel van der Veer, with guest writers Bradley Adams, Robert Fruin and Ben Norton also sharing their thoughts. The opinion poll and spoilers for next week's episode are down below.

Let's get into it!

Jimmy: That was an action packed premiere. Were you satisfied with what was covered?

Daniel: Absolutely! There were some episodes last year where we didn’t get to see the Ark or we only saw it in flashbacks, but this episode covered all the various places where are characters found themselves at. We saw the 48 in Mount Weather, Bellamy and Finn in the woods, Octavia and Lincoln on the move, the Ark survivors at camp Jaha, Raven and Murphy at the dropship and we even saw Jaha up in space. There was no time jump whatsoever, we just continued right where the finale left off.
Pablo: Mostly, yeah! I was pretty satisfied. It picked up from where it left off in the finale and it had a great balance between answering some lingering questions and asking some others. It was great to see that the show could balance out each storyline and to see that our characters are still as complex and developed as when the show left them back in the summer.
Bradley: I was satisfied. I enjoyed the premiere. It gave us development on all fronts, which is what a premiere should do, but it didn’t feel jumbled. It felt like it all fit together quite nicely, and that it wasn’t rushed or failed to develop things.
Robert: I was extremely satisfied, the first episode managed to showcase all of our characters which I was very pleased with. I thought initially we would only see Clarke, and maybe the Ark lot, but the episode surprised me and we even saw Jaha. I was glad that we learned the fates of all the people we presumed could have died so quickly as well. I was glad also that it didn’t take long for everyone to get to terms with where they are, and that we dived straight into the story from the opening scene. There was a nice mix of action and storytelling, as well as a wonderfully written script. Each separate group seems to have an interesting storyline set in place from the premiere episode, so I cannot wait to find out where everything leads to.
Ben: I was surprised at how much they were able to fit in that premiere. We got a look at Clarke and what she is up to, a look at Lincoln and Octavia, the adults came down and took over, and we even got a glimpse at Jaha still on the Ark. I was more than satisfied with the amount of action, and drama they managed to fit into this episode. I felt like this was a whole other pilot for me, as it's a whole new journey now, the adults are down and with the introduction of Mt Weather, things are sure to get interesting.

Jimmy: Most of the story in the premiere centered around Clarke and her experiences inside Mt. Weather. She’s clearly doubtful about this oasis. What are your own suspicions?

Daniel: Obviously it looks too good to be true. It all seems perfect: they get a bed, good food and safety. But it’s also a place filled with mysteries where certain doors literally cannot be opened. There is definitely more to the place than meets the eye.
Pablo: I think she is right on the money when she says that place is too good to be true; President Wallace looks nice, but I sense he is pretty shady. I don’t believe him when he says they are still looking for the rest of The 100, I think they would already found them and they also would have found the people from the Ark. They are hiding something dark.
Bradley: I don’t know. I want to believe that it’s a safe haven, but I am struggling to believe that they could have lived there for so long without going outside. I’m sceptical, I’ll say that. Exactly what lies in store however, I don’t know.
Robert: I think it is too good be true. I think it is all an act , and they might turn out to be worse than the grounders.
Ben: I think there’s more to the story of Mt Weather, there is a lot of unknowns surrounding it. Mt Weather just seems to be too good to be true. I think Mt Weather is a big place, and there is a lot more of Mt Weather for them to explore.

Jimmy: The fans were desperate for answers over the summer as to the fate of Bellamy and Finn. We also saw the return of Murphy and Raven. Were you surprised that they all made it?

Daniel: I was a bit surprised. I knew for sure that Raven was going to survive, because Lindsay Morgan was promoted to regular. Jaha was also a safe bet, as Isaiah Washington was seen at Comic-Con. Bellamy was accidentally spoiled by Jason Rothenberg, so the only one I did not know for certain was Finn. I thought it could go either way but I’m glad he survived. I must say I didn’t expect to see Murphy again so soon, but it made for some interesting scenes between him and Raven.
Pablo: Nah, I pretty much knew Finn and Bellamy were going to be fine - like 90% sure. They were just too important to the story and The 100 hasn’t got to a point where it can continue without them just yet - but it may get there soon!
I was surprised by Murphy’s return! I didn’t expect to see him so soon, and much less sharing a scene with Raven. It was very interesting and a surprisingly strong scene.
Bradley: I was very surprised. Given that the Grounders were made into charcoal in the finale, I fully expected Bellamy and/or Finn to be too. As for Raven and Murphy… well, I hadn’t even contemplated that they’d be alive - from their situations at the end of season 1, I didn’t think they’d still be alive now. I was pleasantly surprised about the return of the first three, not so much Murphy.
Robert: I wasn’t surprised Finn and Bellamy made it since I didn’t think they would kill of two important male leads, and a possible love interest for Clarke. I was 100% sure Bellamy wasn’t going to die since he is their leader, all the Ark survivors (the children) listen to him and would follow him to death. I knew also Raven would survive since the actress got promoted to series regular so it was fairly obvious she was going to be in the new season. The biggest shock for me was to see Jaha alive at the end , I thought he would be dead by now, and wouldn't even be seen in the new season.
Ben: I honestly thought all along that they would kill one character off, I was predicting Murphy not to make it. However with all of them surviving, it will make for some interesting storylines this season.

