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Manifest - Bug Out - Review

6 Jun 2023

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Angelina is back and living in a van in a homeless community. Except for the burns on her left hand, she recovered pretty well from the fire at the church. Having bonded with a little girl in the community, telling her that she is special, and the scars are a gift from God. She tells her she is waiting for a message from God but received the first one the day before when her scars started glowing as Cal's did.

Michaela keeps seeing Zeke in the glow, wishing he could tell her about the future and if everything will turn out okay. He cannot because it will influence her decisions. What they can talk about is their past, even before the cave. Zeke starts telling her about all the moments they had almost met in the past, that he couldn't remember when he was alive, but now in the glow, he does have a different perspective. Michaela is struggling that she cannot touch or hug him as much as she wants to. He responds that it is unfair to her to keep meeting like this and that he shouldn't return to the glow. Before she can respond there is a knock on the door, and she is told to turn around before getting injected with something. Then she is told to follow the person who injected her.

Passengers who have had recent callings are called in for interviews. This time it is Joe who has had a calling, and Director Zimmer is pushing him to tell her and Jared about it. He doesn't want to tell them until he knows his son Charlie is okay. Director Zimmer turns it around by telling Joe that if they solve it, Jared gets permission to look for his son. Joe starts to get angry, but before he can vocalize it Michaela gets brought into the room. Vance thinks she can help solve the calling, and Joe retells what he saw.

Michaela wonders why she is brought in and learns that Director Zimmer has agreed to let her pair up with Jared to solve the callings on a trial basis. They choose her because her law enforcement background might come in handy. Lastly, she asks if they are letting her walk out. Before anyone can answer, she realizes what the injection was, a microchip to track her down.

Vance is about to let Ben out of confinement when he finds him in a trance, scribbling on the wall. Not knowing what to do, he gets Saanvi involved as well. They cannot get Ben out of his trance, and Vance puts Saanvi in charge to watch over him, make sure he is okay, and promise him that they will not get themselves in trouble. Ben gets jerked out of his trance when he hurts himself while scribbling, not remembering writing 'wake him up' over and over again in different sizes on the wall. Together they are looking at the wall, and trying to figure out what it means. Saanvi then figures out that all the scribbles together form a map of the detention center and need to find what is at X. They are not waiting for Vance to return before getting on a treasure hunt.

Following Joe's calling, Michaela and Jared have hit several dead ends to the point where Michaela starts questioning if she can solve someone else's calling without their help. Jared reminds her that she has done this many times before. The last store they visit is a boutique where the owner tries to sell them engagement rings. But this also seems to be a dead end. The only thing that connects this store to the calling is the classical music playing in the background.

Saanvi stops Ben before turning a corner, informing him of how the cameras operate and how long they have to cross the hallway. Wondering how he knows that she tells him that while he was trying to get out, she had spend her time getting to know the inside. At some point, they did have to hide inside a closet but got caught anyway. Upon hearing someone approach the door, Saanvi tells Ben to follow her lead, after which she kisses him. Later to realize it was Vance who caught him, telling them to wrap up what they are doing because there will be a surprise headcount later. Saanvi asks him to distract the guard at the end of the hallway so they can finish what they are doing faster and get back to their bunks in time. Which he is willing to do for them.

The last store left Michaela feeling that that was the store of the calling, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Jared told her that if she was sure, they could call Olive to let her cross-reference some information from the board. When they couldn't reach Olive, they tried Cal instead, who couldn't find anything helpful on the board. He did have an idea, like what happened with Bethany, he could try to get into Joe's calling.

At the same time, Joe was tested for having a calling. When he left the scan, he told Vance that he did have the sensation of a calling, but what he saw was completely blank. Cal had not joined his calling but taken it over from him. Cal recalled what he saw to Michaela and added that the chandelier didn't stay dim but that the lights grew brighter until they exploded. That was all the information she needed to hear to go back to the store and find out more.

When Ben and Saanvi arrive at the room, marked as X on Ben's wall, it is locked. While Ben is figuring out the number of combinations possible, Saanvi touches the code. She had learned to listen to the sound of the buttons and remembered it. They find Captain Daily inside, unconscious, and something is moving inside his neck. According to his charts, he is sedated. So Saanvi injects him through the heart with adrenaline to wake him up.

Back at the shop, they check the ceiling and see that the chandelier is gone and the fuse box showing no signs of it being connected recently. Michaela decides against taking the calling too literally and pays attention to the electrical system by following the wires. Jared follows them upstairs while she follows them to the basement.

Cal is struggling with feeling no use to anyone. He is not able to work and is stuck at home. While playing with a tennis ball, he gets a calling. It is an apple again. Now it is covered in blood. Being back on the plane, he realizes he is not alone. Angelina is there too. She tells him that they always seem to find a way to be near each other. They are connected. Cal doesn't want to be near her and pulls away from the calling. While callings didn't leave physical traces, this time there was still blood on Cal's hand from the apple he picked up.

Ben starts asking Daily about the glow and if he remembers anything from being in it. Dailey does but is not able to speak yet. Before they can try something more, they are interrupted by the intercoms, telling them about the headcount Vance warned them about. Leaving Dailey behind and returning to their block.

The store owner followed Michaela to the basement, telling her he didn't allow her to go down there. He seems nervous, especially when she finds a fake wall. When moving away everything in front of the wall, the owner picks up a hammer, ready to take her down. Jared comes in on time to warm Michaela and detain him. Michaela grabs the hammer, which has fallen on the floor, and breaks the wall open. Behind the wall was another room where they found several children. One of the kids was Charlie, Joe's son.

Charlie has been placed with several foster families, but as soon as they found out who his father was, they send him back. All Charlie wants is to live with his dad, which unfortunately isn't possible. Jared promised him that Charlie would end up with a good family. And he came through on his promise. Charlie got placed in his brother's family, who would also take Charlie to visit his dad on visiting days.

Back at her bunk, Michaela sees Zeke again, telling him how good it felt to be in the field again, solving cases. But in the detention center, she turns in her head again and wonders if everything will be okay. She also tells him she could use a hug right now. Which he cannot give her, but who can and did was Jared, who came in shortly after. And not only that, he snuck in two beers for them to share and spend some time together.

Following his Calling, Cal caught a cab to the orchard late at night, seeing the crater too. But inside the barn, he finds more. Another apple is lying on top of a door on the floor. When he opens it, he finds an unconscious woman, who he seems to recognize but stays unknown to us for a little longer.

Lastly, when Zimmer visits Daily, she wants to know why his nap is over so soon. She also tells him to spit out what he wants to say. Upon opening his mouth, only insects come flying out.