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Adams' Analysis - Netflix's Password Crackdown Will Hurt More Than Help

3 Feb 2023

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11 May 2018

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23 Mar 2018

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22 Feb 2018

Adams' Analysis: Star Wars' Faith in Benioff and Weiss, Misplaced May Be

8 Feb 2018

Adams' Analysis: The Walking Dead Proves Long Episodes Are Problematic

25 Jan 2018

Adams' Analysis: In Season Two, The Good Place Is On A High

4 Jan 2018

Adams' Analysis - Top 15 Shows of 2017

21 Dec 2017

Adams' Analysis - Television is Television, Not Film

7 Dec 2017

Adams' Analysis: This Week's The Simpsons Was Good. Is It A Blip?

23 Nov 2017

Adams' Analysis - Arrow Season 6 Is In A Rut

9 Nov 2017