Jimmy: Lincoln and Octavia are fighting their own battles without a lot of luck, and its set to get worse. Do you see them being forced to reconnect with the remaining Ark survivors if things continue to go against them?

Daniel: I think they will at some point be forced to reconnect with the Ark survivors, but I don’t think it will be so soon into the season. Them being out there gives us a chance to get to know this world and to explore the different Grounder tribes. At one point they might need to reconnect with the Arkers, and it will be interesting to see how they react to seeing Octavia and Lincoln together.
Pablo: Probably later in the season, but as of right now I think they are on their own: they seem to have strayed quite a lot from the dropship and they are near Grounder territory, so they are not going to share moments with Ark survivors anytime soon, but I do expect them to cross paths around episode 9 or somewhere around that, but for now it’s their own battle.
Bradley: I think Octavia will want to, but Lincoln won’t. And probably rightfully so - with Kane et al on the ground now, Lincoln wouldn’t survive. Also, I wonder if Octavia is worried about her fate if she does return to her people - though it’d be pretty hypocritical of Kane to punish/kill Octavia after telling Bellamy that they’re not animals.
Robert: It think they might be forced eventually to reconnect with them, but I hope not. I would like for them to remain on their own a little longer , as I think it would create some interesting storylines, also they can explore their relationship a bit more.
Ben: Lincoln and Octavia should create some great drama this season, but I think that they will run out of options and have to reconnect with the survivors of the Ark. But I think that it's easier said than done, as the Ark survivors don't really understand the situation.

Jimmy: With Jaha staying behind to man the Ark, Kane has assumed the leadership role on the ground. What are your thoughts on his stint so far?

Daniel: He’s doing an OK job. Obviously his strict leadership will cause some friction in camp Jaha and between him and the 100. Kane has always been someone to abide by the law and he is keen to keep these laws on Earth as well. However, this is a new world now so his inflexibility might not be suitable for Earth.
Pablo: I think Kane is trying his best, but he is not really the best leader; he’s too strict and I think he won’t be able to do what needs to be done. Sometimes you just gotta break the rules if it what it takes to save your people, but Kane seems to think that rules is the only thing that can keep them together and save them. It’s a really honorable code and it makes him a good man, but not the best leader.
Bradley: Kane is the kind of guy who will go power-crazy. He’s doing a decent job thus far, but I really don’t see it lasting. A coup is not far away, I feel.
Robert: I like the actor, but don’t like Kane. I think at the moment he is doing an alright job of being the leader, but I don’t think it will last long. I think he will go back to being his old self, with all the power and control. I would have preferred Abby and Kane to share leadership.
Ben: 5. With Kane on the ground, he is acting like the real leader, and is taking over from The 100, much to Bellamy and Finn’s disgust. I think there will be some conflict between Kane and The 100, with Kane wanting to bring down all the laws and rules of the Ark, there is definitely going to be some sort of disagreement between the two of them.

Jimmy: President Dante Wallace is an interesting guy, but Clarke’s intuition is telling her that he has a sinister streak. Do you think she’s right?

