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Screen-Con - Submit questions for Julian Glover, David Warner and more for @screencon

24 Apr 2014

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Spoiler TV has been invited to Screen-Con, a Tv and Film festival located in the North East of England. Myself and Spo!led partner in crime Mark Percy (who will be hosting the event) will be attending and interviewing some of the guests.The event is happening on Saturday 3rd May with a range of celebrities and cosplayers for all the family.

We thought this would be a great opportunity to give you guys the opportunity to have your questions asked to the stars attending the event. Attending the event will be:

Julian Glover

Julian Glover, who can be seen on TV currently on Game of Thrones playing Pycelle on the hit HBO show. He is also famous for appearing in both Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the last crusade

David Warner

David Warner, has just recently guest starred on an episode of Doctor Who with the previous Doctor Matt Smith and companion Jenna Coleman. He is also known for his work with Star Trek and the original Tron.

Norman Lovett

Norman Lovett is most well known for his role as Holly on the much loved british comedy Red Dwarf which has recently reappeared on screen

If you have any questions for the actors feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me at or send me a tweet (linked below)

If you would like to attend Screen-Con you can find more information on their website, Facebook page or twitter. I look forward to seeing some of you there and reading your questions.

Screen-Con Website:
Screen-Con Twitter:
Screen-Con Facebook:
CJ - Senior Staff
CJ aka “CJ Sonic” is a senior staff member at Spoiler TV, co-hosts and edits the Spoiler TV Podcast, co-hosts Spoiler TV's web show "Spoiled" and loads of other things for the site. He has recently started going to cons and dressing in cosplay. Total geek at heart.


  1. Mr Warner, Out of all your movies, what was your most favourite and least favourite death scene?

  2. Peter M. Quinn9 May 2014 at 21:07

    we did enjoy the con DarkUFO cheers


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