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Chicago Fire - Episode 2.14 - Virgin Skin - Review

We’re finally back after the long hiatus, it may be a really long time to us, but it’s only been almost 2 days since Katie got abducted in Chicago Fire land. Chicago PD’s detective Lindsay made a guest appearance with a small cameo of Dawson’s brother Antonio as Katie’s abduction storyline unfolds during the episode.

Severide arrived at the police station to find Vince Keeler prime suspect of Katie’s abduction sauntering out of the building. Although Lindsay assured him that the police are doing their job by tracking Keeler’s phone and car, that doesn’t mean Severide is ok with Keeler walking on the streets of Chicago freely. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and went to look for Katie on his own. Of course, Severide has to do it the unorthodox way, because it’s also the most effective way right?

They find Katie in an abandon warehouse, bruises all over. Although it wasn’t verbally announced in the episode that Katie was raped, it was heavily hinted.

Chicago PD managed to arrest Keeler, only to be released. Keeler’s got a hook on somebody higher up the food chain. This obviously does not bode well with Severide. Looks like Keeler’s sticking around, so is detective Lindsay. I don’t mind, since I love seeing Sophia Bush on TV. I honestly don’t see a point of letting this storyline stretch out, but we’ll see how it goes.

Halfway through the episode, we learned that Katie is moving to Colorado. Severide looks bumped upon hearing this, but he understands. Poor Otis, I really liked the two of them together, even though it’s for a short while.

Casey finally went to the doctor’s after bleeding from his ears. The doctor told him that his memory loss, bleeding from the ear and dizziness are expected from a cracked skull. His skull and brain are compromised, probably for the rest of his live. He’s being cleared for work for now, but the doctor hinted at retirement. Casey loves his job and he’s good at his job. I wonder what his next steps will be.

Dawson failed her firefighter test and she’ll be back at 51 as a paramedic. Although I’m thrilled because I love the dynamic duo that is Shawson, kicking ass and being paramedic rockstars alongside each other, it sucks to see Dawson fail her test as she worked really hard for it. Rafferty’s suspension for treating a man without his consent makes Dawson’s transition back to 51 a smooth one, but I’m going to miss her. I was starting to warm up to Rafferty, Shay and her make a great team. I wouldn’t mind if she comes back to the show in the future.

Although Dawson failed her test, Jones passed hers. We learned that Jones wanted to become a firefighter because she wanted to prove her father wrong. I admit that confession scored some points from me, but cheating still sucks. It was revealed during the last few minutes of the episode that she’ll be 51’s newest candidate. I did not see that coming and I’m excited to see how this will play out at the firehouse. The tension between the two is going to be intense. While Jones is there, maybe she’ll be one of the firefighters’ love interest? Or maybe even Shay’s. We’ll see.

Boden broke things off with Donna because he’s convinced he’ll wreck their relationship in the future, because he always does in the past. That’s right, it’s the past. Just be happy, Chief! Also, Donna can decide for herself what she’s getting herself into. She’s a grown woman. I hope she’s sticking around.

Also, Hermann passed his lieutenant test! Can a firehouse have more than one lieutenant, or does he have to leave 51? I sure hope not!

I think it’s a great episode. There are several storylines to look out for, whether Jones will make it as a firefighter, will Dawson retake her test, will Keeler get what he deserves and the safety and wellbeing of Casey. Let me know what you guys think of the episode and what you’re excited to see in the remaining of the season!

About the Author - Zhaobin
Zhaobin lives in Singapore, an avid TV and film watcher and also a gamer. Her curiosity and interest for all things media and technology related led her to pursuing her studies in interactive and digital media. The internet is her second home.
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