Daniel: Again, it looks too good to be true. He is very nice to the 48 and Clarke specifically but he is hiding some things. I believe if you stay within his personal borders, you’re good, but Clarke is definitely not going to do that. At the point, when he’s angry I think he might get pretty nasty.
Pablo: As I said before, he is shady, but I like his character! I think he is a villain, but one that has a motivation; he doesn’t strike me as a monster, but rather someone who is taking drastic measures to ensure his people's survival, just like the Grounders, but the difference is that he is pulling the strings rather than directly attacking The 100, so it’s going to be a very interesting dynamic.
Bradley: I think that while he may not be a bad guy, per se, there is definitely something off about him. I definitely wouldn’t trust him, no matter how many chocolate cakes he offered.
Robert: When I first saw him on screen, I could tell that there was something a bit off with him. He seemed way too friendly, especially to people who are strangers to him. I think Clarke will be right about him, and his true nature will be revealed soon.
Ben: 6. I definitely think that there is more to the President’s story, I think something terrible will happen, there is something linked to the past of Mt Weather. There definitely is something wrong about him, but I’m sure we'll find out soon.

Jimmy: Wallace also revealed how the genetics of various groups determined their susceptibility to radiation. This clearly leaves the occupants of Mt. Weather in a vulnerable situation. Do you see this potentially being used against them?

Daniel: I can see it being used against them, yes. Especially if Clarke’s suspicions about the Mountain Men are true, she will do anything to keep the 48 safe. However, opening the doors would make her a mass murderer so I’m not sure she is willing to go so dark already. But it’s definitely the weakness of Mt Weather.
Pablo: Absolutely! Many people of Mt. Weather must be going to die during the season, I can sense it! It’s just a gut feeling, but I can already see it coming and that episode is going to be memorable, because the fallout is going to be massive.
Bradley: I do see the radiation being used against them. Clarke was very close to opening that door and flooding Mt Weather with radiation, and Jasper was trying to stop her. If the group find out something sinister about the occupants, they’ll quickly use this against them.
Robert: It could well be used against them, especially if they turn out to be a huge threat to the group. They only have to open the door leading to the outside, and it could kill the people in Mount Weather.
Ben: With the people in Mt Weather used to this type of civilization for such a long time, The 100 could create a threat for those on Mt Weather, this could indeed lead to a war, and Clarke’s only option would be to open the doors.

Jimmy: Lastly, what was your favorite moment of tonight’s episode?

Daniel: The entire episode was great with various moments standing out. Besides the ones already mentioned by the others, I would also like to point Raven and Murphy’s conversation. We got to see a softer side to Murphy, which is great. Also, they would be pretty much enemies had they not been the only two leftovers so I thought it was quite an interesting dynamic. To see the two of them together, thinking they’re the only ones left made for some great scenes.
Pablo: I love how Clarke gets out of the white room, it’s just so smart! No Deus Ex Machina, no rescue, no nothing, she just uses her wits. It makes it so realistic and it gives Eliza Taylor a chance to play badass, a thing she didn’t get to do much during the previous season. Talking about Taylor, she really killed it during the episode! She did an incredible performance that left me quite impressed.
Bradley: I think my favourite moment would probably have to be Raven and Murphy’s conversation. As much as I hate Murphy and was hoping he had been killed by the Grounders, it was some great character development for him.
Robert: I loved everything about the episode, but most of all I really liked the ending. The music they had playing over the final moments was just perfect, and it set everything up nicely for the next episode. I also really liked how they named their new home base “Camp Jaha”, them remembering their own chancellor was a nice touch.
Ben: My favourite scene in this episode by far, was when Kane shot the grounder and saved Bellamy and Finn. This really brought the whole episode into perspective, it really showed us that the adults are back now, and are back in charge.

That's our 8 roundtable questions done and dusted for the season premiere! Below you can give the episode a rating!

Thanks for reading our roundtable discussion and voting in our poll for the season 2 premiere of The 100! We really enjoyed the episode, and we hope you did too! Be sure to share your thoughts and theories on the events of the premiere in the comments below, and feel free to share your own answers to our roundtable poll questions!

On next week's episode of The 100, titled "Inclement Weather", Clarke presses on with her attempts to discern whether the haven at Mt Weather is too good to be true, and what she discovers will shock you. Abby defies the orders of Kane, assisting Finn and Bellamy in escaping from Camp Jaha, and its Octavia's turn to return a favor. You'll also see the brand new series title sequence - it's really good!

Thanks again for reading! See you all back here next Wednesday night, and don't forget to watch out for our episode 2 preview during the next few days.
Jimmy, Daniel, Pablo, Bradley, Robert and Ben.


  1. The 100 is back bitches and better than ever !!
    Wow what a episode !!

  2. I'm so happy we got to do this one more time! I love doing the roundtable with you guys, so let's hope The CW gives us screeners for episodes 4 and onwards, it would be fun to keep the roundtables all season long.

