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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2013 - Quarter Final 3/4 - Fringe vs. Castle & Charmed vs. The X-Files

Hi folks,

Yesterday saw an epic battle between Game of Thrones and Buffy ending with the Vampires Slaying the people of Westeros is a very close battle. Supernatural also was given a decent run for its money by Firefly, but at the end of the day the Winchesters conquered...

Today sees sci fi favourite Fringe take on last years winner, Castle, whilst Charmed and The X-Files battle it out in the other semi-final.

For anyone who missed the rules, here they are again:

1) Two shows will go into battle in a poll, where after exactly 24 hours, the leading show will win the battle and will progress into the next round.
2) Vote for you favourite, spread the word with your friends & fans.
3) Comment on what you voted for on in the comments below.
4) Have fun. This is a friendly & competitive competition.

Here we go...

Fringe vs. Castle

Channel: FOX
Best STV Series Position: 2nd (2011)

Channel: ABC
Best STV Series Position: 1st (2012)

Charmed vs. The X-Files

Channel: The WB
Best STV Series Position: 16th (2011)

Channel: FOX
Best STV Series Position: 5th (2010)

The Draw

Enjoy the battle folks.

Don't forget to Facebook, Tweet, and share the poll with your friends! The more people that you get to vote, the better chance your favourites will win!

Also, make sure you come back tomorrow for the first Semi Final, between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the winner of Fringe vs. Castle...

Don't forget to follow SpoilerTV and myself on twitter for all the news about the competition. @SpoilerTV and @AdamDHarris...

Here we go,


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