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The Americans - Matthew Rhys Interview - Questions Needed

11 May 2014

SpoilerTV is going to be a part of a conference call with Matthew Rhys about The Americans next Tuesday, May 13. If you have any questions that you would like to ask him, just sound off in the comments below.
About the Author - Brandon Rowe
Brandon is a senior in high school and enjoys watching a lot of TV. Brandon likes to write articles about favorite films and especially his favorite shows which include Homeland, Dexter, Fringe, Suits, and more than can be written on this page. Brandon also managed the "In the Hot Seat" competition here on SpoilerTV in 2012 and would like to do it again in 2014 if possible. Feel free to use the Facebook, Twitter, or G+ links below to contact him.


  1. How do you want, or think, the show will end?

  2. Do you think when it gets down to it, that Philip will probably become an American, or more of an American than Elizabeth ever will or do think there could still be a massive turn around for where Philip and Elizabeth seem to currently stand on Americana?

  3. As a Brothers and Sisters fan, I would like to know if Matthew kept any shade of Kevin Walker in Phillip's character construction and if he thinks both characters share any kind of similarity.

  4. How much of Philip's backstory do you feel is already a concrete thing in the minds of the showrunners and writers? Is it just that we haven't had a reason to see it yet or that they aren't yet sure which direction they want to go? Sometimes it feels odd that we've seen so many flashbacks and gotten so many details on Elizabeth's early life, but we know next to nothing about Philip's--not where he's from, not if he had siblings, not if his parents are still alive.

  5. How much does changing the pitch of his voice assist him in slipping into Philip's accent and the other voices he uses, e.g. Clark. He does it so well.

  6. Is working on the show and seeing it through Russian eyes helping him sympathize with KGB agents who used to do to live undercover on US soil?

  7. Are you and Kerri Russell dating?

  8. Can he think of a way of ending the whole Martha charade other than killing her? I kinda feel bad about it but i really want to see Elizabeth kill her. ALSO has he ever watched Felicity yet? i just started too and its so crazy watching both shows at once.

  9. No one wants to go back, to Moscow ever,

  10. Louise Moseley8 May 2014 at 12:35

    What do you think Phillip would do, if in a few years time say when his 2 children were 18+, he was told he had to return to Russia to work from there? Would he go, or does he love his life in the US too much now?

  11. 1) What were your immediate thoughts when you read the script for "Behind the Red Door"?
    2) It's pretty evident that Clark does not have any romantic feelings for Martha--he clearly is in love with Elizabeth. However, would it be fair to believe that Philip does bring in some "truth" when he is interacting as Clark with Martha?
    3) How do you enjoy working with Holly Taylor and Keidrich Sellati?

  12. What does he personally hope for Philip, Elizabeth, and their family?

  13. Actors are not suppose to judge their characters. So does it make it easier when your character does or says horrible things? Or are there times when your character does or says something that makes it difficult to understand?

  14. What can you tease of the season finale? it's going to end with a big cliffhanger? and are we going to see the family get in real jeopardy in the season finale? are Page and Henry going to now more about the real activities of their parents? can you describe the season finale in one word? how do you see Philip and Elizabeth as a couple compared to last season?

  15. Dori Georgieva12 May 2014 at 10:53

    from first season, episodes 6
    1. How did Philip when he realized that Elizabeth had told the KGB his dream to be an American?
    2. During your torture, when you were kidnapped by what weapon hits you?

  16. We're all raving about your phenomenal performance in E209 "Martial Eagle" (congratulations on that, btw), after filming that episode did you know/suspect/feel that it might be received as your best performance (on The Americans) yet or did the audience and media response come as a surprise to you?


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