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Phony - Comedy in Development at Hulu

Press Release
In a six-way bidding war, Hulu has landed Phony, a half-hour project from Marcel the Shell with Shoes On co-writer Nick Paley. Hulu would not comment, but I hear the project, which has been laid off at ABC Signature, has received a script-to-series commitment with a big, high-six/low-seven-figure penalty. ABC Signature-based Drew Goddard, writer of The Martian and creator of Marvel’s Daredevil series, is joining as an executive producer.

Written by Paley, Phony is a coming-of-age mystery described as Freaks and Geeks trapped in The Twilight Zone. It follows Sonny, a popular high school kid who wakes up after a strange car accident and discovers his mom has been replaced by an impostor.


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