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Grown-ish - Episode 4.15 - Can’t Let You Go - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
156976_3754-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3749-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3743-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3396-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3388-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2616-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2576-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2507-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2465-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2450-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2416-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2336-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2305-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2254-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2185-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2169-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2164-900x0.th.jpg 156975_2142-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4964-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4929-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4793-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4775-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4760-900x0.th.jpg 156976_4678-400x0.th.jpg 156976_4478-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3781-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3819-900x0.th.jpg 156976_3835-900x0.th.jpg

Press Release
Jack and Diane come visit Zoey on campus for a school project. Meanwhile, Zoey and Luca try to figure out their working relationship. Tensions rise between Kiela and Doug.