    By the way, great start to the season! I already said most of what I think above, but man... this season The 100 is aiming for the big stuff!

  3. So many people have been praising the season premiere and I'm so happy that it didn't disappoint! It was all kinds of epic from beginning to end.

    I was really surprised to see that Finn and Bellamy are still alive! I was pretty positive that Bellamy was going to survive and Finn was likely going to die so I'm relieved that they made it. They make a great team together.

    Clarke reuniting with Jasper and Monty was one of the highlights of the premiere for me! It was pretty emotional and left a huge smile on my face :') And I can already see the chemistry in Jasper and Maya from a mile away. Awww, Jasper's got a little crush.

    Octavia and Lincoln continue to be really great together! And Lincoln's village is near the Lincoln memorial! Pretty cool! And this confirms that the show takes place near Washington D.C. Also, I wonder what that creature was that was lurking in the bushes watching Octavia. New species perhaps?

    It was nice to see that we got more character backstory on Murphy during his conversation with Raven in the drop ship. Though, I still don't think I will ever like him.

    Welcome to Earth Kane, Abby, and the rest of the Ark residents! And I still see that Kane is the same old strict man! But he's a chancellor now? Wasn't expecting that reveal at all.

    And that final scene with Jaha! What in the living hell was that?! A baby crying? Is Jaha hallucinating or is there really a baby on the Ark? This show is insane sometimes XD

  4. LOVED IT!!, I'm dying to know what the hell is happening with all the people in Mount Weather, I knew Finn will be alive along with Bellamy those 2 are my favorite ones and now that they're BFF I'm more than pleased, stupid Kane son of a bitch how does he dare to treat Bellamy that way??, what does he know??!!, so who was the main character that would die in the season premiere??, nobody died... anyway everything looks AWESOME, and I'm dying to see what's next!!.

  5. Awesome ep. It doesn't get better than this. OMG, is there really a baby on the Ark with Jaha? Hopefully he and the baby will make it down.

    I agree with Clarke, these mountain people are too good to be true. And where is all that wonderful food coming from? Wondering if it's shades of Soylent Green.

    There really are mutants out there. I was wondering when they would start showing up.

    I wasn't surprised Finn and Bellamy are alive, but I was surprised Raven made it.

    Cannot wait for next week's ep. This one really rocked.

  6. So great! I'm glad Clarke's not drinking the Mount Weather kool-aid. She was really great in all of her scenes. I can't wait to see how this storyline turns out. If the other kids don't want to leave, I guess she'll have to esacpe on her own?

    Murphy made me feel bad for him for a few seconds there!

  7. Fionn (was Teen Wolfers)23 October 2014 at 05:25

    Perfect doesn't even begin to describe the episode! I LOVED IT!

    First off there was ZERO romance and NO love triangle (praise jesus). That weird monster guy was freaky! The makeup was done brilliantly as well. The CGI held up as well, I was afraid they'd get a budget cut or something and the CGI wouldn't be as good as S1. Did anyone really expect Mt Weather to be the real deal?! Kane in charge is not something I'm ok with, i'm interested to see where they go with the leadership thing. And the ending...those Wells feels were not cool. The promo for the next ep looks great, looks an awesome season :)

  8. Oh yeah the mutants, that was kind of funny to me because I thought Octavia was hallucinating for the poison, I never imagined it would be real, and as well as you I'm surprised Raven is still alive, I mean, she's been bleeding to death practically a whole day, and as if that wasn't enough she's still conscious... please give a break...

  9. Watch The 100 Episode 2 Season "The 48" Promo ► ◄ 10 best free song, original

  10. WOW, words can't describe, how good this episode was!! A 10 out of a 10.

  11. thank god finn and bellamy are alive and well and i love that they're plotting their escape from camp jaha, damn it kane just when i started to like you at the end of season 1 you become a dick again ARGH!!!! how dare you take control from finn and bellamy and arrest bellamy you son of a bitch you have no idea what you just stepped into, thank goodness clarke isn't drinking the kool-aid and god jasper, monty what the hell is wrong with you you have to know that mt. weather is all lies, poor clarke the way she can't stop thinking of finn and bellamy that she almost broke down, i can't wait until she escapes the hell that mt. weather is and i hope her people follow her, i loved when octavia was speaking grounder i can't wait until the producers create a grounder dictionary and it'll be this generation's klingon, so the show is set in Washington D.C. cool,it's great to have this show back and jaha is definitely coming down to earth

  12. are the Mt. Weeather ppl inbred to the point they need fresh blood to strengthem their stock? would be a reason they're so eager to keep the young ppl., and not really search for the adults from the Ark as the adults wouldn't be so easy to manipulate into fitting into this sterile society.

