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Reader Popularity Episode Tables - 2012/13 *10th June*

Update: 1st April Older Shows removed and Game of Thrones added.

Update: 25th Feb We've also added the Average Total for the whole season to date next to each show.

Update: 22nd Feb Beauty and the Beast has been added to the table.
Update: 30th Jan The Following added to the Table.
Update: 19th Nov Bones added to the Table.
Update: 6th Nov Thanks to Babar and Starg8fans for helping us compile episode poll data for some extra shows. We've added Elementary, How I Met Your Mother, Revolution, Person of Interest and Arrow.

Hey All,

As you know after each episode we post polls so that fans can vote and discuss the episode. We've decided that for our most popular shows to collate the poll ratings and to display the poll rating average for each episode so that you can can compare how readers rate episode.

We rate the episode by giving each rating a points system eg Awesome = 5, Great = 4, OK = 3, Poor = 2 and Awful = 1. We then work out the average rating.

We might extend this to more shows in the future if we find time.

We hope you enjoy this feature and we'll update it each week.

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