  13. Holy crap, what an episode!!

  14. The 100 is back!!! and in style. What an awesome episode. Finn and Bellamy are alive. I thought one of them might die. Good to see them together.

    Clarke and the 48 T mt. Weather. That place creeps me out even though it looks more like normal world. There is something shady going on there. As Clarke said too good to be true. I am glad she is still trying to find a way out. Dante Wallace is a great new addition. He looks like he can be extremely dangerous.

    Lincoln and Octavia out there in grounder territory. This will give us insight into more villages and clans among grounders.

    Murphy suddenly became more interesting with that scene with Raven.

    Kane, Abby and Co thinks they can control the situation with rules LOL. They are in for a rude awakening and the 100 will not agree to their terms.

    Finally Jaha. Was that a kid who was trapped with him there? This show is nuts. Season 2 is going to be awesome. Love the 100.

  15. the premiere was highly enjoyable! enough said !

  16. Absolutely loved the episode! They managed to fit in each story within the episode without it becoming over the top. So excited for this season!

  17. Awesome season premiere!

    Thoughts (and surely many are being shared by others):

    1. Looks like Mr. President is misleading the Mountain Men on with the belief that they can no longer survive outside the bunker. How else is it even possible that oxygen seem to be plentiful underground?

    2. Sino kaya iyung disfigured Grounder?

    3. Loving the new Kane. Still has that annoying authoritarian vibe in him but more or less he has softened after the events of last season.

    4. I just hope the Arkers get the hint that Mt. Weather could be where the 48 are.

  18. It's possible they want to make the 48 suitable mates with their own people so that once they breed children, succeeding generation could have the hereditary genetic traits possible to survive outside.

    That or there are secrets hidden in the bunker that only the President know.

  19. You are on the right track. You'll see this explored in the next couple of episodes :-)

  20. The 100 \o/ Perfect Premiere Season 2! *.*

  21. Great to see that so many people liked it! Seriously, it deserves to be liked, it was a great season opener

  22. It felt longer for a 45-minute episode. A lot was going on but they all gel together.

  23. The 100 is back - FINALLY !!!!! Kane saving Bellamy awesome, then later arresting him for punching Murphy - so not cool !!!!!
    Fighting Clarke was fun to watch, can't wait till next episode!!!!

  24. that episode was fricking amazing.! ♥ I loved every second of it.!
    seriously i couldn't have been happier about how it turned out♥

  25. I was so happy to see kane saving bellamy and the others (!) but then when i saw that they were already treating them like kids again. i was already pretty pissed but when he arrested him..! are you f***ing serious?! I'm so no ok with that.!

  26. Awesome - just Awesome !

    *Lincoln's namesake and village .... 1,000 cuts - yikes
    *Pancakes, Chocolate Pie and Art Supplies, oh my ! Toooo good to be true .... Don't drink the Kool-Aide Clarke!
    *Jaha's a "daddy?"
    *The adults are here - everything is now okay ! HA - couldn't be more wrong !! Kane is too Power Crazy
    *Thank goodness Tristan is dead !
    *What happened to Grounder Princess - I see a MtW breakout w BOTH our Princesses
    *Raven n Murphy not dying alone conversations
    *Camp Jaha - nice touch

    Again, Amazing - like the Series Premiere - AND the Entire first season !!!!

    The 100 Is Back !!!!!!

  27. Ha - I had a brief thought of that too!

  28. We need a listing of all the paintings included in the Mount Weather scenes. What was the painting behind Maya when Clarke swiped Maya's badge? Was it an Ernst or a Dali or some one else?

    I mean, besides the Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring and that Turner we saw, I want to know the other ones they showed last night.

  29. I don't get it.
    Why did the Mount Weather people have not take Raven as well ?

  30. uniform mentality, elders?

  31. They probably decided to not bother with her and left her for dead.

  32. That disfigured warrior is the same ppl that the Grounders are afraid of. Bellamy and Finn were underground and noticed their camp and lead them to the grounders which created the fight between two clans.

  33. The show's producers says there are different groups of Grounders. The ones Finn saw last season was probably another rival group as their disfigurement is not as grave as the one we saw in the premiere. I could be wrong but we will see.

  34. Loved the episode, this is going to be one epic season.


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